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Randy sat alone in the middle of the night in the nursery at his house where his daughter would be sleeping if he still had visitation. The room was dark and empty and Randy knew his daughter would never sleep in this room again thanks to Samantha not being able to accept that he was gay.

He just sat there for hours feeling so alone. He'd lost the two people that made his life worth living and now there didn't seem to be a reason to go on. That's why as he sat there he was holding a razor blade in his hand, flipping it over and over through his fingers as he contemplated ending it all and finding peace in the sweet oblivion of death.

As dawn crept over the horizon he was lying in a hot bath running that razor up his arm and as the blood started to flow, quickly turning the water red he lay back and smiled. Soon he would be free.

It seemed to be taking a long time, and Randy frowned. It was giving him too much time to think. He didn't want to think about what he'd done. But there was nothing else he could do while he lay there waiting to bleed out or pass out. He was starting to feel woozy so he figured maybe it wouldn't be too long now.

Maybe he'd make one more phone call before he left. Say goodbye to Phil.

He picked up his mobile phone that he'd brought into the room with him and dialled Phil's number.

"Randy you've got to stop calling me" Phil answered with frustration.

"Hi Phil… Just wanted to say goodbye. I… I love you Phil"

"Randy? What do you mean goodbye? What's going on?"

"Bye Phil" Randy mumbled and dropped the phone on the floor as he finally lost consciousness. He hadn't pressed end call properly and Phil was still on the line.

"Randy? Randy!" Phil shouted with panic fearing something terrible had happened.

Quickly hanging up he called 911 and reported his fear over Randy's safety. He knew Randy had gone home for the weekend as he'd overheard him saying so to John earlier in the week.

When someone called him back to say he'd been found barely alive after trying to commit suicide Phil took the first flight he could get to St. Lois to see him, calling Shane on the way there so he was also aware of the situation and could tell his dad before it was all over the news.
"Oh my god. This is all my fault. I ruined his life" Shane sobbed on the line.
"It's not your fault Shane. He lost custody of his daughter and I guess with us breaking up it pushed him over the edge" Phil sighed.
"Phil you need to know that Randy and I were never seeing each other behind your back. I tried to kiss him once but he turned me down. He's in love with you Phil don't give up on him"

Phil rushed to Randy's side at the hospital, so thankful that he'd been found in time. Seeing the bandages on Randy's arms made it all the more real and he started to cry as he sat down beside his bedside. "Oh god Randy I should have believed you" he whispered, caressing Randy's face with one shaking hand.

Randy slowly woke from the touch and looked around groggily, finally settling on Phil's face. "What happened?" He asked. His arms hurt like hell.

"You're awake! Randy you tried to kill yourself. You don't remember?"

Randy remembered everything with Phil's comment and started to cry. "I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot. I just didn't want to live without you anymore. You and Alanna… I just can't"

"Shane told me the truth I'm so sorry I didn't believe you Randy but you should never have resorted to this. I missed you so much it was surely only a matter of time before we worked things out. I was just being stubborn" Phil said, squeezing Randy's hand before seeing him wince and remembering the cuts on his wrists. "Sorry"

"Phil… I love you so much. I should have told you before but I was too scared to get hurt again. Will you marry me Phil?" Randy asked, shocking Phil.

"Only if you promise me to get some counselling."

"I'd do anything for you"

"Yes I can see that. It's not necessarily a good thing" Phil said sternly.

Randy hung his head thinking Phil wasn't going to say yes.

"But I can't live without you either so I guess I'll just have to say yes" Phil added.

Randy smiled through his tears and Phil leaned down to seal their engagement with a kiss.

Their moment was interrupted by the sound of a baby gurgling happily and Randy knew that sound too well not to realise it was his daughter. He looked up to Shane and his daughter standing in the doorway.

He couldn't find the words to get out just how much it meant to him to see her again.

"I think this little one belongs to you" Shane said as he walked over.

"How did you…?" Randy asked as Shane handed her over to him carefully. It hurt too much to hold her though so Phil took her and held her close to Randy so he could give her a kiss on her little rosy cheek.

"I owed you for everything I'd done and well I heard about Samantha cutting off your visitation. We've come to an agreement financially - bound by iron-clad documentation. You have visitation again"

Randy cried tears of joy as he gathered his family in his arms. "Thank you" Randy said sincerely.

"Don't mention it. I'm just glad you're okay Randy" Shane said before he left the room. Tears left his own eyes as he walked away with regret at what could have been if only he hadn't screwed everything up. But he had made his bed and now he must sleep in it. At least he could sleep soundly knowing that Randy was happy, even if it was with someone else.

