Love Actually

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Chapter 13

Sakura watched silently as Kagome handed Itachi the necklace she had made for him.

And when she stared at it in the Uchiha heir's hand, she felt a small sense of nostalgia; it was almost as if she had seen it somewhere before. She searched through her memories, trying to recall when and where she had seen it previously and she frowned in irritation when nothing came to her.

"What is it Sakura?" her husband asked, noticing her expression.

The pink haired medic looked at him before shifting her gaze back to the necklace in Itachi's hand again. "It's nothing…" she replied distractedly and the Uchiha rolled his eyes; Sakura may have not realized it but she could be such a horrible liar sometimes…

Sasuke crossed his arms and schooled on a serious expression.


She looked at him for a moment before she sighed. "Fine…" she acquiesced and looked down to the ground. She toyed idly with the stones and leaves at her feet as she spoke, "It's just that… that necklace looks familiar somehow… I mean I feel like I've seen it before…but I can't remember where exactly…"

Sasuke cracked a small smile and he closed his eyes.

"Hmm…" he hummed thoughtfully, "Sakura, before I answer your question let me ask you this; have you ever met my brother before?"

She nodded, "Once, during our mission to rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki."

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked at her. Black met with green. "Then do you remember what he was wearing?"

She blinked. "What?"

"Just answer my question."

"Okay…" she paused and tried to remember. Hazy images of an adult Itachi came to her mind. "…He had on a slashed Hitae-ate, and he was wearing the Akatsuki cloak with sandals. But because of the cloak, I couldn't see what clothes he had underneath."

"Was he wearing any accessories?"

She frowned as more blurred images appeared in her mind. "Just a ring and the necklace around his…oh…" she paused and the image of the necklace she had seen in the teenaged Itachi's hand was now around the adult Itachi's neck. Her green eyes widened in realization and she now looked as if she had struck the grand prize in the lottery.

"OH!" she repeated, only louder this time.

Sasuke looked away, trying to hide his amusement at her child-like reaction.

"He kept it after all those years?" She couldn't hide the amazement in her voice and focused her gaze on Itachi, who was now putting on the necklace with an excited Kagome helping him out. "That's kind of sweet… and romantic actually."

She turned to look at Sasuke. "It must have been really precious to him…" her voice trailed off softly.

Sasuke's amused expression slowly faded, and was replaced with another. His face now looked completely neutral and one might have been fooled into thinking he was perfectly fine. Even Sakura would have been one of those fooled had she not looked at his eyes.

They looked sad…so very sad.

It took all of Sakura's willpower not to throw her arms around Sasuke; because she was perfectly aware of that her husband was not a touchy-feely kind of guy. He wouldn't appreciate the comfort. But… she bit her inner lip; he really looked like he needed it right now.

Ah screw it, she thought stubbornly.

"Sasuke?" she called out his name in a concerned tone, "Are you all right?" then she watched carefully in silence as his obsidian eyes hardened. He took a deep breath and took a moment to compose himself, before he turned to face them fully.

"Time to move on," he said softly, before the world faded around them.

They were in Kakashi's apartment again.

And even though the years had passed Sakura noticed that not much had changed within the sparse apartment. It was still tidy; that was for sure. And the little furniture that he had was the same as she had last seen them. The only thing that had changed, she noticed, was the addition of the new Icha Icha Paradise book on the shelf. The sound of the door opening snapped her out of her reverie and she focused her attention on the two new occupants that had entered the room.

And she almost laughed aloud at the sight that greeted her. Almost.

Kakashi, or the person that she assumed to be Kakashi, had his arms stacked so high with groceries that it obscured his face. Well they never did see his face because he was always wearing his mask but you get the idea. Kagome followed in after him carrying absolutely nothing and the raven haired girl looked as young as Sakura had last seen her; so it meant that not too much time had passed since the previous memory.

Anyway, as Kagome closed the door, Kakashi dumped his groceries unceremoniously on the bed.

"Remind me again why I'm getting this much stuff?" he questioned dryly as he wiped off a bead of sweat that had formed on his exposed skin. "Because you need to get nutrition from some healthy food, and what's healthier than a warm home cooked meal?" she quipped back.

"I eat healthy," the silver haired man protested and Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Eating nothing but instant noodles for the past couple of months is not healthy. I'm actually surprised you haven't lost all your hair from the amount of MSG you've been consuming," she replied in a tone just as dry and Kakashi grumbled something unintelligible under his breath.

