Love Potion

-Side effects-

Sitting on the couch with his feet resting comfortably on the table before him, Spike gazed at the working Jet in front of the halo-screened computer.

"So." Spike let out involuntarily.

Jet stopped typing on the keyboard, causing the annoying clicking to rest, and looked up to the well-relaxed man in front of him, "So?"

"So what did you find out?" Spike rephrased to him, reaching up a hand to scratch the sudden itch on the back of his neck.

Sighing and holding up the vile in front of his face, Jet spun the sparse amount of liquid inside of it before answering, "Absolutely nothing besides the fact that it's making Faye sex-crazed." A smirk covered his mouth, "Apparantly with you." he finished, chuckling at his last words.

A corner on Spike's mouth twitched in annoyance as he let out a small guttural growl, "Yeah.. so when in the hell is this thing going to stop?"

Jet shrugged, "I don't know. Hopefully it did last night." he remembered briefly of what happened last night, at this he began to laugh, "Faye tying you up and seducing you! Now that's something to see!"

"Shut up!" Spike growled again, hurling his elbows on his knees as he sat up, "It was lucky enough nothing happened." he stuck his chin out, obviously agitated.

Jet held his smirk, "A little edgy aren't we? No need to fret all about Faye trying to get in bed with you.." he stuck his hands up in an amused manner, "For all I know, if it ever happened, you probably wouldn't regret it."

Lifting a fist in front of him, threatening the older man with intense eyes, Spike held his breath in annoyance as his face lit into a rage of red. After a couple of seconds of mindless sputtering to the laughing Jet, Spike stood up suddenly, "Gah! How would you like it if 'sex-crazed Faye' was desperately trying to dive into your pants?!"

Jet stopped his laughing and shrugged once more, "Lucky me, then," he retorted, "But she's after you, so I don't really need to think about that right now."

Frustrated and angry, Spike grumbled and sat back down; his eyes pathetically tired and hopeless, "Dammit.... why me?"

Jet stood up from his computer and shook his head at Spike question, "It can't be that bad, can it? I mean, how many sex-crazed women trail behind you like a stray cat? I know Faye isn't much to be around with that attitude of hers, but hey, at least use the time to make this something to be proud of, right?"

Spike eyed him in confusion, "Are implying that I sleep with her, Jet? Is that it?!"

Furrowing his brows at the other man's stupidity, Jet growled, "No, dumbass, I meant that you should cherish this time so that you can slap it back on her face when she's back to normal! Man.. this is what I get for trying to reason with a thickheaded friend..."

Spike's mouth instantly formed into a large 'O', and soon replaced it with a mischievios smile, "Heh.. good thinking my friend."

Jet scoffed at Spike's little comment, and continued his way towards the kitchens (he needed to place the rest of the vile of love potion back inside the refrigerator). Just as his foot moved forwards, he scuffled against Ein's bowl, that seemed to be still full of breakfast.

"What the--" Jet took the bowl in his hands and lifted it up, "Why hasn't Ein eaten his breakfast yet? Where is that stupid dog?"

Spike stood up suddenly and looked around, "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Ein at all this morning..." he moved from the living to the hallway and shouted for the dog, "Ein? Get over here and eat your food, you dumb dog!"

When there was no response, Spike volunteered to check the hallway and rooms, while Jet went quickly into the kitchen to put the potion away. As he came back around the living room, he spotted Spike looking slightly panicked.

"So, where's the dog?"

Smacking a hand on his forehead, Spike groaned, "You're not going to believe this Jet... Ein's gone.. and Faye's out with him."

---- 1.5 hours later: Somewhere in Mars ----

"Isn't this fun, Ein? Ice cream is so good.. YUM! I almost forgot how great ice cream is!" Faye, wearing her yellow shorts, and a borrowed oversized shirt from Spike's closet that was tied tightly around her waist, had a face that was excited as a young school girl playing hookie for the first time.

The woman and the dog sat in a park in the suburbs, enjoying the ice cream they held in their hands (except for dog, who lapped it happily from the floor).

Ein barked out happily, jumping on the bench to sit by Faye as he began to yip at the passing people.

"Ein, do you think Spike and Jet would get mad at us for leaving without permission?" she turned to the dog with worry in her eyes, "I really don't want Spike mad at me..." her face loomed into sadness at the thought as she her grip on her ice cream cone loosened, letting her ice cream drop with splat to the floor.

Whining, Ein brushed his wet nose under her arm, trying to comfort her. His attempts didn't work as the Faye in front of him succumbed into depression; her lips pouting and her eyes formed guilt. Just in that moment, he spotted two figures ahead of him, running towards them on the bench. Ein recognized the man with abnormaly puffy hair and began to bark happily at the human.

Spike made his way towards the bench with the familiar dog, and supposedly love potion induced woman, with Jet running not far behind him. As he moved closer in front of the woman, he met his eyes with hers.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, running off without telling us?!" Spike's eyes blazed at hers.

Looking up at him in guilt, Faye quickly stood up and wrapped her arms around him, "Please don't be mad! I didn't mean to make you mad! I promised Ein that I'd spend the whole day with him, that's why we left.. and you were sleeping and we didn't want to wake you!"

Spike jumped back in shock, "What the hell!!" he tried to forcefully pry the woman off of him, only the woman held onto him like a vice.

Beside him Jet held Ein in his arms as he happily watched Spike turn jumpy as Faye gripped him.

"No, don't be mad, please!" Faye pleaded at Spike, her eyes tearing, and her throat giving off a discomforting whine.

With his two hands still over Faye's arms that surrounded him as he tried to break apart, Spike oddly stared at Faye's eyes and wondered what was going on with her just then.

"Getting all whiney and guilty can't be part of this stupid potion, could it?" Spike turned to Jet in displeasure as he gave up trying to get freed.

For the third time that day, Jet shrugged with a grin, "Could be a side effect."

Slapping his head, hopelessly standing with Faye's body clinging on him, pleading for dear life, Spike grumbled sourly.

"Dammit, we're going to get this damn thing figured out right now!"

~Take it like a man, Cowboy...~

A/N: Okay, so I have finally updated this since a lot wanted it up again ^.^; Hopefully, this chapter is still as good and promising as the other two were...[long ago] lol. Anyways, due to the none NC17 fics rule by ffnet, this will stay rated as R, but will still contain lime/lemony scenes. Well, thanks readers, for not quitting on trying to get this fic back up and running.