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10 ways to annoy James

1. Call him a stalker every time you see him chasing Bella.

2. When you see a camcorder in his hand scream and yell for Edward to save you.

3. Ask him why he keeps chasing woman and if he has a problem.

4. Give him a fortune cookie with the text saying, "Keep away from mirrors."

5. When a silence falls, point your finger at him and yell; "I know why Edward doesn't like you! You're strawberry blond!"

6. Ask him who his creator was, when he asks why, say you would like to slap him in the face.

7. Give him a dog named 'James Jr' and say, "He can help you track Bella!"

8. When you get into an argument with him say, "What are you gonna do now James? Steal some of my home videos?"

9. Tell him even Edward is the better tracker.

10. Ask him if the reason he picked a ballet studio was because he secretly wants to be a ballerina.