"What did you say?" Kagome asked whilst she unloaded his groceries.

"I said that for a girl as young as you, you sure act like my mother sometimes," he grumbled again, this time louder in tone. Sakura noticed that Kagome momentarily froze up at his statement but it was as quick as it was gone. She resumed her task of unpacking the groceries and Sakura heard her quiet voice echo throughout the room.

"I thought you said that you didn't remember your mother…"

Kakashi paused, "I don't, but the way you're behaving right now is normally classified as 'motherly behaviour.'"

Kagome remained quiet as she continued to put away the groceries. Kakashi seemed content with the current silence in the apartment so he didn't break it and Sakura watched the two of them as they worked.

"Kakashi…" Kagome finally spoke, albeit quietly, "…What am I to you?"

"Hmm…" the Ninja hummed thoughtfully as he handed her a carton of milk. "You're one of the most important people in my life Kagome, and I couldn't possibly imagine it without you."

Sakura watched silently as a bright smile appeared on Kagome's face, but the smile faded just as quickly as it came with the Copy Ninja's next words. "You're like the cute little sister I always wanted but never got, what, with my mother's untimely death and all," he said with a casual shrug, not noticing Kagome freeze and the flash of hurt that appeared in her eyes.

"So…I'm just a sister to you?" the raven-haired girl questioned him, and he nodded, not knowing how deeply his answer affected her. "…Kakashi…do you think that in the future…I could be more than just a sister to you?" she asked again.

He paused in his work and furrowed his eyebrow in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Her voice was quiet. "Do you think you could love me?"

Kakashi opened his mouth to reply that he did love her, but Kagome cut him off, "Not love in the way friends and siblings do, but in the way lovers do…" His visible eye widened slightly at that statement.

"Kakashi, do you think that you could fall in love with me?"

"Why would you ask that?" he asked, slightly bewildered.

"Because I'm in love with you," she admitted, looking straight into his eye and Sakura, who had been watching their conversation with rapt attention, chewed her lower lip in anticipation. "I've been in love with you for a long time now, ever since I was a little girl." Kagome continued to look at Kakashi, and while her eyes were serious, Sakura could also see the fear in them.

Kagome was afraid; she was so very afraid that Kakashi would reject her.

The two continued to stare at each other in silence; one with trepidation and the other with an unnerving aloofness. After a while more Kakashi broke his gaze and sighed tiredly, running a hand through his unruly hair. Both Sakura and Kagome's hopes fell at his behaviour; that was not a good sign.

"Kagome… you must be mistaken…" he began in a gentle voice.

"No I'm not!" she immediately protested but Kakashi continued on, as if he hadn't heard her answer, "I'm close to a decade older than you Kagome. You're still just a child, and girls your age usually develop crushes on boys. You don't know what love is yet so you're confusing it with…well… with something that's similar to love."

Kagome looked at him in anguish and Sakura was sure that her expression mirrored Kagome's own.

"What I feel for you isn't just a crush! I know its love! I'm not a child anymore Kakashi! I'm already 13, and when you were 13, you passed your Jounin exams!" she declared, frustration in her voice and Kakashi shook his head.

"That's different."

"Why? Why is that different?" she yelled and when he could not answer her she continued, "Please Kakashi, I know what I'm talking about. I love you - please don't look away from me like that, I love you, and I know you don't believe me, but I really do…"

Sakura felt herself close to tears once she saw the expression Kakashi was giving Kagome.

Even though his face was masked, Sakura could still see the coldness in Kakashi's eye as he looked down at the raven-haired girl. And if Sakura felt this horrible even though she was just a bystander, then she was sure that Kagome felt a million times worse.

"Look," Kakashi said impatiently, finally frustrated by the girl's stubbornness, "I didn't want to say this before until our relationship was more stable, but I already have a girlfriend okay? I've been seeing Rin for close to a month now."

But he softened his tone when he saw Kagome's eyes well up with tears.

"You understand now Kagome? A relationship between you and me… is just impossible. I'm too old for you. You're too young for me. I'm a Ninja. You're a civilian. I don't think I can see you as anything more than a little sister," he paused for a moment and spoke his next words slowly, "Also… I love Rin. I didn't love her in the beginning… but I love her now, and I don't think I'll ever want to leave her."

The tender look on his face as he said that almost made her burst out crying then and there.

