I know the story is named after a Blue song (a bloody good one though!!) but it seemed appropriate in the circumstances.

Sequel to The Wrong Gut Feeling - you really should read that before you read this.

I know, short chapter but there is something I like where a chapter ends with a cool line. (I hope it is a cool line lol)


In the car, Gibbs was still trying to process what the Doctor told him.

"I'm afraid Timothy didn't survive. He died about 10 minutes after he was brought in"

Over and over again, that memory going through his head; finding him, trying to keep him alive, all the things he said to him…

"Er, Boss?", yelled Tony, "Don't you think you should slow down a little?".

"Do you wanna catch these bastards or not?".

"Yes, I do Gibbs, but how can we catch then if we died in a tragic car accident?", replied an annoyed Tony, still holding a distraught Abby in his arms. Ziva shot him an evil look, telling him to be quiet. Tony sighed and tightened his grip on Abby.

As soon as they arrived at the Navy Yard, Abby went down to her lab, ignoring Gibbs as she exited the elevator. Tony and Ziva went to their desks while Gibbs went to see Vance.

"I want this case back" Gibbs said, crashing into Vance's office.

"You asked me to pass it on!"

"That was before…"

After a pause, Vance continued, "I'm sorry Gibbs. I really am but it's out of my hands-"

"You're the Director!"

"Not of the FBI".

"You passed it to the FBI?"

Vance sighed. "A civilian was found murdered this morning. Same MO except this time it was a relative of the 3rd victim. Not our jurisdiction but NCIS is still involved. I asked Agent Fornell to take over. I'm sure he'd let you be involved".

Realizing that Vance gave the case to the FBI, specifically Fornell, so that Gibbs could still be involved, the tension was lifted somewhat, he replied "I'm sorry Leon, I-"

"I thought that was a sign of weakness?", Vance said as Gibbs went for the door.

Gibbs stopped in his tracks and after another pause with Gibbs staring at the door he quietly said, "Not today" and continued to the bullpen, slamming the door behind him.