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Dave Bautista and Shawn Michaels sat at their dining table in their apartment eating breakfast. Or rather Dave was eating his and watching Shawn as he blushed over their conversation and moved the food around nervously on his plate. They had been dating for almost a year now and were head over heels in love with each other, but for a while now they had been contemplating the idea of bringing a third person into their relationship for a night of hot sex to spice things up a bit, and to fulfil a fantasy of Shawn's.
After finally deciding last night to go ahead with the idea they now sat discussing possible candidates.
Shawn had just surprisingly suggested his ex tag team partner John Cena. "Cena ha? You like his body I suppose" Dave said with a chuckle.
"Well that and he's a really nice guy. I don't think things would get weird afterward with him like it might with some others you suggested. Besides if I wasn't with you I'd probably ask him out" Shawn admitted as he blushed. He didn't want Dave to get jealous - he had nothing to worry about, but hey if he had to choose someone Cena was his first choice.
"Well yeah I agree with you he's a nice guy, and if I'm going to watch you with someone well he might as well be nice to look at. Should I ask him at the show on Monday?" Dave asked.
"Yeah might as well. I don't see any reason to wait"
"Do you think he'd go telling anyone if he said no"
"Nah don't think so. Not if I asked him not to" Shawn said, shaking his head. "Alright well lets just leave it at Cena's name for now and see what happens" Dave said, his hand reaching out to slide his thumb over Shawn's cheek. Shawn took his hand and placed a kiss on it before going back to his half-eaten breakfast with more enthusiasm now the awkward conversation was over.
It was one thing to fantasise about having sex with someone while his lover watched, it was another to actually do it and he just worried it would not live up to his dreams of it, or would ruin their relationship. But the thought of Dave watching him... He shuddered with desire... It turned him on like nothing else.

Cena was getting changed after his main event match when Dave came into the otherwise abandoned locker room. Most had headed back to the hotel bar to party. "Hey Dave" John said as he tied his shoes.
"Hey John. Look I've got something serious to ask you. You got a minute"
"Yeah sure. What's on your mind?" John asked with curiosity.
"Well... You like guys right? You're gay?" Batista began. John eyed him warily, surprised at the question. "Yeah I'm gay.. Why do you want to know?" "Well I have a proposition for you..." Dave began. He was quickly thrown against the locker room door. "What the fuck John!" Dave protested as John growled in his face. "You're dating the greatest guy there is and you dare to proposition me behind his back? How dare you!" John shouted.
"Whoah! Cena you've got it all wrong. Shawn is why I'm here! Let me explain" Dave said as he put his hands up in surrender.
John let go of the front of Dave's shirt and stepped back but didn't lose the scowl on his face. "State your business" He spat coldly.
"You obviously care about Shawn - do you find him attractive?" Dave asked hesitantly.
"Who wouldn't find him attractive?" John replied, getting confused again.
"Well the thing is Shawn has this fantasy... of me watching while he has sex with someone and we thought maybe you might be interested in being that someone... it would only be one night but well we thought with you at least it probably wouldn't get weird after since you're friends with Shawn" Dave stammered awkwardly, unsure John's reaction would be a good one.
John turned away for a moment so Dave couldn't see the look in his eyes. A night with Shawn... oh god what he wouldn't do for a moment in time with the man he loved. He'd do anything to be in Batista's shoes. And now he was being given the chance for one night... But could he do it with Batista watching? He thought of the way when Shawn entered the room it was always like everyone else just disappeared and knew that he could do it, that he would do it. He continued to wander around the locker room pretending to think about it and then looked up at Batista. "Alright sounds like fun. As long as I don't have to do anything with you. Sorry but you're not my type" John stipulated.
Dave grinned "You're not mine either. Don't worry I'll just be an observer. This is Shawn's fantasy not mine - although I'm sure going to enjoy it in my own way" His grin suddenly disappeared and his face turned stern as he got in Cena's face "Just so long as you realise it's one night and one night only. Don't get any ideas about a sequel cause it won't happen"
"Duly noted" Cena said with a cough. "Good. Well I'll go tell Shawn the good news and uh, think about a time and place that suits you and if that suits Shawn we'll consider it a 'date'" Dave said, nodding at John before he walked off.
After Dave left Cena had to sit down he was shaking so much. He had to admit he was a little terrified of Dave. If he knew.. if he realised how much Shawn meant to him... He didn't want to know what Dave would do. But it was worth the risk for a night with his baby. Oh Shawn, the things I'm going to do to you! He thought to himself with a smile.