"…I understand…" Kagome finally replied him in a heavy voice, "…And I wish you and Rin the best in your relationship…"

With that said, she walked as calmly as she could to the door and left. But Sakura could hear the loud thumping of feet running down the staircase, and she watched from the window as Kagome ran out of the apartment block and onto the streets. She could also faintly make out the glistening of tears trailing down the girl's cheeks.

Sakura fisted her palms.

How could Kakashi treat her like that? The younger girl had loved him, truly and deeply loved him, for such a long time! Then today she had gathered her courage and finally confessed to him! Yet what the hell did Kakashi do to her?

He had done the three worst things a guy could do in that situation.

He had not only cruelly rejected her, claiming that her feelings were untrue, and Sakura could certainly see that Kagome's feelings for him were far from 'untrue'. But Kakashi had also told her that she was no more than a sister to him, which was even crueller, because that was like saying he loved her, but not in the way she wanted him to. And the last unforgivable thing he had done was to tell her that he already had a girlfriend, who happened to a good friend of Kagome's as well.

In short, Kakashi had taken Kagome's heart, stepped on it before finally ripping it to shreds.

Sakura briefly wondered how in the seven hells Kakashi even managed to talk to Kagome in the future, much less sleep with her. Because if Sakura had been in Kagome's position, she didn't think she would ever speak to him again.

And speaking of Kakashi…

Sakura was positively infuriated at him for his insensitivity towards Kagome. She turned away from the window and opened her mouth, ready to rail at the adult Kakashi. But when her eyes landed on the two Kakashi, no words came out and she instead shut her mouth again.

The older Kakashi was staring at the door that Kagome had left wide open in her wake with something akin to regret in his exposed eye. His fists were clenched at his side so tightly that his hands shook and his knuckles turned white. The younger Kakashi's movements mirrored the adult's, but the only difference, Sakura realized with a dull pang, was that the younger Kakashi didn't look the least bit sorry for what he had done.

Instead, he merely exhaled deeply before making his way to close the door.

'What. An. Ass!' Sakura growled in her mind.

"I'll take you both to where Kagome is going," Sasuke's quiet voice cut through the air and Sakura raised her brow at him in slight confusion. Did her husband mean to tell her that there was still more to this… horrible memory? But what more could there be?

Sakura didn't have the time to ask him before the background around them swirled again.


Millions and millions of flowers. Stretching as far as the eye could see…

When the next memory had appeared, Sakura found herself standing in a field full of nothing but bright, beautifully coloured flowers. And when the wind blew, the petals from those flowers rose up in the air, creating a very beautiful effect.

Sakura was rendered speechless.

And while she wanted to do nothing more than to stand in the field and admire the flowers, there was this little voice in the back of her mind nagging; telling her that she had been here before. But Sakura was sure that this was her first time here, because she certainly would have remembered seeing something like this previously.

Unless… it couldn't be…

She turned to the Uchiha that was standing beside her. "Sasuke…" she hesitated, "Is this Minato-san's and Kushina-san's gravesite?"

He blinked, "I'm surprised you could actually recognise it."

Sakura huffed in response. "What's that supposed to mean?" she grumbled inaudibly but her annoyance vanished when it finally occurred to her. If they were here, then it meant… "Kagome came here after that?"

Sasuke nodded, before pointing, "There she is."

Sakura's eyes followed the direction that he was pointing in and her heart gave a painful squeeze when she spotted the raven haired girl standing in front of the two graves. Kagome's eyes were red and puffy as she stared at the mound that marked where Minato was buried, and the tear tracks on her cheeks were glistening under the glare of the sun.

"It's no use Minato-san," she said with a pathetic sniffle, "No matter how much I love Kakashi, he won't ever feel the same for me."

Sakura briefly glanced at her ex-sensei that was standing not too far away from where she was, and inwardly she felt slightly pleased when she saw how tormented he looked. But then she shook her head and gently chided herself; it wasn't her place to judge Kakashi, it was Kagome's…

And since Kagome and Kakashi were still friends with each other in the future, it meant that they had made up…right?

She turned back to Kagome when she heard the teenager speaking again. "After today Minato-san… I don't know whether I'll still be able to keep our promise. Loving him hurts… It hurts so much…" she choked, before using the back of her hand to rub away the tears that had formed again.

The Kyuubi was finally defeated. Konoha was victorious.


