"What's that?" Barrel asked Lock. "Oh, Nothing." I snatched it away from him. "Hey!"

"The Mayor's book, huh?" I began flipping though the book, looking at things coming up. Important dates and times. Lock and Barrel hung over my shoulders. "Hey what was that?"


"Go back a few pages." I flipped back a bit. Lock sighed. "Give it to me."

"No." I flipped though it more. "Give me the book Shock." He growled. "No."

He tried to rip the book from my hand I flipped around and lunged at him. Lock and I turned into big ball of dust rolling across the floor. "Guys. Guys!" Barrel cried.

He held the book and pointed to the page. "Look." He held it out for us to see, it read:

May 4th, Jack Skellington and Sally going on Cruse for honeymoon. Will be back May 13th.

"What's a cruse?" Barrel asked and gave the book to Lock. "It's a ship retard."

"A ship? Why would they go on a ship? That's stupid." I crossed my arms. "It's a ship that has pools, food, golf, and other fun things." Barrel's eyes grew wide. "O-o-o!!! I wanna go!!! Please!!!"

Lock's eyebrow rose. "That's not a bad idea..." He said thinking. "Actually your right. That isn't a bad idea..."