No Wonder
by pari106

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine
Code: Alec/Asha drabble.
Spoilers: "Gill Girl".

Author's note: I know it sucks…but I finally got the chance to write A/A so I took it. Review if you have
the heart.

No Wonder
by pari106

"We better get that cleaned up."

I'm nervous next to him.

I don't know why. I'm never nervous, but with him I shake like a schoolgirl. He's had that effect on me
ever since we met. Ever since he could have killed me, but didn't. Ever since that moment I've felt totally
clueless in his presence. Everything I say sounds lame to my own ears. And I tell myself that I'm silly.
That I'm a big girl. So Alec's pretty? So is Logan. But he doesn't make me nervous.

I wonder what that means.

Wonder why Alec looks nervous, too?