Minato-san was dying… he was dying and she could do nothing to save him…just like how she could do nothing to save Kushina-san…

Kagome's heart gave a painful tug at the thought of that. What good was she? She couldn't even protect her precious people… Vaguely, she was aware that Minato had said something to Kakashi, and when it was her turn, he squeezed her hand gently.

She snapped out of her thoughts and saw Minato's mouth moving, but she could barely hear him.

He looked so fragile at that moment that she thought she would burst out in tears. It was really happening, wasn't it? Minato really was dying, wasn't he? She moved closer until her ear was right beside Minato's mouth, and it was then that she heard the fated words.

"Kagome-chan… even though Kakashi is…well… Kakashi… you'll continue loving him right?"

The young girl's eyes widened in surprise and she immediately moved her head back to stare at the man. How did he know…? Minato was smiling tiredly at her and the tender look in his blue eyes was genuine. Kagome knew then and there that he meant what he had asked of her. So, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she nodded.

And thus dawned the promise from her to a dying man…

"What's the point in loving him?" Kagome yelled at the grave, which unsurprisingly, wasn't going to answer her back.

"There's no point in loving Kakashi when all he'll ever see me as is a sister… There's no point in loving him when he already loves someone else… No point in loving him when all it ever does is bring me pain… No point… No point at all…" She slowly sank to her knees in front of the two graves and pressed her palms to her face, as if the action would somehow stop the tears from flowing.

It didn't.

Just as time continued moving forward, tears continued pouring down her cheeks without any indication of stopping and the sobs that escaped her lips were so loud that they wracked her small frame.

From afar, Sakura eyed the young girl with something that might have been mistaken as sympathy. Only it wasn't.

It was empathy.

Because once upon a time, Sakura had been Kagome's age. And it was at that age when she had got her heart broken. Although Sakura didn't love Sasuke as long a period as Kagome had loved Kakashi, it didn't mean that the pain would be any less.

Heartbreak was heartbreak, no matter the circumstances in which it was caused.

"So what happens now…?" Sakura spoke up softly. And the question may have seemed harsh; as if Sakura had asked it because she was bored with seeing Kagome cry. But it wasn't. When Sakura had asked it, she honestly meant no malice, nor did she intend to come off as cruel. It was just resigned curiosity. She couldn't help but be curious as to how Kagome was going to handle this heartbreak.

Was she going to handle it like Sakura had handled her own? Or was she going to continue to cry and mope some more?

Sasuke's eyes slowly moved over from Kagome's crying form, and he stared at Sakura with his piercing eyes. The pink haired medic tried not to flinch under his gaze and it seemed apparent to her that Sasuke had also mistaken the true purpose of her question.

"… She dried her tears and got over it."

Apparently she was wrong.

"And… Kakashi?" Sakura asked again, this time looking at the still form of their ex-sensei. He was standing only a few metres away from Kagome, and the pink haired medic noticed that while his hand was at his side, it kept moving up and down slightly. It was almost as if the man wanted to reach out to Kagome, but always managed to stop himself before he could.

Sasuke's voice barely concealed his rage. "Avoided her like the plague."

This time, Sakura did flinch. 'Okay,' she thought, mentally slapping herself, 'that had been a totally stupid question to ask.'

And when she said stupid, she did not mean stupid in a sense that it was fairly obvious what Kakashi's reaction would be like in the aftermath of the confession, because really, there were only two ways he could react. Either he could pretend that it never happened or he could avoid her altogether.

And the idiot just had to choose the latter.

Anyway, as she was saying, it was stupid in a sense because as much as she didn't want to admit it, Sasuke obviously cared for Kagome, so what the heck was she doing asking him something about the raven haired woman that obviously angered him?

The pink haired medic looked to the ground, suddenly feeling a lot sadder.

Even though Sasuke claimed that he loved her, the bond he shared with Kagome was still too close in her opinion. Indeed, even Naruto wasn't as close to Sasuke as Kagome was; and the blond happened to be the Uchiha's best friend.

So why exactly were Sasuke and Kagome so close? What was it that tied the two together like that?

"Sakura?" her husband's soft voice cut through the air, startling her out of her thoughts. She raised her head to look at him and opened her mouth, attempting to reply. But she found her voice dying in her throat the moment her eyes met his.

'Sasuke... Sasuke is... He...'

He was looking at her differently. His usually passive face was gentle now, and the soulful expression that he had in his usually guarded dark eyes sent her heart racing and her mind reeling.