Everything was soon arranged and they'd decided to go all out and hire a honeymoon suite with a huge bed and a spa bath. Shawn and Dave had checked into the suite first and Shawn was pacing the room nervously in a silk dressing down with only silk boxers underneath. "Stop pacing baby every thing's gonna be fine. That being said however you can back out any time you want okay?" Dave said as he wrapped his arms around Shawn and held him tight against his chest. He kissed the top of Shawn's head tenderly.
"I know. Trust me when I say I don't plan to back out. I'm horny as hell just being here knowing it's going to go down. I'm just hoping things don't get weird. Are you sure you can handle watching someone else touch me? You're usually so possessive" Shawn asked, looking up at Dave with concern.
"I can control myself for one night. Besides, the thought of getting to watch you with someone like my own private porno is pretty hot." Dave replied. "I know at the end of the night it's just you and me again. I love you Shawn"
"I love you too Dave" Shawn sighed, reaching up to kiss Dave on the lips.
"Oh don't tell me the party started without me" John said from the door with a grin.
Shawn blushed, suddenly nervous and shy with Cena standing there. "Bout time you got here" Dave replied.
"Sorry the traffic is terrible right now. Got here as soon as I could. So uh... how we going to start this?" John asked.
"Well Shawn likes his men to take charge so I pretty much give you free reign to do what you like as long as it doesn't involve any kinky torture crap - nobody hurts him - got it?"
"S & M ain't my style I'm more of a romantic kind of guy. I thought maybe we could uh.. have a spa first and have a few drinks, then work our way to the bed" John blushed as he looked at Shawn, feeling himself get hard and hoping he didn't end up getting the shit beat out of him by Dave tonight.

"Okay well I'll go start the tub. You two get acquainted" Dave grinned. It was so cute seeing Shawn all shy. He was usually so cocky and confident. Couldn't hurt to give them a moment alone to get comfortable.
John took his shirt off and then walked over to Shawn who stood in the middle of the room with his eyes on the floor. "Hey partner. You sure you want to do this? I can leave if you want" John said softly, hoping Shawn said no.
Shawn looked up and said "No.. I want to do this.. Just we've never even kissed before it feels a little weirder than I expected" John smiled and then took Shawn's face in his hands, slowly bringing his face to Shawn's before he kissed him lightly. When Shawn responded his hands drifted into Shawn's loose hair and he deepened the kiss, his tongue plunging past Shawn's lips to taste him and he groaned. So damn good. Just like he knew it would be.
Not wanting to go too far too fast John stepped back and said "Well now we've kissed" and then slowly slid the ties of Shawn's dressing gown apart until it fell to the floor and Shawn looked up at Cena, shaking with lust. Cena's lips started drifting slowly down Shawn's neck, his hands sliding around Shawn's waist to caress his back and Shawn moaned. His hands moved to John's pants and he unbuckled the belt and undid the zipper then as they slid down John's legs his hands moved to slide over John's ass causing John to jerk and press closer against him.

Dave came back in the room to watch and was hard in an instant. It was hotter than he could have imagined to watch someone else seducing Shawn. He took of his own shirt and then to ease the discomfort he undid his pants slightly. "Water's ready" Dave called wondering if they had noticed him.
John stepped away from Shawn, panting heavily. Already he was desperate to be inside Shawn. But if one night was all he was going to have he was going to make damn sure he made it a night to remember for both of them. He took Shawn's hand and led him into the bathroom where the Spa was full of water and some aromatic oils to scent the water. Dave had filled some glasses with champagne and sat them by the tub.
John, eager to see his love naked then shakily removed Shawn's silk boxers and ran his hands over Shawn's tight little ass, making him moan and shiver with delight. John stole another kiss before moving away to remove his own boxers and then he stepped into the tub, crooking a finger at Shawn with lust-filled eyes.

Shawn eagerly got into the tub and turned on the jets, all shyness gone. He wanted John. Had always wondered what it would be like if he hadn't been with Dave and they got together. Tonight he would find out. He took a flute of Champagne and handed the other to John and they drank as they looked at each other hungrily. Dave leaned against the bathroom wall watching all with equally hungry eyes. After they'd finished their champagne and place the glasses aside John pulled Shawn into his arms and kissed him hungrily, and when Shawn tried to take control of the kiss he reasserted his dominance by pushing Shawn against the side of the tub and sucking Shawn's bottom lip into his mouth and biting it. His hand went below the water to find Shawn's erection and he stroked his hand over it lightly. Shawn returned his kisses desperately and closed his eyes as the pleasure of John's touch washed over him. "Ahh fuck John harder!" Shawn moaned. "Like this baby?" John asked stroking a little firmer but still not hard enough.
Shawn thrust into John's hand and rested his head on John's shoulder "More" He moaned.
"Like this?" John asked as he started a quicker harder pace. Shawn whimpered and John vaguely heard Dave moaning from the other side of the room. "He likes it really hard" Dave advised and John grinned and squeezed harder so his hand was like a vice around Shawn's cock and Shawn howled and came. John gathered Shawn into his arms and silenced his cries with his lips, wanting to drink in Shawn's pleasure and make it his own. "You're so pretty when you come Shawn. All flushed, your hair all messy. So beautiful and all mine tonight" John said softly and possessively in Shawn's ear before he lifted Shawn in his arms out of the tub and then proceeded to dry him, covering his body with kisses as he worked.

