Deidara was sleeping peacefully with only his long pants on, when suddenly, a loud irritating voice called, "Senpai! Senpai!". Deidara, in his half awake state, immediately recognized this voice. "Tobi! Can you just give me some peace for a night, un?! I'm exhausted after completing the mission with you which I had to settle the troubles created by you, un."

Tobi, who was already sitting next to Deidara, whined with a slight of excitement, "Senpai, you're so mean. Tobi just only wants to tell you that Leader-sama has just given us a new mission."

"Even if it is so, you don't need to yell so loudly, un! Anyway what's the mission, un..?" Deidara asked after realizing the importance.

"Leader-sama wants us to gather information about an old abandoned house which is 5km away from here, at the direction of south-east." Tobi was literally acting out the conversion between him and Pein. Even Deidara couldn't resist it and giggled.

"Can't Pein give us a more challenging mission, such as capturing a Jinchuuriki, un"

"Err, Senpai… You nearly lost both of your hands during the capture of the Ichibi", Tobi said that without realising Deidara was getting ready to attack him with his clay bomb. BANG!

After the bombing and blasting, Deidara was getting ready for their mission so Tobi had to wait for him in the living room. While Tobi was playing with his clay toy made by Deidara, Pein appeared beside him.

Pein ordered, "Tobi, I have something for you and Deidara. Open it when both of you reached the destination. Remember it."

"Yes, Leader-sama!" Tobi replied while looking curiously at the envelope. And then, Pein left with an evil grin on his face. A few minutes later, Deidara came out of his room and both of them set off.

During the travelling, Tobi was like jumping with joy and talking non-stop which was usual while Deidara was slogging his steps with black rings under his eyes thanks to Tobi who woke him. And then, Tobi suddenly giggled and said, "Hey Senpai ne. Actually Leader-sama forbids me to tell you a secret. But since we're partners, Tobi will be a bad boy if I don't tell you this. Actually the house we're going is a haunted house! Tobi is so scared."

"What?! Haunted house, un?!" Deidara shouted with the appalled look.

"But I'm afraid of gh…." Deidara mumbled to himself, not letting Tobi to hear it.

They continued with their journey but now, Deidara wass thinking how not to show his fear in front of Tobi or else Tobi was sure to mock at him. Tobi was the same as usual, jumping for joy and excitement about the mission.

Before reaching their destination, they decided to take a rest at the nearby village.

They stopped by a stall which has bakudan, Deidara's food. (I don't know what that is)

Tobi was eating and talking at the same time which made Deidara mad.

"Tobi, can you just keep quiet and eat your food?! After this, we had to rush to the haunted house, hmm." Deidara roared at Tobi.

Tobi was left with no choice so he kept very quiet. Beside them were three kids who were talking about the horror stories. Tobi overheard them and came up with a question. "Eh senpai, are you afraid of ghosts?"

Deidara nearly choked onto his food. He was coughing and hitting his chest.

"Can you ask a question at a correct time, hmm?! And why should I be afraid of ghosts? I am an S-ranked criminal and member of Akatsuki"

"Sorry senpai. Tobi is afraid but luckily senpai can protect Tobi from the ghosts when we are in the haunted house. Tobi is so happy." Deidara gave a Tobi a fake smile. Now Deidara was more confirmed that he could not tell Tobi the truth. After finished up the food, they left.

It was already night when both of them reached the destination. Indeed the house was old and abandoned as the house was covered with weed and there were nobody around except for Tobi and Deidara.

"Let's go in Tobi, hmm" said Deidara with a slight of fear. But Tobi didn't noticed it

"Wait senpai. I have to open something which Leader-sama ordered me to do so"

Tobi took out an envelope and opened it. He took out a paper which was the size of A4 size paper.

Deidara snatched the paper from Tobi and realised that it was a quiz. A quiz which was made by Pein and Pein wanted them to find all answers. Deidara was puzzled that why Pein wanted to do this as it did not involved any thing about their usual mission.

"Ladies first", Tobi said followed by a soft laugh. Then, he noticed the change in Deidara's face. "Tobi, you're so dead!!!" Deidara was already prepared to blast Tobi with his bomb. "Wait! Senpai, you won't want to alert the ghosts inside the house"

Thinking of the consequence, Deidara withdrew his attack as he really did not want to have a chance to meet the ghosts.

