The ultimate adventure

Chapter 1


"He was not an ordinary boy even though he looked like one, except the scar on his forehead. The lightning shaped scar on his forehead made him different. Different from his own kinds as well. He was the boy who lived!" She was writing busily and thinking hard side- by- side. She was waiting for someone in this distant deserted park for quite some time, and she was quite restless. 'what was going to happen?' Was the question in her mind?

This was her seventh and last book in the series. She had the entire story ready in her mind. She had seen enough incidences to write the story. Of course she was not going to write the whole true story. That was the part of the promise she made to him. She had added some imaginary characters and stories. She had modified some events as well as had distorted and had painted some characters. But it was a true story which she couldn't say! In all, she was very happy! Her career as a writer in this muggle world had taken off very nicely! She was the richest and the most popular writer in the muggle world. She had not achieved this in her own world!

Today they were meeting up secretly again to discuss something."What?" the question was really bugging her. Why he had called her to meet in secrete again? All this secrecy of seven books was already killing her! She had never kept a secret from anyone in her life. Her muggle parents knew all about her writing but her witch and wizard relatives, her husband, her daughter, her in laws knew nothing about it. Now she did not want to keep any secrets. Today she would tell that to him!

She was lost in thoughts but her instincts always kept her alert! It was a habit of many years. She heard some sound. She looked all around her. Nobody was there. She kept still for some time and cautiously looked around her again. Something was not quite right but she couldn't pinpoint it! She felt a bit of a discomfort but she had to wait there to meet him.

A loud cracking sound came behind her and a person appeared out of a thin air. He was a thin person with untidy black hair, a thin spectacles and a lightning scar on the right side of his forehead."There you are Harry! Where have you been? You are late!"She cried. "Sorry, Hermione! James and Sirius Albus kept me busy with one thing or the other….I think they are suspicious of me… "We cannot talk here. I think somebody is keeping an eye on me." She said. "There is no one. I checked it twice. May be its some muggle fan of yours!" He said mischievously. "Stop teasing me Harry! But I am not comfortable here. Let's go somewhere else…" "No. I have a better idea." He took out an old cloak and they both disappeared under the cloak.

Just a little distance away from them two figures appeared from behind the tree."She is only meeting Harry uncle, Papa!" Eleven years old Rose was saying to her father, Ron. But her father was obviously not sharing her opinion. He was furious! "This is worse than what I was expecting, Rose! I would have been happy if it's Victor or some other guy .But Harry!" He was almost shouting. "They are up to something and they are not telling me!! Me! Their best friend…her husband…his brother- in –law…How could they do this to me?" "Papa, I think you are making a mountain out of a mole! It could be nothing but a surprise party for you or aunt Jinny or grand ma Moly! You can ask Mama today!"Rose said. But she was herself doubtful of that. For such small thing like surprise party, her mama and uncle would not meet each other in a muggle park dressed like muggle and dangerously apparating in public like that! No!! They are certainly up to something! By watching his face she understood that her father also didn't buy that! What were her mother and uncle are up to? They must find it out and for that they needed a plan. The plan was taking shape in her mind already. She must talk to her cousins immediately! She needed their help. Ron was also making some plan ferociously. He had to keep his calm and then try to find about the happenings without let Harry and Hermione know.

Oblivious to these happenings around them Harry and Hermione are also planning something quite different and dangerous for which they needed Ron and Jenny's help!"What would be the best approach to convince them" was the subject of discussion between them!