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After a few songs Gregori led JJ off the dance and out to his car. They drove in comfortable silence all the way to her building. When Gregori pulled over to the curb JJ turned to him and smiled.

"I had a great time tonight." She said as he took her hand.

"I did too. And now we don't have to worry about where we are when we're together." He smiled as he laid a kiss on her hand.

"Do you want to come up?" She asked softly.

"I do but I won't. If I came up there tonight I wouldn't be able to keep my promise of taking things slow. The way you look right now I would teleport us from the elevator to the bedroom and then use vamp speed on your clothing." JJ shivered at the idea. The fact that her only sexual experience to this point had been forced on her had prevented JJ from every feeling comfortable sleeping with any of her previous boyfriends, all three of them. But with Gregori she was pretty sure if he had asked on that first date she would have let him take her then.

"I think I'll say good night down here."

JJ leaned across and kissed him. "Good night then." She whispered her lips still touching his.

Gregori kissed her again. "Good night pretty lady."

With that JJ left the car and made her way into the building. Once inside the lobby she turned to find Gregori still sitting at the curb watching her. She waved and made her way to the elevators. It wasn't until the elevator doors started to close that he drove away. JJ's heart swelled with the display of protectiveness.

Two weeks had passed since the ball and JJ couldn't have been happier. She smiled as she ran down the stairs of her building because the elevator wouldn't get her to what was waiting for her quick enough. She speedily walked through the lobby. Once outside the door she caught sight of Gregori leaning against his car. When he saw her he stood and JJ ran into his open arms. Gregori caught her and hugged her close.

"Did you miss me?" He asked as JJ felt him bury his face in her hair.

"Yes." She answered honestly as she tightened her hold on his neck.

"It was only two nights." Gregori laughed. He had gone with Roman to the Romatech plant down south and visited with Jean-luc.

"Two nights too long." She said kissing his neck.

Gregori turned his head and kissed her temple. "Come on. Mom said to have you there by nine. We're going to be late if we don't leave."

"Any chance you could just teleport us there?"

"And why would you like that better?" He laughed.

"Well I'd get to hold you long and we could go for a quick walk and I wouldn't have to share you just yet." She smiled.

Gregori laughed as he kissed her temple again and then wrapped an arm around her shoulders and lead her down the street. After about fifteen minutes later Gregori pulled her into a dark alley. "It's time to go." He stated simply.

"Oh, and here I was thinking you found a nice alley to make out in." JJ pouted.

Gregori leaned his head down and gently bit her lip before taking her lips in a mind blowing kiss. "Sorry sweetheart first dinner then random acts of love and lust."

JJ laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The next thing she knew they were in the kitchen of the townhouse.

"Gregori, boy you are cutting it close." JJ turned to find Radinka waving a wooden spoon at Gregori.

Gregori laughed and left her side to kiss his mother's cheek. "Sorry mom, traffic was a killer over there tonight."

"I may be old but I am not stupid. You did not drive over. I have better hearing then you a great deal of the time and I didn't hear a car. So don't you try to pull a fast on me, I was young once too."

Gregori groaned. "Awww, mom really? That right there in five words was so much more than I ever needed to know about you and dad."

JJ joined Radinka's laughter as the kitchen door opened. "AUNT JJ!"

JJ looked over just in time to see Tino running to her. She unfortunately didn't have enough time to brace herself against the force of his body. JJ ended up on her ass with Tino falling somewhere around her waist. Laughing she grabbed under his arms and hauled him up to her and hugged him tightly.

"Hey there little man. When did you get so strong?" She looked down at him.

Tino looked away looking a little ashamed. "I'm sorry aunt JJ. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No sweetie, of course you didn't. I just wasn't ready for it that's all. Besides it's not the first time I've been knocked down and it won't be the last. It's how I met Gregori." JJ stood and lifted Tino to her hip.

"Really?" He asked, looking between her and Gregori.

"It sure is squirt." Gregori smiled before helping his mother at the stove.

JJ looked to Tino. "Are mommy and daddy here too Bud?"

Tino shook his head. "Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner and Radinka said she was having you and Gregori over so she offered to take me too."

"Radinka, do you want me and Tino to set the table?"

"That would be perfect dear, thank-you."

Together JJ and Tino set the table. Just when they finished Radinka and Gregori started bring the food the table. With a pat to Gregori's arm JJ went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of blood. She popped it into the microwave and brought it to Gregori. Gregori accepted the bottle and kissed her cheek. It wasn't until she turned to finding Radinka smiling at her with a knowing look that she realized what she had done. Without realizing it she had taken care of Gregori, known exactly what he needed and brought it to him. JJ smiled, it didn't bother it just surprised her how easily the action had been.

JJ sat between Tino and Gregori for dinner. She was acutely aware of Gregori's eyes on her as she cut Tino's meat. It was odd but it made her think of the future where she was doing the same thing for another little boy with her eyes and Gregori's hair. JJ gently shook her head it was too early for those thoughts though it felt right.

After dinner was finished and cleaned Radinka shooed the three of them into the living room. JJ sat on the couch with Tino on her lap and Gregori beside them. They had talked and were now sitting in a comfortable silence when Tino leaned over to Gregori and tapped his shoulder.

"What's up buddy?" Gregori smiled.

"Gregori do you love my aunt JJ?" Tino asked in a serious voice.

JJ gapped at her nephew. The question seemed so out of the blue. Gregori just smiled at Tino as he answered. "I do buddy, very, very much."

