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Third Person - Nightcloud's POV

Nightcloud rested in a soft patch of heather, watching him from the distance. Her soft yellow gaze followed his graceful body as he slunk out of the camp, towards the ThunderClan border. She debated following him, but she didn't get up. Why would he want her? He's never spoken to her before really, never invited her to hunt or pressed close to her on a patrol. She sighed heavily and set her chin on her paws. An older, dark gray, tomcat came stalking over to her. He looked strange, tense. She ignored his composure; he was just like that sometimes.

He asked softly, "Hey, Nightcloud, what's the matter?"

The black she-cat shrugged, not willing to tell him the truth. "Oh, it's nothing, Webfoot. Just bored, I guess."

Webfoot's eyes lit up and he asked eagerly, "Want to go hunting?"

The strong, lean she-cat stood and stretched, her sculpted muscles rippling under her pelt. She smiled; maybe she could distract herself if she did go. "Sure, I'll go ask who else wants to come. Meet you back here soon."

Webfoot looked a little upset, but she paid no attention to it. Why would they hunt alone? They were not even friends, just Clanmates. Nightcloud padded into camp.

Onestar came over to her and she nodded a hello. "Onestar, did you need something?" The leader cast a glance over her shoulder at Webfoot, who was anxiously waiting on the hill for her to return with the rest of the party.

Onestar smiled, his eyes having a knowing light. "Hello, Nightcloud, what are you doing?"

Nightcloud answered, "Just looking for Weaselfur and Owlwhisker. Have you seen them, Onestar?" Webfoot and him shared a stare and the mottled tom's whiskers twitched.

Onestar answered, "I need them to go on a patrol. Why don't you two just go?"

Ashfoot glared at Onestar and she wondered what it was for. But the young she-cat didn't understand what the three older cats were thinking about.

She nodded. "Alright." Turning, she trotted back to Webfoot, who stood immediately and purred, "Right, let's be off then."

Nightcloud took the lead, her stride quick and confident. She entered the bit of forest near ThunderClan and her pale yellow eyes searched desperately for a certain cat. She was so distracted that she almost missed a squirrel nearby, but its scuffling brought her attention back. Dropping into a crouch, she made her way forward. Someone made a noise and it ran. Hissing, she bolted after it, catching it by its tail. She finished it off with a bite to the neck.

Turning her head, she snarled at Webfoot, "Stop tromping like a badger!" An experienced warrior like himself should know better! Webfoot looked insulted, offended, and hurt.

He blinked in surprise, "I wasn't, Nightcloud. I hadn't moved."

The bushes rustled and Crowfeather appeared, his lean black frame slithering out like a snake. Nightcloud's heart sped up and her eyes twinkled. She narrowed her eyes and scolded him for scaring her catch. "Crowfeather, you're a warrior and alerting the prey like a greenhorn apprentice! I almost didn't catch this!"

Webfoot thrust his muzzle beside hers and added, "It was a good catch, Nightcloud."

She smiled at the praise; would Crowfeather notice it, too? She was a little ashamed to be looking for his acceptance like he was her mentor, but she wanted him to recognise how good of a warrior she was. His eyes met hers and sent shivers down her spine. He smelt like ThunderClan… Nightcloud's heart sank. It had been over a moon since he returned after running off with Leafpool, and he was still lingering by the stream to see her. Webfoot caught the scent too.

His fur fluffed out and he snarled fiercely, "Looking for that medicine cat again, traitor?"

Crowfeather flinched and Nightcloud growled at Webfoot, "Don't call him that! He came back to us, didn't he? That shows his loyalty!"

Webfoot seemed to take her words personally. He hissed and shrank away, stalking off with his tail high. Nightcloud turned to Crowfeather, nudging him once. "They will get over it eventually."

Crowfeather's neck fur bristled and he snapped at her, "I can fight my own battles, Nightcloud. Especially with my own Clanmates!" He whirled around and stalked back towards the camp. She was left standing there alone.

Why can't he see I was just trying to help? I am loyal to the Clan, loyal to him. I am a WindClan cat, too, we could be together! Being the only female without a mate, Nightcloud knew a lot of the toms were padding after her. But she didn't want them, she wanted Crowfeather! Why didn't he notice her?