Why was he looking at her like that?

"Sakura?" he softly called her name again, and this time her mouth went dry. She swallowed with a bit of trouble and willed her raging heart to still. But she found her heart pounding even faster when his hand reached out to her and tenderly cupped the side of her face. She unconsciously leaned into his touch and almost whimpered when he retracted his hand.

She tried to answer but her tongue simply wouldn't form the words that she wanted to say. "Uwaah?"

Sasuke cracked a small smile at that and while Sakura should have felt embarrassed by her behaviour, on the contrary she wasn't. In fact, Sakura couldn't find it in her to be embarrassed. Because of the emotions she could see in Sasuke's eyes as he looked at her.

Fondness. Love. That was what it was.

Her eyes widened slightly and her mouth parted in shock. In seeing her expression, Sasuke's smile faded and the moment between them was broken. He cleared his throat uncomfortably and looked to the side, the slightest hint of a blush tainting his cheeks.

Before Sakura could say anything to him, the scene around them swirled.

For a moment, it was rather disorienting. And when the background stopped swirling, Sakura realized that they were standing near the koi pond in the backyard of Sasuke's house again. But instead of seeing Kagome anywhere, she could only see Itachi sitting out on the porch. And while his gaze was trained on the full moon in the night sky, Sakura could see that his eyes were unseeing.

"He's just been given his mission," Sasuke intoned softly, yet Sakura was able to detect the pain and anger in his tone.

She reached out to him, but Sasuke turned away. He didn't want her comfort or her pity. He just wanted to be left alone. So she didn't say anything. She didn't even ask him which mission he was referring to. She knew.

A moment later, she turned back to see Itachi looking down at his hands.

He clenched and unclenched his fists so hard that his nails drew blood. But Itachi didn't seem to notice the pain. He merely tilted his head towards the koi pond to his left, and Sakura almost gasped aloud at the expression he had on his normally reserved face.

Mere words alone could not describe the sheer amount of pain she saw on his face.

Sakura's heart went out to him because while she was aware of how conflicted he was, she could not presume to understand exactly what he was feeling. Torn between the choice of his loyalty to the village or his loyalty to his family.

If Sakura had been in the same situation as Itachi, she honestly wasn't sure which option she would have picked.

A creaking sound snapped both Sakura and Itachi out of their respective thoughts and they looked to the source of the noise – the backdoor of the Uchiha Compound – their senses on high alert. When Sakura looked back to Itachi, she was astounded to see that his facial expression was neutral again, completely betraying no signs of the previous distress she had seen on it moments before.

"Who's there?" Itachi asked calmly.

The backdoor creaked even more as it opened, and a shadowy figure stepped through. As Itachi watched the intruder, his hand stealthily moved in the direction of his back-pouch, and as he thumbed open the flap to draw a kunai, the intruder stepped into the light.


Itachi's hand stilled.

"Ah, sorry for startling you Itachi," Kagome smiled tiredly.

The Uchiha didn't appear to have heard her. Instead, as he looked at her, shock and anger slowly appeared on his face. Sakura couldn't blame him. Kagome looked as if she had aged several decades since Sakura had last seen in Kakashi's apartment.

Her eyes were rimmed red from crying and the dried tear tracks on her cheeks were visible in the moonlight.

Though Kagome was smiling, even Sakura could see that her smile wasn't genuine so she was sure that Itachi – who had known her ever since she was young – would not be fooled. And her eyes…

Her normally bright blue eyes were dull. They looked sad. Jaded. Broken.

"Itachi?" Kagome called his name.

There was only one thing that could cause Kagome this much pain in this short of a time. And Itachi knew perfectly well what, or more specifically, who.

"Itachi, you listening to me?" She was walking to him now.

"I'll kill him," Itachi said simply.

Kagome stopped in her tracks and she looked at him with wide eyes. "W-what?" she choked out.

"I'll kill him," he repeated more slowly this time, and made his way towards the backdoor. When he walked past Kagome, she didn't immediately react and as he got a few steps away from her, he felt her grab his arm.

"Let go." His voice was calm.

"No." Her voice was quiet, determined, and just as calm. Itachi grit his teeth in annoyance and jerked his arm out of her grip. Before he even started to take another step, he felt her arms wrap around his waist from behind.