"Are you going to stay with her for a long time?"

Gregori still smiled. "That's the plan. Why buddy? You don't want me to?"

"No I do. Aunt JJ smiled all the time before but now it's different. Before when she'd hold me I knew she was hurting and I was always trying to help her. But now she doesn't hurt any more. Now she never gets really, really quiet; she's always laughing and joking with everyone. She doesn't even have to leave the room any more if grandpa's there. I just wanted to make sure you were going to stay so she would stay okay."

Tino laid his head on JJ's shoulder and JJ hugged him tightly to her. "Oh little man, I love you so, so much."

As JJ held Tino like that she looked to Gregori who met and held her gaze. He lifted the arm he had slung on the top of the couch behind her and began playing with her hair. JJ leaned her head back into his hand. A few minutes later the door swung open and Radinka entered carrying a heavy tray.

Immediately Gregori teleported from the couch to her side and took the tray from her. Radinka reached up and patted his cheek gifting him with an affectionate smile. "Such a good boy you are."

Gregori bent down and kissed her cheek. "You should have called me ma; I would have come and carried it for you."

"I know dear. But I had a feeling that you all needed to sit together alone for a while."

Tino, whose head had snapped up with the sound of the door smiled as he looked to Radinka. "You've been seeing things again huh?"

"I always see things little one. Like how much you really hoped I'd bring you in a hot chocolate with the coffee." She smiled at Tino.

Tino's smile grew. "Did you know that I was really hoping that-"

"I bring in homemade cookies? Of course, and I made your favourite little one."

Tino jumped down from JJ lap and ran to hug Radinka's legs. "You know everything Radinka."

"It comes from raising my own little boy who loved sweets just as much as you."

Tino looked up at Gregori with a new found respect. "Really?"

"Of course." Gregori laughed. "My mother makes the best cookies in the state. Has she made the little round chocolate ones with the icing and coconut for you yet?" Tino nodded. Gregori smiled. "Those are the ones I miss the most." Gregori dropped another kiss to his mother's cheek before that taking the tray to the coffee table.

Tino and Radinka followed behind him and Tino resumed his position on JJ's lap. Radinka once seated handed Tino his hot chocolate. Tino took his hot chocolate and when he said nothing JJ nudged him gently.

"Tino, what do you say little man?" JJ prompted.

"I'm sorry. Thank you Radinka."

Radinka smiled. "You are more than welcome. Here." She said as she handed him a plate of cookies. "This is your special plate with a little bit of everything."

JJ smiled down at Tino. "Do your parents know how spoiled you are?"

Tino grinned at her. "Mommy says she doesn't know whose worse; you, daddy, Uncle Angus and Aunt Emma, or Radinka."

JJ laughed and kissed his cheek before accepting her coffee from Gregori. They sat and talked for about an hour before Gregori looked over to JJ.

"Mom, I was thinking JJ and I would take Tino out to see a movie. Would that be alright with you?"

"Why of course dear. JJ and Tino should enjoy their youth. Just take Tino home when you're done and I will let his parents know."

JJ put an excited Tino down on the ground. "Thank-you so much for dinner Radinka it was delicious. I'll have to get you to teach me how to make it."

"You are more than welcome my dear. You just let me know when and I will be happy to help you."

Gregori kissed his mother's cheek and spoke to her in what sounded like Hungarian to her. Radinka smiled and responded as she patted his cheek.

Gregori smiled as he responded in English. "Only because of you, mom. I can't take any credit for that." He kissed her cheek again. "I will see you tomorrow." With that he wrapped an arm around JJ's shoulders and they all left.

Once in the lobby Gregori lifted Tino to his hip and pulled JJ to him. "Hold tight guys." Everything went black and then JJ found herself in the same alley as earlier.

"Crap. I forgot to grab Tino's booster seat at the house." Gregori said before turning to JJ. "Do you have one in your truck?"

"Umm, not in my truck but up in the apartment." JJ didn't really look at him when she said that and Gregori knew that it signaled something.

"Gregori it can't be in her truck, silly. Aunt JJ's truck was totaled yesterday when she was out with Ian and Dougal when they were chasing Malcontents. Uncle Angus got real made because she wasn't supposed to be where she was when she hit the tree." Tino said a purely innocent way.

"Thanks Tino." JJ muttered.

Gregori looked at her. "Why didn't you tell me? It doesn't look like you got in an accident."

JJ moved the collar of her shirt to show him the bruise from her seatbelt. "Nothing visible was bruised. Just a few light ones on the face but the make-up covers them. I'll run up and grab the seat."

JJ left them and returned five minutes later. Gregori took the seat from her and set it up in the back seat. Gently he then took Tino and buckled him in. Once Tino was secured Gregori stood and closed the door. He then turned to JJ.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Gregori asked.

"Because it wasn't a big deal. The truck wasn't totaled the front was badly damaged. The air bags didn't even go off. Dad just decided that he wanted me in a new car. I have a black Honda Ridgeline coming within the week. Really it wasn't a big deal."

Gregori hugged her. "You weren't supposed to be there?"

JJ laughed. "No, I drove the weapons to the area and was supposed to stay there. But I had a feeling so I drove to the other side of the building. I found the malcontents and there was no other opinion then to chase them. Dad was not a happy camper."

"I wouldn't have been either." He looked into her eyes and moved hair from her face. "Try to be more careful, and next time tell me, deal?"

JJ leaned up and kissed his lips. "Deal." She agreed before kissing his lips again and walking around to her side of the car and got in.