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Kyo opened his gleaming ruby eyes, as he felt a soft nudge to his right shoulder. He turned his head to look, not one bit curious – he knew what it was – but he just wanted to look.

The woman had fallen asleep next to him, her back against the tree trunk, her legs bent at the knees in front of her. She'd taken the place of where his katana had been propped beside him and now it was in her clutches, as if it was hers to protect, hers to guard. Kyo ignored any significance of it.

She was slowly sliding sideways, her head resting on his shoulder as her weight continued to press against him.

Some of her hair had slipped from the ribbon she used to draw them back, the long golden strands of them contrasting against the black of his clothing. Her pale skin contrasted against his tanner one, her small hands against his larger, more powerful one…her entire being contrasted against him. Soft gold hair against his untamed raven black; her small female body with its fullness and curves against his, muscled and scarred from years of fighting and killing… they were so different beyond just the physical aspects. Why she chose to follow him, he didn't know. Maybe she was still after his head for the money. But he wouldn't consider what it would be like without the nagging woman beside him.

She slid an inch further, her head slowly coming off his shoulder.

Slowly, Kyo eased her off him, returning her to her original position. She began slipping to the other side. Silly woman. He had to take care of her even in sleep.

His arm slid around her shoulder to bring her back upright. He frowned when he saw her still grasping his katana. With his free hand, Kyo attempted to pry hers off his sword, and in doing so caused her head to loll and land on his shoulder. Back to square one. How can anyone be so stubborn even unconscious?!


He stilled at the soft murmur of his name. She was always calling him. Angry, sad, scared, happy… "Kyo", his name, would escape her lips. Even close to dying…he gritted his teeth and banished the memory. He was only Kyo, never Onime no Kyo, never the killer of a thousand men, but Kyo.

She stirred, and he remained unmoving, his arm resting lightly over her shoulders until she'd stopped moving and her breath returned to the soft tempo of complete sleep.

He had never been used to having someone sleep so close to him, especially during long strenuous journeys. He had had women, before this one came along, but after they'd pleased him with whatever it was he paid them for, he'd be gone the next hour. But for this one, he didn't need to pay for amusement. Even if he'd tried, which he wouldn't (why should he for someone so damn ugly?), she'd have thrown a fit, and that itself was free. Kyo grinned to himself.

One arm cradling her at the shoulders, the other her head, Kyo shifted further away from Yuya and with caution lowered her until she laid on the ground. Kyo then arranged her to lay flat on her back. Yuya continued gripping his katana, an observation causing him to narrow his eyes at Tenro.

You better not be enjoying being in my woman's arms, you bastard.

To which his sword replied slyly: Thought you said she was ugly.

She is. But only I can think that.

She breathed peacefully through parted lips, her face entirely relaxed. So innocent, he thought. Those green eyes that betrayed all her thoughts were closed. Those cheeks he enjoyed making them blush pink when he groped her were a soft creamy colour. That mouth with its pink lips that would never cease to yap and talk, especially when he wanted silence to think, was only making small breathy sounds of respiration.

Kyo's eyes travelled further down to her chest which was rising and falling lightly. Tiny breasted woman, Kyo snickered, but would he change that? No way in hell. He didn't need any other man coming after her. But then again, it would've been a leisure killing men who touched his woman. No, Kyo figured, it was better this way. Chiding her about small breasts was just pure fun, and he could use his theory that breast-groping would enlargen them. Kyo grinned again.

Damn, this woman was an infinite source of amusement.

There wasn't any fun in squeezing her breasts now that she was sleeping. Kyo suddenly realized that physical pleasure came second to pleasure in riling, taunting the woman. That didn't mean anything, he told himself. He had a healthy sexual appetite and was probably satisfied with all the women he had had before meeting this Dogface here. That's what he told himself. He ignored the rest of his conscience telling him that it was the woman herself he enjoyed, her existence he enjoyed.

His red eyes remained on a spot at the valley of her breasts and did not leave until he was convinced that there were no scars where that son-of-a-bitch Shinrei had placed the water dragons, where that bitch had slid her hand in to provoke the dragons. Kyo bristled with fury as he thought of how close Yuya had come to die, distortions of her chest as the dragons had squirmed restlessly, tearing her heart by pieces. How she had coughed up blood whilst his body weakened uselessly from Suzaku.

How despite the pain, she had given him a thumbs up with the smile and withering strength in her eyes telling him: You can do it.

No one. No one had ever given him such support, believing in him so unconditionally. And no one had ever willingly searched for him. Silly stupid woman was only looking for danger, never knowing what was right for her.

And what was right was that she stayed as far away as possible from him. But knowing the woman, she wouldn't. And he wouldn't do anything about it either.

Kyo watched her until his eyes closed at its own will and he succumbed to exhaustion.