Itachi fisted his palms. "Why not?" he yelled out in anger. Normally he would not lose control over his emotions like this but tonight had been an emotional roller-coaster ride for him already. First with the orders to kill his family, and now with the girl he was in love with getting her heart broken by some fucking bastard.

"He hurt you damn it!" He continued to yell. "Look at you! You're an emotional wreck because of him! So why can't I make him pay? Why can't I hurt him back?"

After he got that out of his chest, Itachi said no more. Instead, he continued to pant and heave with anger. He wanted to make Kakashi pay in the worst way possible. He wanted the man's innards on a stick. He wanted to hurt him just as badly as the man had hurt Kagome, if not worse.

"Don't. Please." She was trembling, and her voice sounded thick with tears.

Itachi's rage evaporated in an instant when he realized she was crying again and he felt the tension drain out of his body. What right, did he, have to hold a grudge against Hatake Kakashi when Kagome herself did not?

Because she was his best friend? Because he loved her? Because she was the person he cared most for in the world?

Itachi had no right. And he knew that.

But even though he did not have a right, Uchiha Itachi would always hate Hatake Kakashi. Always.

"All right," he said softly, "I won't."

"Thank you." He felt her arms retract from his waist and he heard a thump as her knees hit the ground behind him. Itachi turned around and looked down at the sobbing girl on her knees before him. He knelt down quietly in front of her, and gathered her in his arms. She clung to him like a lifeline, refusing to let go. Her sobs grew in volume, and Itachi found his hand running up and down her back in an effort to calm her down.

"Shh… I've got you now. Don't cry Kagome… Don't cry…"

Her sobs refused to quieten, but Itachi wouldn't be deterred. He started humming a lullaby his mother had sang to him when he was still very small, and after a while Kagome's crying died down. He continued to hum though, and it was not soon after that Kagome's breathing evened out.

She had fallen asleep in his arms.

Itachi gazed at her sleeping face and was mildly pleased to see that it looked peaceful now; the pain that he had previously seen on it was gone. He gently stroked her hair, and Sakura felt her heart warm at the sweet gesture.

He really does love her, she thought with slight amazement.

From what she had seen of Kagome and Itachi, they would have made a great couple. But… Sakura's amazement turned to sadness. Even if they did end up together in the memories, Itachi was going to die. In fact, he had already been dead for over 4 years.

'Kagome must have been devastated…' she thought sadly.

Indeed, when Kagome and Sasuke had returned to Konoha 4 years ago, Kagome back then had not been that different with the current Kagome. The only difference that Sakura had really noticed about Kagome was the inexplicable sadness lurking behind her eyes.

Back then, Sakura didn't understand. But now, she did.

Itachi had died. And Kagome had been grieving.

And although Sakura saw that the Kagome she knew didn't constantly have that sadness about her anymore, there were moments – just moments – when something, a type of food, a name, a place, an action, anything really, would remind her of Itachi and she would smile that sad smile, her expression brimming with nostalgia.

"She did love him," Sakura mumbled to herself, "I know she did."

But in what way?

Sakura turned back to look at them when she saw movement from the corner of her eye. Itachi had stood up with Kagome still sleeping in his arms, and he smoothly walked across the gardens and onto the elevated corridors.

She didn't stir.

"Come on," Sasuke said simply, and together the trio followed Itachi through the compound.

The Uchiha carried the girl to her room and gently laid her on the bed. He tucked the covers around her before he moved to get up. But he stopped to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Then, he leaned in and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.

"Sweet dreams," he breathed, before getting up and exiting her room quietly.

As Itachi walked down the hallway to his room, he had an epiphany. In fact, it was so huge of an epiphany that it caused him to stop dead in his tracks. It was so big of a revelation that it would change his life forever.

Uchiha Itachi had realized that though it destroyed him, he could and he would be able to kill his clan for the sake of the mission.

He had realized that he would be able to kill his family for the sake of the mission.

But, he had realized that he would not be able to kill Kagome for the sake of the mission. He could not kill her. He loved her. He would rather die than kill her. He would rather die if it meant she could live.

The Uchiha slowly sank to his knees and drew a deep, shuddering breath.

He had made his choice.

He would accept the mission.

He would exterminate his clan, and ihs family

But, he would not kill Kagome.

He would spare her.

He would leave her.

And hopefully, after it all, she would not end up hating him for his actions.

Itachi let out a mirthless laugh. Oh who was he kidding? It was plain and simple.

He. Was. Screwed.

End Chapter

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