NCIS: The Only Fear, is Fear itself

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'To live

When you think you're dying

To laugh

When you feel like crying

To stand

When you think you're gonna fall

It's just fear after all

It's only fear after all'

(Fear- Stop Making Friends (Pauley Perrette)


"Hey Gibbs! I have results for you." Abby says, happily as she comes out of her office.

Gibbs notices that she's distracted.

"What's up Abby?"

"Nothing my silver-haired fox! What's up in the land of Special Agent Gibbs?"

"Nothing. So you said you had results." Gibbs finally gets to the point, and remembers to talk to her later about what is going on.

"Yep." Abby hands Gibbs the print out, as her hand shakes slightly.

Gibbs takes her hands into his.

"Calm down Abs. Tell me what's wrong."

Abby faked a smile. "I'm just nervous, that's all. Sorry Gibbs." Abby goes to pull away as Gibbs keeps a hold of her hands.

"Nervous about what Abby?"

"It's nothing really. I just have to meet someone I hate after work. I always get this way. Stupid really." Abby says, trying to convince Gibbs, and sees she is failing to do so.

"Are you sure? Are you in trouble Abby?"

Abby nodded." I'll be fine Gibbs. Really." She fakes another "Abby smile", that isn't so genuine as usual.

"Okay.." Gibbs lets go.

"Anyways, the print matches Petty Officer Perry. Of course, you can uh, already see that." She looks away, wanting a distraction.

"Thanks Abs."

"You're welcome."

"What time is your meeting?"

"After shift."

Gibbs nods. "Want someone to go with-

Abby interrupts. "No, no. I'll be fine. You have anymore evidence for me to look through?"

"Nope. Sorry Abs."

Abby sighs. "It's cool."


Gibbs nods and starts to walk out of the lab.

Abby's cell phone rings and she looks at the caller I.D. She ignores it, and sighs again.

"You gonna answer that Abs?"

"Nope." She says as she types at her computer.

"Is it the person you're meeting?"

"Yeah." The phone stops ringing. "Don't you have a bad guy to catch?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Then scat! Go lock them up Gibbs." Abby says laughing, trying to make Gibbs forget that something is wrong.

Gibbs sees Abby's plan. "We're going to talk later." He gives Abby the "I mean it" look of his.

"Alright." Abby sighs and goes back to her computer.

Gibbs leaves the lab and gets in the elevator.

The whole time, he thinks and wonders, if Abby just lied to him or not.

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Later, the team is in the bullpen as they're finishing up reports of the case.

"Case closed guys, go home." Gibbs said, as he started typing at his computer.

"Thanks Boss." Tony said, shutting his computer down, and grabbing his things. "Night."

"Night Tony." Ziva called out. "Gibbs are you heading out?"

"Yeah, soon. Just finishing some paperwork."

"Alright. See you tomorrow." Ziva turns to McGee. "Night McGee."

"Night Ziva." McGee looks up in reply.

Ziva pushes the elevator button to leave. The doors open, and she disappears.

"Go home McGee."

"Give me five minutes Boss, just finishing up some stuff."

Gibbs nodded.

Silence, except for McGee's fast fingers on the keyboard filled the air.

"Have you noticed how distracted Abby is?"


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