The wedding was held as soon as Randy was healed enough and they'd had enough time to organise it all.

They had a backyard wedding at Randy's house in the garden there, with John and Kofi as best man.

The happy couple wore matching black suits, keeping it simple. Their vows were self-written messages of love and commitment that brought tears to everyone's eyes.

Soon it was all over and they were finally married so it was time to celebrate!

The wedding party moved to a hall in town that had been rented out and Jericho's band Fozzy were the entertainment for the night.

In a corner of the hall Dave was teasing Adam relentlessly, just because he could. There he was trying to eat his meal - with Dave's hand down his pants. Finally Adam managed to pry Dave off him and glared at his husband before going back to his meal. Dave of course looked totally innocent, but instead of going back to eating his own meal he blew in Adam's ear and then started telling him all the things he was going to do to him when they got back to their hotel room. Adam was so horny he couldn't stand it by then and all it took was Dave to run his hand over his crotch one more time and he came in his pants.

He banged a fist on the table as he fought to hold back his moans of pleasure. The people nearby all turned to look at him strange and he blushed saying he just ate something really hot.

Dave laughed quietly and Adam's eyes flashed fire, promising revenge.

"Oh David…." Adam whispered in his bedroom voice. Dave shuddered, Hearing Adam call him David always turned him on.

"Yes baby?" Dave asked with amusement.

"Meet me in the car in 5 minutes" Adam growled and stormed off to the bathroom to clean himself up.

Dave grinned and stood up, spinning his keys around his fingers as he headed for the car. Mission accomplished.

Randy and Phil sat at the head table, Randy bouncing his daughter on his lap as Phil cuddled up to him. They'd done all the dancing they planned to do now they were just enjoying watching everyone else have fun until they could hand Alanna over to John and Shawn who were going to babysit for them tonight and then high tail it to their honeymoon suite.

Randy looked down adoringly at Phil looking up at him with bright eyes full of joy and he couldn't help but lean down to kiss him, it was a long lingering kiss with the promise of more to come later in the night and Randy and Phil shared a look of anticipation before turning to talk to those around them.

Shawn and John had unfortunately been seated opposite Mark Calaway and his brother Glenn Jacobs and so had been sitting there rather uncomfortably for most of their meal. Well at least Shawn had. John had been trying no to laugh at the embarrassed looks on his husband and Mark's faces, and the stupid grin on Glenn's face that told John he knew about the DVD incident. Finally John couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing. Shawn hit him and walked off in a sulk and Glenn joined John in laughter. Mark growled at his brother and muttered that he was going to the bar and walked off.

"So John… how much you renting that dvd out for?" Glenn asked.

John laughed. "The DVD is no more. Shawn smashed them all"

"Aww that's no fun!"

"Yeah it is. Now I get to make some more" John replied with a sneaky grin.

"Well just don't lend them to Mark again. I think the poor guy is traumatised for life"

"Sure. I bet he secretly liked it and doesn't want to admit it" John chuckled.

"My brother? Nahh he's straight as an arrow." Glenn brushed off, but laughed at the idea of his brother turning gay.

"Oh well I better go cheer up Shawn. Later man" John said as he got up to find wherever Shawn had got to.

He found Shawn sitting in the garden.
"Oh John I'm so embarrassed! No more videos ever. It's just you and me now and that's the way I like it!" Shawn vowed.
"Well if that's the way you want it I'm not going to complain" John shrugged. As long as Shawn was happy that's all he cared about.
John sat down beside him and stole a quick kiss.
"Do you think he liked it?" Shawn asked with curiosity.
"No he didn't!" John growled.
"Just asking" Shawn shrugged.
"Come on we better go get Alanna before Randy and Phil get too antsy," John suggested, getting up.

Relieved to finally hand over Randy's daughter and sneak off for their wedding night Randy & Phil ran out to the car hand in hand, leaving everyone to enjoy the rest of the party on their own, off to start their new future together.

As everyone continued to party Glenn sat at the bar contemplating John's teasing about Mark's sexuality. His brother sure had been acting weird since he saw that video. Maybe John was right and he did like it. Glenn chuckled seeing his brother sitting in a corner sulking and thought if it was true then he wanted to be around to see his brother come to terms with it since Mark had given him hell when he came out.

He watched as his brother's eyes were drawn to John Hennigan (otherwise known as John Morrison) and stayed there as John danced around sans shirt as usual.

Hmm…. Interesting. Very interesting.

The End