Arriving in America

Enjoy! This is at the end of Order of the Phoenix and before Half-Blood Prince begins for Harry Potter. This is after Battle of the Labyrinth for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

This one's really long, so bear with me. I didn't know when to stop this chapter.

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Harry's POV

"May I have your attention please?" Professor Dumbledore called through the Great Hall, "Now, it is the end of the school year, as you all are aware. I have a friend in America that teaches at a…year-round school, you could call it. They need our help, for they are in terrible danger. They have a man named Luke after them, just as we have Lord Voldemort after us. You should all know by now that Voldemort is back because of recent events. Anyway, 'Luke' doesn't sound very intimidating, but he is possessed by and evil creature by the name of Kronos. I will be taking a few students with me to assist these children in defeating Luke, and I will be calling you up in alphabetical order. If your name is called, please come up to your Head of House and they will give you a piece of parchment with further instructions: Hannah Abbott, Lavender Brown, Cho Chang, Justin Flinch-Fletchley, Seamus Finnigan, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley, and Ronald Weasley."

Lavender, Seamus, Hermione, Neville, Dean, Ginny, Ron, and I all went to McGonagall for our papers. Cho and Luna went to Flitwick, Hannah and Justin went to Sprout, and Draco and Pansy went to Snape. I was pleased that most of the people going were Gryffindor. But I was both curious and worried that there would be two Slytherins accompanying us, especially Draco. I also noticed that besides the two Slytherins, everyone going on this trip to America was in the D.A. (AKA, Dumbledore's Army).

"This is so exciting! To think, we're going to America! Oh my, read this paper," Hermione said. I looked down and read it.

Dear Hogwarts student,

You have been chosen to assist a group of Americans in defeating an evildoer named Luke. You will be expected to be on your best behavior, and do not make us sorry we picked you. Another thing is, all these students refer to themselves as half-bloods, but they do not use this term as we do. They are Muggles, so they technically don't have magic. Some of the students have control over things though. These students may be able to teach you something. They are all dyslexic and have ADHD. These students are trained to fight with swords, daggers, and a bow and arrow. Despite a powerful magic called the Mist, you will be able to see these weapons for what they are because of your magical ability. They may use terms that you don't understand, and you may use terms they don't understand. Remember, this is not only a helping experience, but a learning experience.

Professor Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Activities Director at Camp Half-Blood

"They're half-bloods and Muggles?" Ron asked.

"Didn't you read? It says that they don't use the term as we do. Half-blood means something else where they are taught," Hermione clarified.

"Well, I'm going no matter what my aunt and uncle say! This sounds awesome!" I told them, smiling.

Percy's POV

I was at camp early because I wanted the extra training. When I woke up in Cabin Three, I heard very loud noises. I went to my window to see what the ruckus was all about. I saw both the Athena cabin and the Hephaestus cabin hard at work, building five new cabins. What the Hades?

I got some clothes on and ran over to Annabeth, who was pouring over some architectural designs, "What are you all doing?" I asked her.

She jumped, "Well, Chiron felt bad for Nico, so he decided that we needed a Hades cabin."

"But why five?" I was still confused.

"I'm only allowed to tell you that we are going to have some guests very soon, and they need cabins. Their Headmaster said that they have very nice tents, huge in fact, but Chiron wouldn't hear it. He's ordered us to build cabins for them for the summer," Annabeth replied over the noise.

"Headmaster?" asked a voice behind me, "That sounds like a name of the head of a boarding school." I turned around and saw Thalia. Annabeth shrieked and threw her arms around the poor, taken off guard Thalia.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be traveling with Artemis?" she asked.

"I am. The hunters are all here," I moaned, "Lady Artemis wanted to meet Chiron's friend with the visitors, and we are here to help train half-bloods for the Titan War."

