I have to do this again? Simply because I've been away for a few hundred years and lost track of some ridiculous mortal linear-time-based schedule?

Ah well, I suppose when one consorts with creatures of limited intelligence, one ends up repeating oneself far more than one should have to.

I am Q. Those of you of sufficient intellect and puissance to grasp my nature already know who I am. The rest of you... well, it's hardly my fault how sadly evolution has shortchanged you.

Author's Note: Since late 2003 I have played Q in a LiveJournal role-playing game called "Theatrical Muse", where they pose a question every week and I write an answer, in character. I have been using them to explore the character, generate new story ideas, and make philosophical arguments that I can use in later fics, and I think that a lot of them are sufficiently interesting that I decided to start posting them as an ongoing series. The title should not be confused with the Keith deCandido pro novel of the same name; since the structure of this story is literally questions and answers to and from Q, I couldn't resist.