TV Trauma

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The war is over and peace has sort have settled on Cybertron. The Autobots and Decepticons have rebuilt many areas of Cybertron, including iacon city. On earth, at the Ark crash site, is the offices of the Cybertronian TV Network. The head of Programming and CEO of CTV, Optimus Prime and the Broadcasting Under Manager, Megatron, were discussing the state of the TV schedule and trying to work out how to get the ratings back up after discovering that the former head of programming, Sentinel Prime had been showing programmes that were still portraying the Decepticons in a bad light and a vote was taken to remove him from office and start with some new programmes.

There was a disagreement between Wheeljack and Starscream about the spiralling prop costs from Wheeljack's Mythbusters show. It was causing a lot of hassle as some things didn't go as planned .

While the discussions were going on upstairs in the bored room – so called because the meetings could be boring sometimes, Sentinel Prime was clearing out his desk. He was grumbling on about never trusting Decepticons and how stupid the new alliance was. Prowl was watching him and said "Put a sock in it sentinel. We all knew that change would come and a few of you old dinosaurs wouldn't accept it, so deal with it!"

Sentinel snorted "your boss won't be able to save this TV network from going under as there aren't any fresh ideas".

Prowl looked at him and said " that's what you think!" and walked over to the office door.

He could hear a ruckus going on and said "you'd better stay here for the moment or you may get flattened".

Sentinel thought about the last few months at the network. Yep, they had been the pits. He'd been voted worst TV personality on earth and Cybertron 5 times in a row (even beating Wheelie's re-voicing of the Teletubbies programme, now that's saying something). His shows were awful and now he was unemployed. Yep,life sucks.

The security team led by Ironhide and Red Alert were having a bad time as one of Starscream's crazy experiments had escaped and was blowing holes in the 'Cooking with Blitzwing' set. Starscream had been messing with the remaining Allspark fragment and a Dalek costume.

Stay tuned for more craziness in TV Trauma. ;)

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