I looked up at the clock, it was almost midnight and I smiled knowing Edward would be home soon. He had gone out hunting earlier, and usually we would go together but I had convinced Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle to take him out for some guy time.

Little did he know I was planning a surprise for him. I wondered briefly if he would remember, but Edward always remembered, and usually he was the first one to give me my gift, but this year I wanted to be first, I had to be first. It was a special occasion, it was our 100th anniversary.

Alice had helped me set up everything, and than she, Esme, and Rose were going to meet the boys and go do something else. Anything else that kept them from the house.

Alice peeked her head in briefly, checking to see if I was ready and letting me know they were about to leave. I smiled at her and felt the butterflies begin in my stomach. Even after a hundred years together the thought of seeing Edward still made me anxious.

I checked my reflection, patting down my perfect hair, before taking a deep breath.

"Jesus Bella, get a hold of yourself, it's just Edward," I told my reflection, but my anticipation only heightened, as I heard Jasper and Emmett loudly approach the house.

"Oh shit, I forgot something…" Emmett said before Jasper threw in, "I'll help you look for it," as they both dashed off. I knew Edward would be confused by their actions, but prayed that he wouldn't follow them.

I heard the entry door open and held my breath, the house was entirely dark except for candles that were lit throughout every room. I clicked the button to the intercom.

"Edward baby, happy anniversary," I allowed my voice to sound seductive. I hoped he would like this game, and not try to rush to find me. "Come find me," I whispered, before clicking the intercom back off as I settled back on the couch.

I could hear Edward trying to silently move through the house as I felt my dead pulse race. Doors softly clicked shut, I smiled to myself as I heard him gasp, I had ceremoniously thrown pieces of clothing in every room, knowing Edward would be even more turned idea with the thought that I was waiting for him completely nude. I knew he would be taking his time looking through every room, but he knew where to find me.

I could feel Edward coming closer seconds before the door slightly opened, his head slowly peeked through the crack as he smiled that adorable crooked grin at me, as his eyes took in my naked body laid out for him. I could feel my chest heaving with every unneeded breath I took, and I knew he could smell my arousal, and I didn't fail to notice his, even through his khaki pants.

He looked delicious in a button up white shirt, with those khaki pants, and I couldn't wait to rip the clothes from his skin. He smiled at me as if he could read my thoughts, egging me on to come and get him. But I had other plans in store for him, so instead he played my little game.

"Why Isabella, I see you've been busy," he remarked at the sight of me, the sound of his voice tying knots in my stomach. He had started calling me Isabella since our honeymoon, and it was how I knew when he was feeling…frisky. Just hearing him say my full name was enough to stir my arousal, and now it only added fuel to my fire.

I swallowed hard as I stared at him, "Edward," I purred, dipping my brush into the paint on my palette. I had taken up recently, dabbling in new things.

"Do you need a little inspiration?" he asked naughtily, as I rose to my feet walking towards him, grabbing the fabric of his shirt in my hands. I ripped it open, pushing it to the floor.

"No," I demanded before running the cool bristles across Edward's chest, "I ran out of paper."

His breath hitched at the feel of the paint on his skin, as I continued to paint my greatest masterpiece of all. He stood completely still as I lathered color after color onto his perfect body. I placed blue and green on his abdomen, covering his pecks in purple. I lathered red down his thighs, along with a little white and orange. I put every color of the rainbow on his arms, and repeated the same procedure on his back. I was almost finished, placing the brush and palette down on the table I looked up at him, his eyes hooded as he stared back at me waiting for me to make my next move.

"Now to make this perfect," I whispered, moving my own naked figure to his. I began inching towards Edward until our noses were nearly touching. "This has to be done just so, or it won't come out right."

He shuddered at the feel of my breath on his face, as I suddenly flung myself on him full force. We crashed to floor as our bodies began writhing and meshing together as one. The paint covering Edwards body was now transferring to mine as he thrust into me.

I screamed out in ecstasy as we changed positions on the floor. He took me from behind, we rolled around endlessly, exploring one anothers body as if it were out first time. We didn't stop at our first orgasms as we continued on, paint being flung everywhere by our covered bodies.

It took us nearly four hours to finish my masterpiece. Edward lay with his head against the floor panting as he stared up at the ceiling a sly smile on his face, the paint had dried long ago by that point.

"That was amazing, but I wish we could've captured it in a painting for real for you Bella," he said, turning his head to face me.

"We did," I said, smiling at his confused look, "The floor is a huge canvas Edward, our every move is marked."

He sat up suddenly than staring down at the beautiful abstract art our bodies had just made.

"You're right," he agreed, "this is your best work yet."


Haha don't know what counts as an epilogue but I figured you would all be glad to know Edward and Bella are just as happy and frisky as ever, and still dabbling with their creative juices! I shall miss you all, but hopefully you'll give my new story a chance when I get it up!