Just then, the conch horn sounded for breakfast. I hoped to get information about our guests, so I practically ran to the dining pavilion. There were already five extra tables there. One was black and red; it must be Nico's. Another was red and gold, another was blue and bronze, another was yellow and black, and another was silver and green. Each table had a giant letter painted onto it; a G for red and gold, an R for blue and bronze, an H for yellow and black, and an S for silver and green. I found these tables very interesting, and I was not the only one. Eventually, everyone sat at their tables, chatting about the new events. The hunters, sat at Artemis's table, and Artemis herself sat with Chiron and Mr. D.

Chiron pounded a hoof on a table, "Now, you all have probably noticed by now that there is some construction going on. We will be expecting visitors from Europe. They are coming to help us defeat Luke and Kronos. They will be arriving once the summer starts. You are to make them feel welcome, for their Headmaster is a good friend of mine. They are not like us, so do not mention being children of the Greek gods and goddesses until we bring it up during diner. Do you understand?" We all nodded. The Ares cabin nodded reluctantly, but nodded nonetheless.

"Ah, the Ares cabin. Do you see that silver and green table with the S on it? Dumbledore, the Headmaster, sent some very helpful students (when they try) with attitude problems, and they will be sitting there. Do not harm them, just teach them a lesson, please," Chiron told them. They grinned, excited at the thought of meeting these two at the S table.

Harry's POV

All of us going to America were packed and standing outside Hogwarts with Dumbledore. I wonder; how we will get there? We aren't going to use Floo powder, and broomsticks would take too long. Riding thestrals would take a long time too. Dumbledore led us to Hogsmeade, and thirteen wizards Apparated in the square.

"We will be Apparating to New York. None of you are seventeen, so none of you can legally Apparate. One wizard will Apparate with you, so hold on tightly to one of their arms," Dumbledore said. I ran over to him so I wouldn't have to go with a stranger. Luckily, I was the first one to him.

Once I grabbed his arm, he asked "Are you ready Harry?" I nodded. I felt his arm twist away from me, and everything went black. I felt as if I were being sucked through a tube, forcing my eyeballs to the back of my head and my eardrums further into my skull. But then it suddenly stopped, and I found myself gasping for air. The first thing I heard besides, "Are you all right Harry?" was a bunch of surprised gasps.

Percy's POV

"I have just received word that they have left just now. They will be arriving any second," Chiron called to us.

"Any second?" asked one of the Athena cabin, "How is that humanly possible?"

"They are human, but they are not normal humans. You are not normal humans, and they aren't normal in a different way. You will see. Look at Half-Blood Hill; they should be here any moment now," Chiron answered. I wanted to see these people arrive, so I ran to the hill, and so did Annabeth and Grover. Grover got there a little later because he forgot to take of his fake legs. Just as he arrived, there were fourteen wisps of white smoke, and twenty-eight people appeared. I hadn't realized the whole camp had followed my lead, so I was surprised to hear the whole camp gasp in surprise. Thirteen of the older people nodded to the eldest and left the same way they came. The eldest was greeted by Chiron.

"Albus, welcome to Camp Half-Blood. I, Chiron, activities director, allow you Albus Dumbledore and your thirteen Hogwarts students to enter this camp," Chiron allowed them to pass the magical borders, "Ah, this must be Harry Potter, the one who you Apparated with. I have heard about you, boy. I believe that you, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, I have heard a lot about both, will get along great with our own Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood." Harry, Hermione, and Ronald stepped forward when their names were called. Annabeth, Grover, and I did the same.

"Students, don't be shy, come into the camp's borders. You were able to pass them as soon as Chiron made that formal greeting of his," the man who must be Dumbledore said. Harry, Ronald and Hermione walked up as soon as Dumbledore said to.

Ronald said, "Call me Ron." He had a strong English accent, which was to be expected. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings when he entered the camp's borders, so he looked puzzled about why his friends where just staring behind them with their mouths wide open. But then he looked where they were looking and his face showed the same expression. I couldn't help but chuckle at their surprise. I thought that they would be prepared for something like this, since they just appeared out of thin air. I guess not.

