Third Person - Both POV's

'What have I done? Where is he?' Nightcloud frantically searched for Webfoot, following his trail carefully, not daring to loose it. She returned to the camp the morning after her fight with Webfoot, and he hadn't been there. It was now sunhigh, and there was still no sign of him. A dreadful feeling stabbed her belly as she slipped out of the camp, her mind set on finding her Clanmate. Wherever he ran to, she was going to bring him home. She would fix this, they could be friends again, she just knew it.

Her search brought her all the way to horseplace, which did nothing to settle her nerves. Why would he be here? Surely he wasn't with Floss and the barn cats? No... his scent led the other direction. Nightcloud slipped under the chicken wire and clawed her way to the top of the wooden fence post for higher ground, her pale yellow eyes searching for Webfoot. Her heart thumped. 'Please, StarClan, let me find him.'

Webfoot lay in the field, barely hanging onto life. He had done it; he had jumped to his death. The horses' heavy bodies stomped on his as they raged by. His bones felt like they were shattered, his fur was torn and scattered about. He looked mangled and bloody. He fought for breath. A voice, sharp and worried, sung into the still noon air.

"Webfoot?" That voice. He knew she would come, it was why he had clung to life for so long. He needed to see her one last time, needed to look into those beautiful eyes. Lifting his head seemed to take more effort than all the battles he's ever fought.

He mewled, "Nightcloud." He coughed heavily, a little blood trickling from his mouth. He was a mess; he should have run from those horses. He could see Mudclaw and Tallstar waiting to take him to Starclan. They had been here for a while, but he'd refused to leave. Not yet, not until he saw Nightcloud. The black she-cat turned her head and narrowed her eyes, focusing on the battered scrap of meat. Horror made her want to be sick but she held down her breakfast, somehow. She catapulted from the perch and darted across the field, making it to Webfoot's side in just a few short spurts. She crouched beside him and covered him with licks, purring.

He smiled, "Nightcloud..."

She locked eyes with him, hers brimming with despair and regret, guilt. This was her fault and she knew it. It WAS her fault, partly, but it was his too. He lost sight of what was really important, his life as a warrior.

She shivered. "Oh, dear StarClan, Webfoot. I'm so sorry; I didn't mean any of it! I do care about you, I really do!" Her words were heart-felt and sincere, and Webfoot was comforted deeply to hear her say it. I guess it's true, isn't it? You never realise how much you love something until you lose it. Webfoot lowered his head and trembled, his body convulsing.

He coughed for a few seconds. "Nightcloud, I love you. Tell the Clan I'm sorry. I'll see you in StarClan." His gentle words died out and his body stopped moving. He fell limp- it was over. Nightcloud tossed her muzzle back and yowled, grief and loss riding on her bitter lyric.

He was right; they could have been great together. They could have had a family and been happy forever and ever, after they both joined StarClan. Now his life was taken too early because of her, because she was too blind and ignorant to see beyond her childish crush. Because she could not grasp who was really important to her until he was gone. He had tried so hard, but she ignored him. Now he had taken his lifeā€¦

Because she never noticed him.