Shawn got to his knees before John and started licking the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. Taken by surprise John gasped "Oh man yeah that's good!" and slid his hands into Shawn's hair as he worked his magic. Dave watched as his lover took John's dick into his mouth with a little moan of bliss as if he was enjoying the taste and felt himself getting so fucking hard he couldn't stop from taking his dick out of his pants and stroking himself as he watched.
Shawn looked up at John through hooded lids as he sucked John into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the base. "Oh Shawn" John moaned "So good" he panted, fighting for breath as Shawn's hand rolled his balls and the other crept up to slide over his back and ass. Feeling himself getting close and not wanting things to end so soon he stepped back and took Shawn's hand leading him into the bedroom. Dave grabbed a chair and sat down stroking himself with anticipation - the show was about to begin.

Shawn crawled onto the bed and arranged himself in an enticing pose. John stood there looking down at him for a moment before he crawled onto the bed and moved to lay on top of Shawn. He was desperate for Shawn now and knew he couldn't wait much longer and so he kissed Shawn fiercely, his lips almost bruising Shawn's in his desperate hunger. Shawn started sighing and fussing beneath him and he knew Shawn also was close to breaking point.
He quickly moved down to swirl his tongue around Shawn's nipples and suck them into hard little nubs, pinching them with his fingers as he moved down to glide his tongue over Shawn's stomach, into his navel and then down to his glistening cock where he quickly placed a few licks before he cursed and said "Aww fuck Shawn I can't wait I need you so bad"
"Yes! Fuck me!" Shawn moaned and John quickly reached for the baby oil by the bed and flipped Shawn over. Shawn raised his ass to put on a show for Dave and John and Dave moaned "Fuck him good John he's a little tease" Dave panted. John had almost forgotten Dave was in the room and for a moment was thrown off before he decided to block him out and turned back to Shawn. He took the bottle and let a small amount drizzle down from the top of Shawn's ass down over his asshole and heard him moan. He rubbed the oil in and after coating his fingers pushed one into Shawn slowly, watching the digit disappear into the little rosebud and then reappear. Shawn was mewling beneath him and so he quickly hurried, stretching the passage as much as he could before he could not wait another moment to take Shawn and flipped him over and then positioned himself "Ready Shawn?" he asked with a groan of need.
"Yes please just fuck me!" Shawn cried.
John slid into Shawn as slowly as possible and they both moaned as the feel. Dave was stroking himself faster and knew he wouldn't last much longer. This was so fucking hot. He almost wanted a to be in Shawn's place himself, but he never bottomed.
"Oh god baby so tight, so good" John crooned as he started a steady pace and pulled Shawn into his arms. Their lips met in a flurry of kisses and Shawn wrapped his legs around John to grind himself down on John's cock, loving the thickness of it, so much thicker than Dave's, but slightly shorter in length.
The sound of John's ragged breath against his ear made him groan knowing he was making the man lose control and he raked his nails down John's back. "Oh fuck!" John shouted and he started slamming into Shawn harder. "You like it rough baby? I can give you rough"
"Oh fuck yes" Dave moaned. Shawn whimpered and shouted "Yes!....... John!....... Yes!" with bliss as he was pounded relentlessly. John bit Shawn's shoulder wanting to leave a mark and then lathed it with his tongue, then sucked the skin into his mouth and Shawn cried out.
"Oh fuck Shawn love you so damn much!" John whispered in Shawn's ear, unable to hide it as he got close to his release.
Shawn's eyes opened wide in shock before the knowledge made him even harder and he kissed John passionately. John's tongue penetrated Shawn's mouth and mimicked the actions of his cock. His hand reached down to grab Shawn's cock and squeeze it hard like he now knew Shawn loved it and Shawn came, coating them in his cum. Dave groaned and came all over his hand and John sobbed and for a moment couldn't breathe as his climax hit him so hard he almost fainted from the intensity. He flooded Shawn with cum and slid into him so hard he probably teared him but all he could think was he'd just found heaven.

The room was filled with the sound of heavy breathing as John tried to get motivation to slide out Shawn. Easier said then done. Nothing had ever felt so good as being inside the man he loved. Shawn looked up at him with awe and John realised he'd told Shawn in the heat of passion that he loved him. He gave Shawn a look of terror and then slid his eyes towards Dave as if trying to voice to Shawn not to tell Dave about what he said.
Shawn nodded and kissed him tenderly one more time before he pushed at Cena and he reluctantly got off Shawn, groaning as his cock slid out of Shawn's ass. He collapsed onto the bed and Dave walked over. "Oh baby that was so fucking hot. I've got to have you right now. John you can see yourself out can't you?" Dave said as he gathered Shawn into his arms and started removing his pants.
John got up, took one look back towards the bed where Shawn stared at him over Dave's shoulder with regret and a little sadness as if he felt bad for making John fall in love with him and not feeling the same. "Yeah.. I can see my way out" John said and dressed, not looking back at the bed and trying to block out the moans filling the room as he left.