Sappy and Chibification: Chapter 3

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Ichigo was not a happy Soul Reaper at all. Apparently Neliel came to the world of the living to visit him, while Las Noches regains order after the war. Which means Neliel would be in the world of the living for a while. He was goanna have a talk with Urahara about Nel's living arrangements later. Now he had to figure out where Neliel was going to stay. The Urahara Shop had Renji and Orihime couldn't give her a place to stay. So the only one left was Ichigo himself. Ichigo knew it was going to be a long walk home.

Toshiro Hitsugaya was a very unhappy captain. He disliked it when people call him cute and hugged him before, but now it's almost all they do! When he sees Sappy again, he's goanna make him pay for every hug he received in his chibi form.

"Bed-wetter and Mastsumoto, stop hugging me this instant"! Hitsugaya said with an annoyed tone of voice.

"But Toshiro, you're so huggable now! I just can stop"! Momo said still hugging him.

"Yeah Captain, your just too cute now"! Matsumoto said cuddling him.

Rukia was in a frantic panic all over Squad 13. Renji and her Chappy the rabbit doll were missing! She was about to go looking for them around Squad 12 when she herd laughing and Renji saying "Get your damn creepy hands off me you clown freak"! Fearing that Captain Malyuri had caught Renji for a "test subject" she rushed over toward the laughing. What she saw was unusual to say at the very least. Sappy was wearing a standard soul reaper uniform with a rainbow afro! "What are doing to Renji you freak"! Rukia said enraged that she saw Sappy hugging Renji and with her Chappy doll tied on his head by its ears. "Rukia, that freak was kissing Chappy and tried to…to…adopt me"! Renji said running to Rukia in a panic. Sappy meanwhile pulled a cell phone out of his uniform and called someone. "Hello bossy mossy"! Sappy said in a serious voice. "What the hell is wrong with this freak"? Rukia asked out loud. "Yeah bossy, I'm fighting the midget now"! Sappy said in an unnecessarily loud voice. Rukia was angered by being called a midget, but was more concerned in how to save Chappy and get it and Renji out of danger. "No not Toshiro, no not Soi Fon, no bossy the other midget! No, no, no, the weak midget! Yes Rukia"! Sappy said aggravated at the other person on the phone.

Renji was laughing his little head off, while Rukia was livid.

"Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Bakudo # 9 Geki"!

Rukia said ready to obliterate Sappy for what it did to Renji and Chappy.

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