Sappy and Chibification: Chapter2

Author's Note: Here is Chapter 2! Sappy take care of the disclaimer.

Sappy: Master Bleach doesn't own Bleach, Its Characters, or…ME!

I Do Own You.

Sappy: Does Not!

Do Too!

Sappy: Does Not!

Do Too!

Sappy: Does Not Times Infinity!

*Draws Zanpaktou*

Sappy: Ok! Ok! He Owns Me too! HELP!


Captain General Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto along with everyone else was caught in the flash of multi-color, seizure inducing light. When the flash faded, he was shocked at what he saw. Soi Fon, Renji, Shuhei, Iba, Toshiro, and Kiyone were transformed into children. Now being the Captain General meant that he been through a lot in his time, surviving countless life and death battles, dealing with Captains betraying him, dealing with Kenpachi and Malyuri every Captain's meeting, but this situation was by far the most outrageous! "What in the world has happened"? Yamamoto demanded to know. Soi Fon was trying to climb Mt. Kenpachi and grabbing at his bells in his hair. Renji and Shuhei were "Roughhousing" with Iba, who was getting thrown around.

Kiyone went over to her Captain and hugged his leg. Sentaro was not pleased with her hugging her one bit. "Hmm…Nemu prepared the quarters for our new test subjects…I mean uhh…Captains and Lieutenants." Captain Malyuri whispered to Nemu. "You're not using them as test subjects!" Captain Komamura said with a 'if you experiment on them you'll die' glare. "Captain Unohana, please examine all the affect Captain Malyuri some test samples." Captain General Yamamoto ordered. "Yes Captain General Yamamoto" Captain Unohana said, concerned with the conditions of the affected. "Meeting is dismissed" Captain General Yamamoto said to everyone.


It was lunchtime now and Ichigo, Uryru, Chad were in total shock.

Orihime, however was really happy that Nel was the new student.

Nel had "somehow" gotten a gigai and "Somehow" managed to become a new student in his class! After she introduced her self, the two shameless class perverts in Ichigo's class took action. They both tried to flirt with Nel, but to their devastating disappointment, she ignored them and ran straight to Ichigo, well more like Glomped. 'Hi Ichigo" Nel said seductively, ignoring the fact that she was suffocating Ichigo in a hug. "Wow Nel, your gigai looks a lot like your adult form." Orihime said to Nel in awe, ignoring the now blue faced Ichigo. 'Uhh…Nel…your crushing Ichigo." Chad said. "Sorry Ichigo!" Nel said slightly embarrassed for crushing Ichigo. "So Nel, why are you in the world of the living?" Uryru asked her.


After being examined by Unohana, the children were sent back to their respective divisions. Malyuri was still upset over not getting any new test subjects, but begrudgedly analyzed the data he received from the Captains and Lieutenants. He also started collecting data on Sappy. Malyuri was filled with child like delight, thinking of all the painful tests he would run on Sappy. Dissection, Chemical Experimentation, and various Mechanical Experiments and tests. Captain Malyuri Kurutsuchi was already full of excitement, laughing manically, scarring Rin and Nemu.