Weaponry 101

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Percy's POV

Annabeth, Nico, and I watched as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny sorted through the weapons with varying degrees of apprehension an unease. I remembered when people first started putting weapons in my hands; I felt comfortable with none of them, until Chiron gave me Riptide. The wizards and witches were not used to bulky weapons like these; they were more comfortable with their slender wands. As I watched Ron swing around a two-handed sword with absolutely no coordination, despite the look of forced concentration on his face, I had to fight down a snigger. A strange sort of smile appeared on my face anyway, and I received a sharp elbow in the ribs from Annabeth for it.

Giving her an apologetic grin, I decided to redeem myself by trying to help the redheaded wizard out a little. I approached him slowly, not wanting to draw his attention while he was struggling with the heavy sword incase he swung it at me unintentionally. Ron soon noticed me and lowered the blade so that its tip touched the ground. I observed that a red flush started to spread up his neck and on the tips of his ears as a weak sort of grimace formed on his face. I took the sword from him, "Why don't you try something lighter? A one-handed sword might do the trick."

We walked over to the table where we had all laid out the weapons Nico brought. Some were lined across the kitchen counters, but most of them were on the long dining table. Harry stood by the swords, picking each one up and putting them down after teetering them in his hand for a few seconds. The poor wizard looked completely in over his head. On the other side of the table, Hermione and Ginny stood together, whispering about the various knives.

I managed to drag Nico over to assist me with helping the two wizards pick the perfect sword for them, and Annabeth drifted over to the witches and started talking about the differences between long knives and throwing knives. As Nico and I ran the wizards through practice stances and motions, Harry seemed to really be taking to the idea of a one-handed broadsword, but Ron kept wanting to put both hands on the hilt. In compromise, Nico showed him a lighter two-handed longsword, which Ron immediately responded to with much more enthusiasm and less frustration than he had before.

On the other side of the room, Ginny and Hermione had finally decided on their knives, and Annabeth was putting them through some basic motions like Nico and I were for Harry and Ron. Ginny looked to be gaining confidence with her knife, but Hermione had a look on her face of someone who'd rather be doing anything but trying to learn how to wield a knife. She had no confidence about her, and evident comfort with her chosen weapon. Annabeth seemed to notice this as well, and took her back over to the table while instructing Ginny to continue practicing stances and swings.

I watched as my girlfriend offered knife after knife to Hermione, and then a few swords. Nico kept nudging me in an attempt to pull me back down on Earth and away from the distraction that the way the chandelier above Annabeth's head made her golden hair really shine provided. However, I ignored him. Her brow was furrowing in growing frustration in a cute way that I enjoyed eliciting from her on purpose as Hermione took to the swords with even less skill and confidence than she had with the knives. Eventually, Annabeth practically stomped over to the kitchen counter where the bow and arrow sets lay forgotten and brought one to Hermione.

With a look of apprehension on her face, Hermione notched an arrow with a little trouble, but managed to do it and pulled the string taut. Annabeth stood next to her with her arms crossed, saying nothing. The witch glanced at her, "What do you want me to do?"

"Shoot at the wall in front of you. Make it as close to directly in front of you as you can," she instructed shortly.

Hermione took a deep breath, and as I looked around, I saw that everyone else was watching her now, too. After a long moment of stiff silence, Hermione's bow twanged, and her arrow became embedded in the wall. I observed its position; it was a good half a foot below the point where I expected her to aim for, but it was something. Hermione, at least, seemed pleased with herself, and not as frustrated as she had been.

Our impromptu weapons training continued on like this for about another hour. Hermione charmed herself a bull's-eye on a wall, the area around which she warded so a stray arrow wouldn't hit any of us. Annabeth dueled Ginny, quite obviously going easy on the beginner. Nico officially paired up with Ron, and I took on Harry. All of the magical teens seemed to be progressing as well as expected for a first-day lesson. Now that they all had their weapons chosen, the atmosphere in the room had lightened considerably. We were finally doing something.

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