"Welcome, Hogwarts students, to Camp Half-Blood," Chiron told them as he shifted from his wheelchair form to his centaur form.

Harry's POV

I passed the tree that marked the entrance to the camp, but then stopped short when I saw what lay behind them. I saw an enormous white farmhouse, a miniature coliseum, a rock-climbing wall, an archery range, and seventeen cabins. Twelve of them were in a perfect U, but the other five were not. The thirteenth one was attached at the end of the U, and the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth were in a strait line behind it. Then I noticed something about these extra four; they had Hogwarts House flags attached! Those cabins were for us. I wonder; how did they get them there?

"Welcome, Hogwarts students, to Camp Half-Blood," said the man called Chiron. Then he did something odd; his wheelchair somehow turned into a horse's body! I looked at the full affect, and realized that he was a centaur. Awesome! That only sparked my attention for so long, so I looked back at the cabins and wondered how they got cabins here. They don't have magic, so how could they? Chiron noticed me looking.

"Ah, you have noticed your cabins. You see, -," Chiron started, but was interrupted by Malfoy.

"Cabins? What cabins? I don't see anything!" he told Chiron. I noticed some of the very frightening kids look at his robes, acknowledge the S of Slytherin, and grin evil grins. I wonder what they will do to him. I bet it would make me laugh!

Dumbledore motioned for the other hesitant students to follow him past the tree. Then they noticed everything. All Malfoy had to say was, "Oh." I'm happy about that.

"As I was saying, your cabins are ready for you. Two groups of students built them for you, so you best thank them. Your cabins are named just as your school houses, except for the fact that instead of Gryffindor House, it's Gryffindor Cabin, and the same for the other houses," Chiron finished.

"Excuse me sir. What two groups of students built these cabins? I would like to thank them," Hermione said.

"Our cabins are named after the people who founded this place, just as your houses are. The Athena Cabin, Cabin 6, designed your cabins; the architectural stuff. The Hephaestus Cabin, Cabin 9, put it together," Chiron told us. Hermione smiled at Annabeth as she waved when the Athena Cabin was mentioned. She, of course, said thank you.

"It's no problem at all. I want to be an architect when I grow up, so it is just some practice. I designed the Gryffindor Cabin; I fell in love with the red and gold colors, and, along with the owl, lions are one of my favorite animals," Annabeth told her.

"She's got brains and bravery," Percy said. Annabeth blushed.

"Hermione's the same. Brains and Bravery," Ron said.

Luna spoke up, "Our house is for brains, and our symbol is the eagle, not the owl."

Cho told her, "That's because our house is named after Rowena Ravenclaw. Her symbol was the eagle." Then she added under her breath, "I always wonder how she got in the Ravenclaw house."

"Well, campers, back to your lessons. Hogwarts students; Professor Dumbledore and I will help you get settled into your cabins."

One of the kids tapped him on the shoulder, "But Chiron, you're my teacher right now."

"One of the Hunters can teach you right now Gina; if you're lucky, Lady Artemis will teach you. But she doesn't have to, of course. She can do what she chooses, so don't pester her," Chiron said. Well, we were warned that they would use terms that we're unfamiliar with. Hermione was thinking; I could tell because of the look on her face. It was as if she were putting the pieces of this puzzle together. She must know something about this whole thing that the rest of us don't, because I don't see anything that could tell us about these people.

The campers went off to different areas. One young girl stayed behind and walked up to Chiron and Dumbledore. She said something and held out her hand for Dumbledore to shake. His eyes widened just a tad, and shook the hand. The girl walked with us to our cabins. Then Hermione whispered something under her breath, "Greek mythology."

Apparently, the young girl has sharp ears, because she turned around and asked, "What did you say? Was it 'Greek mythology'?" Hermione nodded, and the young girl told Dumbledore something I couldn't hear. He chuckled and responded.