They went in to the house together, side by side. It was super dark in the house; they could not even see each other in the darkness so they had to find something which lid.

Deidara found a piece of wood and Tobi used his fireball jutsu to light the wooden piece. They could see the place clearer now. The house looked like an ancient house which had iron armour and animal heads displayed. It looked like a house which was stayed by vampires, described by stories.

"Okay, the first question of the quiz. Name how many family members are there in the house, hmm?" Deidara read out the first question.

"Senpi, let's find if there are any family photos around. This is so funnn even though it is creepy to do it here"

Deidara was abit stunned by Tobi's intelligence which was unlike the usual Tobi who was dumb and careless. They searched through the living room and found a family photo. "1, 2, 3. Father mother son. So the answer is 3, senpai" Tobi quickly wrote down the answer on the quiz paper.

Deidara took the photo and thought to himself, "What a happy family, not like me."

Okay, then they continued and read the second question, "Find the names of the family members." Deidara muttered to himself, "What kind of quiz is this? It's so boring." Even though it is boring, Deidara looked Tobi who was so hyper, "Senpai, it's so fun and I love it" Deidara had the look which he think Tobi's action is stupid.

Their search started again when they spend more time as it was quite difficult to find the answer. While they were searching, Deidara heard some muttering and sensed chakra which was seemed stranger to him. But he was distracted by Tobi's scream.

"What happened, Tobi? Hmm" Deidara said with worries. "Senpai, are the dolls adorable?"

"Tobi! This is not the time for dolls, hmm."

But when he said that, he sensed something amiss about the dolls. But it was too late.

One of the doll suddenly bit Tobi's hand and another doll dashed towards Deidara.

Deidara wanted to attack the doll with his clay bomb, but the doll let out gases which Deidara breathe in. Then, Deidara blacked out after he saw the doll laugh evilly.

When Deidara regained consciousness, he found out that his hands were chained to the walls and the unconscious Tobi was also chained to the opposite wall. And they were in a locked in a room which looked like a prison cell. Deidara heard footsteps but he could not move his hands at all.

"Hello Deidara. Long time no see. You have grown up a lot." A man spoke.

Deidara was stunned. How come that person knows his name? And they had met before. But who is he?

Two men appeared before Deidara and Tobi. One looked like he is as young as Deidara, and another looked like he is 30 plus years old. And both of them looked familiar to Deidara.

"Don't you remember us, Deidara? You came to our house when you are 12 years old and something happened to us."

Deidara's eyes widened as that incident struck his mind. Seven years ago, Deidara was a cheerful kid who loves to play ball. He was playing balls with his friends when the ball flew into an old house. Deidara went to pick up the ball and he saw a boy looking and smiling at him. Deidara smiled back and walked to him, thinking of asking the boy to join the game.

"Hello. I am Deidara. Want to join us to play ball?" Deidara asked politely.

"No, thanks." The boy replied with a walked away, feeling disappointed. However, when he turned his head, he fainted.

When Deidara woke up, he found himself lying on a red, soft comfy chair. But in his left, cleaved tightly was a long katana, smeared awfully by the stench of blood. Shocked, he jump up in fright and noticed his surroundings. Horribly mangled bodies of men, women and even children lay all around him. The corpses had a strong decomposing smell. His legs went weak with fear and gave way as he fell back on the cold hard floor. Stumbling to get up, he saw a two men walking towards him. It made him weak.

'You're finally awake, Deidara" said by the boy whom he saw before he fainted.

"Who the heck are you? And why did you capture me?!" Deidara shouted.

The older looking man grinned and started to use his jutsu. Suddenly, two of the corpses stood up and walked towards Deidara. Fear was sent down through his spine. How the heck they became alive? Or are they zombies or what? And what would they do to him?

When Deidara finally had the courage to stand and escape, it was already too late. Both of the alive-corpses grabbed his hands and pushed Deidara's body to the hard floor, making Deidara gasped in pain. The hopeless Deidara was shivering in fear as he could not free himself no matter how hard he tried. He was just like a lamb captured by a tiger.

