AU: Yugi gets 3 plane tickets and boat cruise bookings for the Caribbean and he decides to take Ryou and Malik with him. But on the way there, their plane crashes somewhere uncharted and there is something on the island that is picking off the passengers and crew members. Will they survive or take the same death as their fellow passengers.

Pairings: Yami x Yugi, Bakura x Ryou, Marik x Malik and later: Bakura x Ryou x Marik x Malik.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh or the idea that came from the movie 'Arachnid'.


Chapter 1


Yugi ran to the telephone and started dialling. He'd just received 3 plane tickets to the Caribbean. He'd been given them from his grandfather who'd booked the tickets and boat cruise for a graduation present and he was able to take his best friends along, though Jou was unable to go because of previous plans with his boyfriend after graduation. So Yugi was going to invite his two other friends along hoping they'd hadn't made any plans.


"Hey Ryou."

"Hi Yugi what's going on? It's 9:30 at night."

"Yeah sorry about that but are you busy?"

"No why?"

"Do you think you'd be able to come over right now? You can stay overnight."

"Don't see why not. See you in ten."

"Cool, got to call Malik."

"Alright see you soon. Bye."


Yugi hung up and quickly called Malik.

"Who the fuck is calling this late at night?"

"Nice to talk to you too Malik."

"Yugi? What in the world are you calling so late for?"

"I was hoping you'd be able to come over and stay the night. I have a surprise."

"Tell me first and then I'll decide."

"No you have to come over if you want to know. Ryou's already on his way over. See you soon Malik." Yugi started hanging up the phone while Malik started screaming down his end of the phone.

"Yugi don't you dare hang up. Yugi!!!!!"

Yugi giggled as he placed the phone down. He knew Malik would come over even if he'd be a little pissy. Yugi skipped around the living room holding the plane tickets and another piece of paper that had the boat cruise bookings on it. Yugi smiled and sat down, excitement coursing through his whole body.

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ Ten minutes later ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

Yugi ran down the stairs of the game shop as the bell rang impatiently. Yugi quickly unlocked the door and let Malik in who was soaking wet.

"Malik you ok?"

"Yeah just great. Thanks for the call over."

"You should have grabbed an umbrella."

"You know I don't own one."

"It's a good thing I have your clothes from the last time you stayed over. They're clean. Come on."

Just as they started up the stairs the door bell rang and Yugi raced down the stairs to see Ryou there hiding behind his umbrella. Yugi stepped aside and let Ryou in who shivered and placed his umbrella down on a towel that was beside the door and among the other umbrella's there. Ryou looked up to see a sulking Malik who was glaring at Yugi.

"Malik you look like a drowned rat. Why didn't you take an umbrella?"

"I don't own one."

"Come on let's get upstairs and Malik can change and then I'll tell you all why I asked you over." Yugi said leading them upstairs.


After sorting Malik into some dry clothes and setting hot chocolate in the living room. Yugi sat there with Ryou and Malik all were seated comfortably there.

"I guess you two are wondering why I called you here now?"

"Yeah that'd be nice since I was soaked." Malik growled as he sipped his drink.

"Malik don't be rude. But yes we would like to know." Yugi smiled and passed a plane ticket to the two. "What's this? A plane ticket to..."

"The Caribbean!" Malik finished with surprise.

"Yeah and this too." Yugi passed the paper to Ryou who held it between him and Malik so they could both read the paper.

"Boat cruise bookings?"


"I don't get it?" Malik said sitting back looking at the ticket in his hand.

"That ticket in both your hands is yours." Yugi pulled the last ticket from behind him. "And this is mine."

"Yugi I don't understand." Malik said and Yugi sighed rolling his eyes.

"Those are your tickets and I'm going on a boat cruise in the Caribbean and you both are coming." Yugi said and both just stared at him with wide eyes and mouth open. "Unless you don't want to and I can easily find someone else so you could easily just give the plane tickets back."

Both snapped back to reality when he said this and Malik just growled and held his ticket to his chest and kept his eyes narrowed at Yugi saying 'Don't you even try to take this back.' Yugi laughed before Ryou jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

"Thankyou Yugi. I was just going to spend the holidays in a job before deciding what university to go to. You know my father left me."

"Yeah Ryou I know. Well you won't be working for our first free holiday where we won't have school."

Yugi yelped as Malik jumped on him hugging him tightly and Yugi just laughed.

"Ok Malik I get it you are happy I invited you."


Yugi smiled before Ryou screamed. Both he and Malik looked over to see a huge spider sitting on the wall. Yugi yelped and moved far away and him and Ryou hugged each other. Malik sighed and walked over and took it off the wall and walked towards them both. Yugi and Ryou screamed and ran down the hall into the bathroom, with Malik hot on their tails, where they locked themselves in the bathroom.

Both Yugi and Ryou were afraid of spiders. They both had a strong fear of spiders that was only showed up when they saw one. Regardless of if it was deadly or not they would still hate being in the same room as them. This fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia.


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