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Love Potion: #1

-In Mars-

"Come on, Spike! Just shoot the damn car so we could get this over!" Faye spat to the man who was racing along with her. Her hair whipped wildly as they doggedly ran after the get-away car the bounty was driving.

"I can't do that Faye, or I'll kill him and we won't get any money!" Spike yelled back.

Faye snarled and looked up ahead to see the car hastily turn the corner. She stopped immediately and turned to an alley on her left. Spike saw this and followed.

Racing through the narrow alleyway, Faye made it to the other side just as the get-away car zoomed by. Now she was at least a shorter distance away than she was before. She looked behind her and saw Spike trailing behind; she gave a victorious grin at him.

Spike only grit his teeth at her.

Picking up her speed, Faye reached for an extra cartridge for her gun. She quickly replaced her empty one and pointed to the car.

She shot once and it hit the trunk. One of the other guys riding in the car, turned around with fear. She heard him shout, "That woman's crazy!"

Faye couldn't help but grin, but her grin stopped suddenly when the car made a complete turn around and headed straight towards her.

"God dammit!" she screamed and started run the other way. She motioned to Spike to get back the other way also, but instead he jumped to the sidewalk. Faye shook her head and looked behind just in time to see one of bounties raise a large weapon to her.

Her eyes bulged, "You're the one that's fucking crazy!" she shouted to them. She quickly rolled towards the sidewalk to avoid getting hit, but as soon as she thought she had successfully retreated, a sharp--but short--pain nulled her on her side.

Spike, ran to her side as he continued to shoot the speeding car. Unfortunately for them, they've lost another bounty.

"That.. fucking bastard!" Faye groaned. She kept herself sitting and roamed a hand to the pain in her side. Her hand layed on something long and with one quick pull, she attained a small needle like object with a tiny bit of orange liquid inside of it.

Spike looked down to her as she pulled out a wierd bottle. He recognized it and wondered how she could have gotten a hold of one.

"Oh god." Faye murmured.

Spike went down on his knees and looked at Faye, "That's a tranquilizer. Where'd you get that?"

Faye looked up at him in fear, "F-From my side?"

"What?!" Spike grabbed her shoulders and shook her, "Did you get shot by that, Faye?!"

Angrily Faye pushed Spike away, "Yes, now what the hell is it?!" Her eyes became larger and she quickly stood up, "Oh my god, am I going to die?!"

"Faye, calm down! Let's go to the Bebop now and have Jet check it out." Spike grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards the Bebop.

Holding the small liquid up to the light, Jet focused his eye on it. He turned back to Spike, who sat on the couch smoking, and Faye, who was sitting opposite from him with her shoulders hunched, "So you got shot in the side with this?"

Faye looked at him and gave an angry snarl, "Well yeah! Now what the hell's going to happen to me?!"

Jet frowned, "I don't know, but I'll analyze it."

"Well that would be a good idea, don't you think? And can't you hurry up a little?! I'm not really looking forward to dying right now!"

Jet grumbled, "You don't look like you're dying, so why don't you just let me do my work."

Faye stood up, she was about ready to go in a yelling rampage but suddenly she froze in place. She gave a quiet gasp and sat back down.

Jet and Spike turned to her.

"Faye?" Spike asked.

Faye was staring into nothing in front of her; she mumbled incoherently to Spike.

Spike raised an eye and came close to her, "Faye, what's wrong?"

Slowly, Faye's eyes looked up at him. Her lips curved into a seductive smile, "Spike.." she crooned softly.

Spike backed back a bit, "What the hell-" he was taken by surprise when Faye pulled him down to her; her arms locked around his neck.

"Oh Spike!" Faye whispered.

Spike fought to free himself, "Faye, what do you think you're doing?!" He felt Faye's warm breath on his ear.

"Spike, you and me, right now." she huskily told him.

Turning beet red, Spike pulled away and stumbled back on the couch.

Faye stood up quickly, her eyes glued to his, "That's what I'm talking about!" she jumped on top of him and locked his legs between hers, "Now let's get to business Spikey." Faye licked her lips.

Spike tried getting back up. When he saw that he couldn't, he yelled to Jet--who stood watching the whole thing in silence, "Jet!!! Help!!!" He felt Faye's body lower down slowly on his.

Jet scratched his head, "What the hell's going on first of all?"

"God, I don't know!! Just get her off of me!" Spike whined out. He stopped his breathing as Faye's tongue grazed his neck and her breasts rubbed on his chest. He turned even more red and he started sweat, "Jet, come on!! Get her off!!"

Sighing, Jet came over and pulled the out-of-control Faye from Spike. Pulling out a pair of hand cuffs, he pushed Faye to the back and cuffed her on the wall.

Faye watched as she was being pulled from Spike. She wasn't sure what's going on, she thought they were having fun. She looked up to see her hands tied above her head on a pipe.

Spike shakily got up from the couch and stared in fear at the smiling Faye by the wall.

"Spikey?" Faye called out.

Spike let out a whiny grunt.

"I don't think I can take this-" she moved the cuffs around her wrists, "as an offense." She seductively winked at him, "It's really turning me on."

Spike fell to the floor.

Watching the scene in front of him, Jet pondered for a minute. He looked over to Spike, who was now crawling on the floor trying to hide from Faye's glances, "Hey, I think this liquid stuff in this tranquilizer is doing this."

Spike looked up from behind the small chair, "If it is, do something about it!" He hesitantly looked at Faye.

Faye gave him a shy grin then a started to lick her lips again, "Spikey, come here. I want you here with me."

Grunting, Spike ran to Jet, "Do something now? Please?!"

"You look so cute when you plead, Spike." Faye commented; getting ideas and saving them for later.

Angrily, Spike turned to her, "Shut up!" he yelled, hoping to kill her enthusiasm; unfortunately her face didn't change.

"You look even better when you're angry. Oh, I can eat you up all night, Spikey." she bit her lips shyly.

Spike groaned.

Jet stood back; a little afraid of what Faye has become, "Alright, that's enough of that Faye. I'm already getting tired of your new attitude. I'll go see what the hell is wrong with you." Jet went over to the corner of the room and picked up his liquid analyzer and his computer and brought it over the center table.

Spike joined Jet's side, carefully sitting so that any view of him was blocked.

Faye gave a soft whine, "Spikey, don't hide from me..." she gave a frown, "All I wanted to do was to play with you for a little while.. I don't know why you're so upset."

"Faye, I don't want to play with you!" Spike retorted. He stood up; his eyes burned in irritation at her, "I don't want anything to do with you!"

Faye grinned, "Oh you're so sexy when you're aggressive!" She arched her back forward, showing off her chest to him, "I can't take it anymore! Spike I want you now!"

Spike quickly sat back down and covered his ears, "Tell her to stop it, Jet!"

"Stop it." Jet said, still fixated to the machine in front of him. He carefully put a single drop of orange liquid in the analyzer and looked in it with the computer.

He gave a sigh at what he saw, "Yep, this stuff is doing this to her."

Spike looked at the screen, "What is it?"

"It's a sort of serum to make hormones grow and work rapidly. Looks like the Gub Evol boys has injected her with some kind of love potion." Jet looked over to Faye--who continued staring at Spike and making kisses to him.

Spike swallowed hard and turned to Jet, "Is there any way to stop this?"

Jet shook his head, "I don't know."

~ You're getting lucky, cowboy...~

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