The boy walked towards Deidara. Deidara stared at him while he was preparing himself to be killed. Unexpectally, the boy then got on top of him and pressed his lips against Deidara's slowly. Deidara's eyes widened as this was not what he expected. Deidara tried to hide from the kiss by turning his head away from the boy. But it was no use. The boy grabbed Deidara's chin and forced Deidara to face him. The boy then continued aggressively, he forced open Deidara's mouth using his tongue. Deidara could feel the boy's tongue exploring his mouth. The kiss broke when thy boy was in need for air.

"Let me go! You already have enough from me!" Deidara pleaded.

"Enough? I haven't even started yet. From now on, you're my toy"

Deidara felt their lips meeting again. He tried to break but it was useless. The boy pulled the rubber band from Deidara's hair, letting the yellow long hair to fall upon the ground and his shoulder. He also saw his shirt being stripped off and thrown aside. The boy stopped the kiss and started to suck on Deidara's neck. Deidara moaned softly in pleasure and fear. Deidara was appalled when the boy started to bite forcefully on Deidara's neck until warm blood could be seen. The boy was trying to make Deidara his that he planted his marks on Deidara. After that, he kissed Deidara's neck gently using his tongue to taste and feel the curves of Deidara's collar bone, it was so warm and wet. Deidara suddenly thought of his clay pouch. If he could reach the clay pouch, it means he could escape from this scene which was smashing his pride in pieces.

However, he saw something being thrown off. It was his clay pouch. There goes his last hope of escaping. Deidara's eyes went widen as he screamed, "Stop it! Let me go! Enough is enough!" Before he could continue screaming, his mouth was gagged with cloth. The boy started licking Deidara's neck with his tongue again, one of his hand was moving lower and lower, stroking the Deidara's body as he went down. Finally, the boy pulled down Deidara's pants and started to stroke Deidara's length.

"AHHH" Deidara moaned in pleasure. Even though he hated it, he had to agree that it felt wonderful. The boy then took off the cloth from Deidara mouth and put his fingers into Deidara mouth forcefully. The boy started to put one digit into Deidara's entrance, and then followed by two digit and then finally three digits. Deidara was feeling extremely uneasy as the boy was stretching him. And then, the boy lifted Deidara's hip up.

"I'll make you beg for more!" the boy said as he started to put his erected length in Deidara. "Stop it! It hurts!" Deidara shouted from the pain. Ignoring the pleading, the boy started to go in deeper and Deidara moaned as he reached a 'place' in him. The boy then thrusted into that place and Deidara moaned even louder as the thrust became faster. "Ple…ase…p!" pleaded Deidara as he clutched onto the boy, sinking his nails into the boy's back. The boy just went harder as he went inside of Deidara.

Deidara's eyes started to become watery as the pain was too much for him. After a while, Deidara began to feel pleasure instead of pain. "You looked so delicious and beautiful in this look" whispered by the boy as he thrusted faster and harder.


Deidara's head hung back when he reached his climax. White warm liquid was all over his body. At the same time, he felt hot liquid rushing into him. The boy and Deidara breathed hard which could be heard in the quiet house. Then, Deidara saw flashes. It came from the camera the older man was holding on to.

"What the hell are you doing? Stop it!" Deidara shouted at the older man with his remaning energy left.

"Oh, he was just taking down some happy memories we got." The boy replied.

Before Deidara could speak anything, he found himself lying outside the house where he first saw the boy. Deidara thought he was under the illusion or plots controlled by the ghosts in the house. Picking himself up from the faint, he saw his friend shouting for him and asking him to join back their game. As he was running back, he swore to himself that he would never get near that spooky house, not to go in.

(come back to now)

"I remember everything! Both of you are real, hmm!" Deidara glared at them while pointing his finger at them.

"So you remember? Then you should remember this" The boy then threw something to Deidara. Deidara's face went pale when he saw the "thing". It was the photos that were taken when Deidara was raped. Tears started to roll down from Deidara's eyes.

"At the first time I saw you, I wanted to have you as you are too pretty. Too pretty to be a guy."

He wished someone can save him from this humiliation. Something struck his mind. Tobi!

"Tobi! Tobi! Wake up! Damn it, don't sleep anymore, hmm!" Deidara shouted to Tobi.

