The story that inspired me to write this was Save You by Bella C'ella Luna

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It had been almost a century since Bella had been buried. I closed my eyes as the pain hit me, realizing how soon I would have to endure that anniversary. And I still hated myself. After I left her I was so sure I was doing the right thing. I checked up on her yearly of course, sometimes longer, but never overstepping my boundaries. I never stopped longing for her, but over the years I became numb to the pain. Until the day she died. I had gone to see her in the hospital, and she was just as beautiful as ever to me, even at 90 years old. Her face lit up as usual, and she asked me for one last kiss. Who was I to deny her? I held her to my chest than as she took her last breath, taking my heart with it. I'd wanted to stay with her longer, but soon doctors and nurses were coming in to take care of her body. I stood in the shadows as they buried her willing any kind of tears to come to my eyes, but nothing came. Now I was truly emotionless.

The sound of the bell brought me back to the present. Back to the same seat that I had sat in a century ago next to the love of my life. The universe must hate me. Just like so long ago there was a buzz that there was a new girl, and I cringed away from everyones thoughts of her. I didn't care if Jesus Himself was making an appearance, there was only one person I wanted to see and I couldn't. But than she walked in, and I knew the universe really did hate me. She looked just like Bella, those big brown eyes, looking nervous and she even tripped twice on her way to her seat. I had decided the universe must want me to die because her seat was next to me. I cringed and stared out the window not wanting anything to do with this poor replica of the girl I had loved so long ago.

"Hello," she said in nearly a whisper, but of course I heard her and I sat absolutely still. She even sounded like my Bella. I was beginning to return my hatred right back to the universe. How so entirely unfair. I didn't turn or even acknowledge I had heard her, but like a trooped she continued on anyway. "I'm Bella Swan." I turned to her than.

"What the fuck did you just say?" she looked startled, and I didn't usually cuss but this was getting ridiculous. Once she saw my face though a smile crept up to her lips, and it took everything in me to hold back my own smile.

"Oh, its you," she whispered, and I just sat staring at her, knowing I needed to blink soon but not being able to. What the hell was going on right now? She must have been able to tell I was confused because she blushed and quickly hid behind her hair, resembling my Bella even more. I narrowed my eyes at her, still trying to figure out if it was possible for a vampire to hallucinate. "I just assumed you would recognize me," she said again softly, "I recognize you." Her eyes shone at me. What did she mean she recognized me? Of course I recognized her but probably not for the person she was hoping. Suddenly the teacher walked in, and she turned towards the front, "We'll talk after class," she whispered.

I tried everything not to stare at her the entire period. Which was hard, she even smelled like my Bella which drew me to her even more. Could it be possible? And than I scoffed at myself, of course it couldn't be possible. I couldn't even believe my mind was entertaining the thought that Bella had been somehow miraculously brought back. When the bell rang to signal the end of class I wanted to jump up and leave this obvious lost girl but she looked at me expectantly her gaze holding me in my place.

"Lets go to your car. Don't worry I think Alice will already know somethings up," I stared at her incredulously. Did she seriously just mention my sister Alice? This new Bella looked at me than with a furrowed brow, "I know this is probably a lot for you to take in, but can we please talk Edward?" I realized than I had been frozen in my spot, and quickly grabbed my things before heading out to my car ahead of Bella refusing to turn around and look at her until I stopped at my car.

I spun around rather quickly than but she didn't look phased, "Please tell me what's going on." I begged, not caring that I sounded desperate now.

"Get in the car," was all she said before climbing in and shutting the door quickly.


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