Sylar sat unblinking, staring at the young woman across the street from him. She had just made an umbrella appear from nowhere. He'd been tracking her for two days, observing her, assessing her abilities and her worthiness of them.

She apparently had the power to transport items telepathically. It was a very unique gift. He had yet to see her do anything creative with it yet however. He hated seeing such an interesting ability go to waste.

He followed her subtly down the road, waiting for his opportunity. Several blocks later, he seized it. She entered a little alley that led to her apartment and hesitated a moment to find her keys.

"Sandra," he said in his most sinister voice.

She gave a little squeak of fright as she turned to face him. "Y-yes?" He was aware of the hand suddenly holding a gun.

He walked calmly up to her and grinned. Quicker than she could react, he pulled out his taser and shot her. "Tag," he announced to the empty alleyway, "You're it."

"Right," Peter snorted, exiting his hiding spot with his partner. He glanced at his watch and smirked. "You'd better hurry; Claire's appointment is at two o'clock."

"I know that," Sylar snipped, glancing at his own watch. Trying to feign casualness, he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, now that I've done the hard part, you two can manage to wrap this up, can't you?" He was already moving at a quick walk to the mouth of the alley, where he started to run.

"Thought you said her appointment got pushed back until three?" Rick, Peter's partner asked while binding the escapee's hands.

"It did." Peter snickered. Ever since Claire had gotten pregnant, her temper flared at the slightest of things. Sylar would most likely get yelled at for not knowing the new time and then again for hovering while they waited. Peter smiled again, he'd have to hurry. He hated missing Sylar getting bitched out. Besides, he didn't want to miss the ultrasound.

The End.

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