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Tears were visible as the couple began to sob on each other. However, this was the crying not because of sadness but the crying of a couple regaining each other's presence and love. Then suddenly, Deidara got pushed away slightly by Tobi and Deidara looked at Tobi confusingly.

"Sorry, Senpai. I'm still not worth it for your love. Please go." Then Tobi walked out of the room.

Staring at the door, Deidara sat on the bed without moving an inch. "Why, Tobi? Why can't you accept me?" Raging fires were visible in his eyes and had the evil grin on his face. Deidara jumped off from the bed and banged through the door. Everyone stared at Deidara and silence filled the place except for the noise coming from some rooms. Ignoring the staring, Deidara banged into every room, scaring the hell out of the people inside. This continued until Deidara found Tobi and a lady on.

Grabbing the hand of the lady and pulling her away from Tobi, Deidara took out his kunai and striked it right through her heart which earned him a scream of pain. Letting the body collapsed onto the floor, Deidara turned his attention to Tobi who was shivering in fear. His senpai was different, he seemed more cruel and evil from before.

Not even a second, Tobi found his senpai sitting beside him and then he found himself pushing him on the bed, lying on his back and Deidara sitting on top of him. The next moment, Tobi's shirt was slashed into pieces by the kunai in Deidara's hand. Deidara's eyes travelled around Tobi's feature, tracing the line of his nose, lingering on slightly pouty lips and caressing his muscular chest. Deidara wanted to kiss and suck on that pale neck.

"I'm going to make you come back to me and crave for me." Deidara whispered into Tobi's ear.

Before Tobi could have time to argue back. His mouth was sealed together with Deidara's in a deep, passionate yet dominating French kiss. Tobi wanted to pushed Deidara away but his wrists were held together above his head with ropes. "When did Senpai tied my hands?" Deidara wrapped his arms around the man below him, his hands tangled in Tobi's spiky hair. And, Tobi began to stop struggling and started to enjoy this.

Tobi smiled and stared into Deidara's deep blue eyes. Before realising it, Deidara had started to take his kimono and boxer off and threw it on the floor. Deidara then started to undo Tobi's pants. Deidara unzipped Tobi's pants fully with his teeth and saw Tobi's length was getting hard. Deidara pulled Tobi's pants off and throw them near his kimono. Deidara wrapped his mouth over Tobi's length head and Deidara spend no time deep throated it. Tobi let out a long moan in pleasure when Deidara started to suck and lick it.

"Senpai, To-bi T-obi is com-ing" Tobi panted while he was reached his climax.

Deidara released his mouth from Tobi's length and Tobi groaned in discontent. Deidara then showed three fingers to Tobi and Tobi gladly covered them in his mouth. Once Tobi was ensured that they are coated completely with saliva, Tobi removed his mouth from them. Deidara placed one digit into Tobi's entrance, and then he slipped two then three digits. Deidara soon hit that spot while trusting and it made Tobi moan in pleasure loudly. Deidara then pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his length.

Tobi closed his eyes in pain and clutched onto the rope. After a while, Tobi was beginning to feel pleasure instead of pain and let out a few soft moans.

"Sen-pai! Ahh-hhhhh!"

Deidara thrusted onto the certain spot and he found it. Adjusting his position, Deidara thrusted into Tobi on the same spot with much faster speed. Not wanting to be first to cum, Deidara pumped Tobi's length with the hand tongue licking it. After a minute,

Tobi reached his climax, releasing his white seeds on both stomachs and Deidara's hand. The walls between Deidara's length contracted and with one last thust, Deidara came inside Tobi, filling him with white seeds.

Using all his strengths, Deidara pulled himself out of Tobi and lied beside Tobi who had already fallen asleep. His hands were freed from the rope due to pleasure and struggle. Smiling to himself, Deidara fell into deep sleep.

After the deep sleep, Tobi woke up and found himself being looked by his lover. Blushing to himself, Tobi asked shyly, "How long have you been awake? And how you going to get us from this me-" Tobi was cut by Deidara's finger on his lip.

"Why do you get yourself in this mess, un? How do you get here? In this place,un?" Deidara asked.

"Well, I… If it wasn't for Tobi, Senpai won't fall from the cliff and nearly drown. Tobi was like a jinx to Senpai, Tobi don't want Senpai to get into anymore trouble. So Tobi leave Akatsuki and headed for Konoha since it is Tobi's hometown. Then Tobi sort of got tricked by the owner of this shop. But Tobi didn't escape as Tobi consider this as my punishment." Tobi explained.

Hugging Tobi together, Deidara looked at Tobi with the 'Don't you dare to escape from my' look and a passionate kiss began. After a while, both broke away from the kiss and Deidara said, "Let's go home" and Tobi nodded with a smile. After dressing up in their clothes and akatsuki cloak (Deidara brought along Tobi's cloak), they were about ready to set off until a the owner stepped into the room.

"Ahhhhh!" The owner screamed when she saw the corpse.

Smirking at Tobi, Deidara threw a shuriken at the owner to prevent her from screaming. The next moment, the whole shop exploded and the akatsuki members could be seen on the white clay bird on air…

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