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The team, plus Fornell and Sacks arrived at the Motel in half the time it would take an ordinary commuter. They park about a block away, to have the element of surprise on their side.

"Okay" whispered Gibbs, "DiNozzo, Sacks you both go round back and cover all the exits. Tony, you stay outside incase someone tries to escape while Sacks searches the rooms".

"On it Boss", and Tony and Sacks disappeared down the road, guns in hand.

"Ziva, you stay back just in case they try to escape while Fornell and I do our thing".

Ziva nodded in agreement.

As Gibbs slowly got closer to the room where DiNozzo told him they were, everyone froze as they heard a blood-curdling scream begging for dear life from that very room.

Gibbs could hear what the 2 men, who he had a visual on, were talking about.

"I don't want to kill her", said Alex

"But she'll tell the cops who we are!"

"But I never wanted to be involved"

"Tell that to that Annie woman who screamed as you-"

"Now!" Gibbs said and they crashed into the room. "Freeze! Federal Agents!"

Gibbs has seen many things in his life as both a Marine and an NCIS agent that he wished he could erase from his memory. Those didn't compare to what everyone saw happening in the room. A woman lay naked, tied to the bed and gagged as the men fought over her. Her eyes glazing over from the pain...

They men didn't try to fight back. Instead, one of the men who Gibbs recognized as Alex put the gun he was holding to his head and pulled the trigger.

"NO!" yelled Ed as he caught his lover's body as it fell. Ed began to sob when he saw the sheer amount of blood being emptied from Alex's head.

"Get up!" Gibbs whispered aggressively in his ear as he yanked him to his feet.

When Gibbs handcuffed him, he heard Ziva, who was helping the young lady on the bed, gasp. He shot her a worried look and he knew that something was wrong.

It wasn't until Gibbs instructed Tony to take Ed to the car that he noticed what Ziva could possibly be shocked about. It was the woman on the bed.

They knew her.

Sarah McGee.

Gibbs took another gulp from the bottle of bourbon that had been gathering dust (or sawdust) in his basement for weeks. The intention was to make the burning sensation of the liquid make him forget about everything, anything that happened in the last day or two. He continued work on his boat for what felt like hours before hearing footsteps at the top of the basement.

"He confessed to everything Jethro", He heard Fornell's voice say.

"How's Sarah?", he said not making eye-contact with him.

"She's with her parents. Its gonna take her a while to get back to normal life".

"Depends what you define as 'normal'".

After a pause, Fornell decided to tell Gibbs the worst of it.

"They made her watch Jethro" Gibbs stopped what he was doing and stared at the wall opposite him, "she was visiting him that night".

"Dammit, that girl's been through enough".

After another pause, Fornell continued, "Jethro, we caught them. You don't need to be so hard on yourself".

"Why? Why Tobias?", Gibbs finally made eye-contact with him, "The truth is, I want him to suffer painfully! Not suffer emotionally in a prison cell for the rest of his life".

"I've been where you are Jethro. It's best to just let things be".

"Tell that to Sarah! She's lost more than her brother in the last 24 hours. She's lost herself, her dignity, her security. If only I got protection for McGee, none of this would have happened"

"Stop it Jethro! You know it isn't helping! Look, just because your gut-", he was interrupted by his phone ringing.

Gibbs got back to work on the boat. He heard Fornell whispering down the phone before hearing a loud "DAMMIT" from the stairs. Gibbs stopped what he was doing and walked towards the stairs.

Fornell hung-up and looked at him. "Minton's escaped. Sacks was moving him from FBI to-".

But Gibbs wasn't listening. He went to the desk in his basement, collected him gun and ran up the stairs.

"NCIS has the body of Alex in Autopsy. He'll be going there!".

"Gibbs, he took Sacks' gun!".

"Well, you'll have to back me up", Gibbs smirked.

Fornell rolled his eyes as Gibbs left the basement. Typical Gibbs, he thought. But the Fornell smirked himself, realizing the probably the only way for Gibbs to be Gibbs again was to kill someone, namely, the man who is responsible for the events that have unfolded.

It's a cliché, but with Gibbs, he was the type of man that felt better after killing someone; it was the truest thing you can say about him.

Gibbs' head popped out the door and said, "You coming? Or not?". Then he got out his phone to warn Ducky and the rest of the team.

"Sure Jethro", and with that he exited the basement, ready to help Gibbs in anyway he possibly can...to get the real Gibbs back.