"Don't even think of asking him for help. He won't wake up unless we do something to him. And you won't want him to wake up." The older said with a wide evil grin.

What did he mean? Deidara couldn't figure it out. All he wanted was Tobi freeing him and escaping together. He couldn't think of other matters anymore. He was too scared. Deidara shouted to Tobi for help again but it was useless, Tobi didn't respond.

"Well, despite my warning, you still insisted him to save you. I will grant your wish but don't regret it!"

The older man read some weird words which was foreign to Deidara. Then, Tobi woke up and broke that chains. Deidara was delighted but then, he was stunned that the Tobi he was looking now is not the usual Tobi. Tobi had some evil feeling around him which Deidara don't really like it.

"I think you noticed the change in him. Actually, he should be like this as he was bitten by the doll. The doll had inserted something which will make him into another person. The person that he will become to will be controlled by us. And we decided to make you remember those happy memories." The boy said, followed by an evil laugh.

Before realising it, Tobi was in front of him. "What's wrong senpai? Are you scared of me?" Tobi asked as he smirked. Deidara stared in horror as Tobi's face got nearer to his. "Let me enjoy you from now on, senpai." Tobi slammed Deidara against the wall and pressed his body on to him. This was really not the Tobi he knew. Tobi had changed to a monster!

But that's not all. Tobi and Deidara's faces were three inches apart. Tobi took his free hand and moved his mask a bit to the side. Deidara's eyes widened and his tears slowly stopped. Red eye which looked exactly like Uchiha Itachi's. Tobi is a Uchiha?!

"Senpai, are you afraid of my Sharingan? Don't worry, I am not that cold-blooded like Itachi"

Deidara was going to argue back, but Tobi caught his lips. Deidara sat there in wide eyed and shocked as Tobi's mouth searched the inside of his mouth. The kiss was broken as Deidara turned his head away from Tobi.

"Tobi, stop -" Deidara was stopped when another kiss broke into his mouth. Their tongues met one another, but Tobi aggressively moved on. Both of the tongues were like having war, of course the winner is Tobi. Deidara groaned as Tobi sat back up, breaking the contact. Tobi then unbuttoned the black cloak with red clouds and threw it aside, showing only Deidara's black short shirt with fishnet. Tobi started to lick Deidara's neck and then trailed down his chest, where he quickly found his left nipple. But the shirt is distracting his process, so Tobi ripped off his shirt. He sucked and licked on it feverishly.

"Tobi, please ahh st-" pleaded Deidara.

Tobi knew what was coming and promptly kissed him. Suddenly, Tobi felt pain and some warm liquid coming from his bottom lip. It was Deidara who bit it.

"You little bitch!" Tobi said while he was wiping away the reddish liquid. Tobi stared at Deidara with anger which really sent fear down to Deidara. Tobi concentrated chakra onto his fist and and started hitting Deidara at his stomach and face. The punches were so strong that Deidara started to cough out blood after a few punches.


"Senpai? Is that you? Why are you shouting?"

The real Tobi was stuck in darkness as he was trapped in the body.(Like Sakura, she got inner self) But he could see that Deidara was being tortured which tore Tobi's heart into parts.

"Senpai! Stop it! Don't tortue Senpai anymore! Get out of my body, you bastard!"

Then, the hitting stopped. Tobi stood up and stared at the two men with his deadly eyes as he wanted revenge.

Realising what happened, "What?! How can it be? You defeated my jutsu!" the older man shouted at Tobi. Using his Mangekyo Sharingan, Tobi sent himself and two men into Tsukuyomi. starting their battle there. ( next chap what they did)

After settling the enemies, Tobi walked to the side of Deidara. He was covered with wounds and tears and was lying helplessly on the same spot. Tobi kissed gently on Deidara forehead and said, "Senpai, you alright? Tobi is back to normal."

Deidara, turning his head towards, said with a weak smile," Tobi, you're alright!" "Senpai, let's go home and asked Zetsu-san to attend to your wounds." Tobi then covered Deidara with his Akatsuki cloak (Deidara's one) and carried him in a bride style.

"Tobi- cough cough I lo-ve yo-u" Deidara said it before he closed his eyes.

"Tobi love you too, senpai"

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