When we arrived at the cabins, no one needed to tell us which to go in. They were marked clearly with our flags and colors. I was the first in the cabin, and I thought it looked awesome. It looked small on the outside, but like wizard tents, it was bigger on the inside. There were two separate bedrooms and two separate bathrooms. One bedroom and one bathroom had a sign that said 'Boys' on it and the same for the girls. I walked into the bedroom with the door labeled boys. There were two bunk beds and one single bed, enough for five boys. There were five boys from the Gryffindor House here, so it was perfect. I chose the top bunk on one of the bunk beds, and Ron chose the bottom. Neville chose the single, Seamus took the top of the other bunk, and Dean chose the bottom. We unpacked our stuff in the little dressers in the room. We put our owls in different corners, except for Ron, who put his little one on his little dresser. I put my Firebolt (yeah, I found a way to bring it!) under Ron's bed. Ron placed his there too. Once we were unpacked, we went outside.

We visited the miniature coliseum first. We saw Percy fighting with a bronze sword, and Annabeth with a bronze dagger. All of the people were fighting with bronze items. Annabeth took a break from her practicing to watch Percy and one of the scary kids. It was a match that seemed to be going nowhere. But then, Annabeth walked down to the beach with a bucket and someone else from her cabin, and came back with it full of water. Then they did something that I thought was crazy; they poured the seawater over his head. It didn't phase him at all; all it did was make him fight better than he was before, which was odd. Finally he overtook the scary kid and placed his sword on her neck. He smiled and removed it, turned around, and gave Annabeth and her cabin mate high-fives.

I walked over to them, with Ron close behind, and said, "That was pretty cool. How did you get stronger when Annabeth and her cabin mate poured the water over you?"

"Well, let's just say that water is my element. I love the stuff, and I can't go for a long period of time without a swim. Not really of course, but I love the water," Percy replied vaguely. He noticed that I wasn't satisfied with the answer, so he reassured me, "Chiron and Dumbledore will explain everything at dinner."

We walked over to the archery range next. There, we saw fabulous archers and some that stunk. The best archers were the girls who were instructing the group. There was one with a circlet on her head, and she had electric blue eyes with spiky black hair. We watched them shoot arrows for a while, and then the one with the circlet on her head noticed me and called, "Who are you? I know all the students here and you aren't one of them." As she said this, her brow furrowed. She came up to me, "Where'd you get the scar?" She's obviously a Muggle.

"It's a long story. My name's Harry Potter; I'm here with the other Hogwarts students," I told her. I didn't want to get into the whole story of my scar.

"I'm Ron Weasley," Ron added.

"Thalia. I'm part of the Hunt," she greeted. There was something about her, something ageless. I thought that was odd, so I just put it off. My eyes traveled to her circlet. She noticed, "That is the symbol of the lieutenant. I am the lieutenant of the Hunters, to be more specific."

"So, you are the leader of the Hunt?" Ron asked.

Thalia was about to answer when Hermione came up behind us, "No Ron, the lieutenant is only second-in-command. I'm Hermione by the way. Hermione Granger."

"I'm Thalia," she repeated for her, "Yes; I couldn't ever be anything more than a lieutenant though. The leader will always be the same, and I'm happy about that. If not, many people would be in serious trouble, because the leader would only give up her position if she was to die." I was confused, and Ron looked confused too. Hermione just looked curious. She kept her questions inside, though.

"Thalia, have you seen Wise Girl?!" someone called from behind me. I turned around and saw Percy, who had showered since the sword fighting.

"The last time I saw her, she was looking for you, Kelp-Head! Check the beach!" Thalia called back. Percy told her thanks and ran off.

"Wise Girl and Kelp-Head? What's with the odd nicknames?" Ron asked.

"You'll most likely learn at dinner. We were forbidden to talk about it until it was brought up by Chiron or Dumbledore over dinner. Annabeth doesn't call Percy Kelp-Head; she calls him Seaweed Brain. Annabeth is Wise Girl, by the way," Thalia replied vaguely.