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He's never been sure whether he's ever believed in destiny.

Whether their future is written in the stars, or it's all a bunch of utter nonsense.

Not until this moment.

She's there, her face paler than he's ever seen it before, and her hair in a messy mass of red, her eyes, always so unreadable, are for once terrified, and she lets the emotion take over her whole face. She might be screaming out, he's not sure. To him it's all just words he's tuned out, words he's sure he can't bear to hear because he's supposed to be stronger than this. And if he hears anymore he might just break down.

He mouths the words silently. He's never said them before. When you're brought up by the Rakshana, you're brought up tough, and those three words are only spoken in plays, not real life, simple as they are.

She might not hear him but he's sure she already knows. He's given much more that those words to her before. She already has everything that's keeping him together. She couldn't have anymore of him if she tried.

So it's surprisingly easy doing what he has to.

She's begging him to stop. Telling him that it's not worth it and to just let her go. But he knows that if he was put on this earth for one thing, it's this. And he's never believed in anything more. He's saving her, and it's the only way he'd ever want to die.

They weren't meant to be together, but maybe in another life, they'll meet again.

Because he loves her.

And sacrificing himself for her is the simplest, clearest, easiest thing he's ever done.

Maybe it's the reason they met. His destiny.

He was meant to be her hero, and she was meant to keep on living.

And if all he has to do is give up his life for her, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

A/N: Hate the ending. But did like where it started from. Oh well…I needed something to keep me busy and this was it. Written awhile ago actually, and I'm only just uploading it now. I'd been wanting to do a Gemma/Kartik one for a while. It's short, but I like short. Enjoy!