Oh, now, that was a depressing ending, wasn't it.

See, a few thousand years ago I found this nifty nexus of... well, questions. With entities from all over the multiverse, answering the questions or having little snippets of their memories presented within the nexus as answers.

Here's the thing. I have explored the entire universe. Now that my son is an adolescent, he's not exactly fresh and new either. I need something new to learn. So I thought at first I'd check the place out because there might be something new to see, and then I started answering the questions because I dearly love the sound of my own voice, and then I discovered that I could use them as a tool to actually explore myself. I mean, the Q don't ask me deep probing questions and I'd just lie to them anyway if they did. There are a lot of things I discovered I never really think about myself unless someone actually asks me.

And then I answered a question which made me face the fact that in the long run, my existence will be utterly pointless and futile. Unless I die. In which case it will be equally pointless and futile but I won't necessarily live long enough to notice.

At this point I decided I was sick of introspection, and ran off to go do something more entertaining. And then my kid got old enough to start getting into serious trouble. And now I'm stuck babysitting him more or less full-time again, as part of a bargain I made with the Continuum to keep them from taking his powers away.

I am so bored.

So I'm going to go back and answer some more ridiculous questions, because it's not as if I can go stir up trouble when I've got to be a role model for the kid, and I gotta have something to do, right?