Chapter Four. Containing pillows and buckets...and maybe a bit of Nine/Rose?

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"Rose? Rose, would you please hurry up and come out?" the Doctor called as he stood impatiently outside a door that the TARDIS refused to open for him.

"What is it, Doctor? I'm sort of busy right now"

"Doing what? You've been in there for over fifteen minutes!"

"Doctor, its the loo. What do you think I'm doing in here?"

"For fifteen minutes? Either you come out soon or I'm coming in after you!"

"Go ahead and try! I dare you!"

The Doctor frowned. Something about how she had said that... "Rose Tyler, are you planning some kind of prank?"

There was silence on the other side of the door for a long while.

"How could you tell?" Rose eventually asked.

"Something about the way you said it. Now will you please come out?"


The Doctor heard the door unlock and Rose sheepishly came out, carrying a small bucket which still had a few drops of water inside it.

He grinned. "The bucket over the door trick, Rose? That has to be one of the oldest ones in the book!"

"Yeah I know. Hoped you wouldn't know it though seeing as how its an Earth trick."

"Actually it isn't. Most of the practical jokes you humans like to claim as your own inventions were in fact brought to Earth by a race of aliens whose sole purpose in life was to pull practical jokes. They were an interesting lot. Small, orange and they bounced everywhere, making honking noises wherever they landed."

"Oh. What were they called?"


"PJ's? As in pyjamas?"

"No, it stood for Practical Jokers."

"Wait a minute, Doctor, I've heard something like this before. You're making these aliens up!"

"No actually I'm not. If you're referring to that American children's television programme that had an alien like the PJ's on it the creators got the idea from me."

"Really. You helped create a children's show?"

"Yeah. Not the only one either. Remember that one show, oh what was it called again...Poke-something? I created that show! I even wrote the theme song!"

Rose grinned. "You? Make a television show? Okay then prove it, Mr Impressive!"


"I don't believe it" Rose muttered as she stared at the television screen where a programme's ending credits were paused. There in plain view under show creator was 'The Doctor'.

"Told you so," the Doctor said smugly, folding his arms and settling back against the sofa. "Brilliant, thats me."

Rose grabbed the pillow next to her and hit him in the face with it.

"Oi! What was that for?"

"You're being too proud. I have to find some way to keep you from getting too big of a head."

"Oh is that so?"

Rose had time to squeak in surprise before a pillow landed directly on her head.

"Okay, Time Lord, thats it!"

She grabbed her pillow and began to repeatedly hit him with it.

The Doctor laughed. "Oh, you foolish little human! You asked for it!"


Much much later the two of them were sitting side by side on the sofa, covered in feathers and watching the TARDIS' machines clean up the mess they had made.

"You know, we should probably be helping clean up. We did make this mess"

"Nah the TARDIS doesn't mind. She likes to see us having a good time."

"Well I'd say I was having a good time. Especially since I won" Rose said with a smirk

"Excuse me? I believe I won that game!"

"Oh just admit it, Doctor. I beat you!"

"Did not"

"Did too"

"Oi, you did not!"

"Well you can keep saying it but it doesn't make it true! I know I won" Rose said with a yawn as she rested her head against the Doctor's shoulder.

He smiled. "You tired after I beat you?"

She punched him lightly on the arm. "No, after I beat you."

He put his arm around her to pull her closer. "Either way, you need to get some sleep."

"Mmkay" Rose muttered sleepily as she curled up closer to the Doctor.

"Rose, I meant in your own room."

"But I'm comfy right here! And besides you don't have anything really important to do anyway, do you?"

The Doctor sighed. "No, but I don't really want to be your pillow."

"Why not?"

"Rose, I...oh never mind." He pushed her away, ignoring her protests and took his jacket off.

"You need something to keep you warm" he said as way of explanation before settling it around her and pulling her close.

Rose closed her eyes after another huge yawn and moved closer to the Doctor. " 'Night, Doctor"

He smiled and pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head. " 'Night, Rose"


Later that night, Rose awoke to find herself held tightly by the Doctor and him snoring slightly. She smiled and snuggled further into his arms. Who would've ever guessed that she, Rose Tyler-human shop girl, would one day be in an alien's spaceship, having the time of her life and maybe even falling for said alien. Even if he didn't feel about her the same way.

"What makes you think I don't, Rose?"