First, Vexen's death. Some language but that's about it. Enjoy and if you feel like it, drop a review.

Someone once told me that when the shit hits the fan, run like hell. So I wonder, why wasn't I running? Axel stood before me, green cat eyes calculating whether or not I was going to try and run, whether or not I was foolish enough to flee. Sora was shouting something, the little brat. Still thinks the world is pure, even after meeting us, the corrupted. The innocence of the boy makes me sick. Makes me want to rip him limb from limb and leave him dead at my feet. He'd be better off that way. He would never have to experience the corruption.

But back to Axel, the devil. In every sense of the word too. Fiery, filled with misdirected hate, and cruel. He was a cruel and heartless bastard. Yet so was I. Perhaps, under different circumstances, we could've been friends. No, I won't even entertain the idea any further. That never could've happened. We are too different. I am the ice, he is the fire. Yet he gets along with Demyx so well.

And now he's moving his hand, I can see the flame dancing at the tips of his finger tips as he gets ready to snap, gets ready to end my life. I wonder, will I feel anything? If it was anyone else, I doubt I would, they would make the death swift. But Axel…no Axel was merciless. He would burn me slowly, making sure I felt it as my…soul, perhaps, drifted away and disappeared.

The sound of his fingers snapping reaches my ears and my eyes widen briefly, almost as though protesting death, wishing for it to go some other way, something other than death. It's too late though. I can feel the pain burning within me already, but I view it with a sort of detachment, even as a cry escapes my lips. That's not really me, that's just a meaningless body, thrown around and abused.

I wonder if Marluxia will miss me, even though he's given the order for my execution. Ah well. The bastard deserves the pain. We all do.