What of Rohan?

What of Rohan, now that the battle has ended?
What of the empty halls filled with pain,
Which will crumble in the rain?
Dust now sits on the throne of kings,
And rust forms on hauberk rings.
The battle has ended, but the fires blaze.
The tales may fade, but the sorrow stays.
What of Rohan? Will it fall?
On the battlefield, at the end of all?
A lonely standard waves,
The only mark for many graves.
Eorl's steed, strong and white,
The tip of his spear was like starlight.
Though tattered and torn, the flag still flies
Beneath the deep blue of the horseman's skies.
It was defiant - even after the fires died,
And all the tears had been cried -
Many have fallen, it seemed to say,
But Rohan will never fade away.