Ronin Warriors

Vampire Warriors

Chapter 1 The Plan Against Opposed:

"Now is the time we all band together and destroy these demons who took away our family and friends! Who's with me? Who's tired of having to mourn over the loss of the ones you cared for and loved?"

Around thirty people crowded a good sized medium brown bricked building that was built for any kind of meeting, such as this one.

"Governor Spiner's right!" A man in his forties with dark short brown hair piped up, standing now. "We can't just sit around and let these damn Vampires take any more lives!"

Now, all that were present stood shouting in agreement, their fist hitting the air.

"Let's make these Vampires pay for what they've done," a man in his late twenties with spiked black hair with red tips said.

"They took away my only son! Turned him into one of them," a woman in her early fifties with curly red hair cried!

As many more others screamed out what they wanted or needed to say, the governor finally got everyone's attention by calming them down in order to get on with how to dispose of as many Vampires as they can get. "Alright everyone, calm down. Let's get down to the real reason why we're here. We must come up with a plan to destroy these creatures."

"I think we should get it all over with tonight," a man in his thirties with blond, almost non-existent hair said. "Sneak into their lair without them ever expecting a thing, and attack them before they could ever attack us."

Agreement once again filled the room.

"Then it shall be done! These Vampires lives will be no longer!" With that, Governor Spiner snapped his fingers at the three guards to go get weapons out of a good sized walk-in-closet that held cargo for any kind of situation.

The closet was eight feet away from him to his left in the wall behind him.

The guards came out with big boxes loaded with many different sizes and lengths of stakes, many different containers of holy water, lots of fresh garlic, and many torches. No crosses since many centuries ago it was finally written that crosses can't harm a Vampire, though that knowledge was lost or almost lost in some countries and states.

Everyone was then asked to make a single file line to collect one of each.

As this conference and now the gathering of weapons proceeded, the humans never thought twice that they would be watched, watched by two yellow cat-like-eyes that could glow red, how, the humans couldn't figure out, from above.

Up on the roof there is an easy opening, an access thought to have been sealed off after an incident that happened three years ago involving ten humans getting killed by Vampires in one night. They weren't turned, they were all sucked dry of their blood.

From that easy to get around so-called blockage, there's a passageway that can lead to a part of the ceiling that has beams that are put into different angles that make great shaded hiding spots.

While the humans gathered up what they needed, the eyes that were watching them went back to where they came in from and started jumping from roof to roof to quickly get back to his clan to warn his leader and the others on what is about to go down.

He got to the lair and quickly ran to where their leader was, nearly running into other Vampires on his way there.

Before he got to his leaders domain he cried out his name through the corridor. "Ryo! Ryo!"

Ryo looked up from his dinner, his fangs going back to their human appearance.

Finally he saw the one who called out his name.

He wasn't the type to want/have to be called master. It wasn't his style since every Vampire was family, even in non-related terms, he didn't want to be known as just their leader or king of the Vampire clan. Being called Father or just Ryo was good enough for him.

For his second in command, everyone but his friends and actual family would have to call him master.

Ryo was one of his best friends, and even if he wasn't, he'd still be able to call him by name since he was the main ruler.

"Rowen?" He looked down at the man, his other best friend and lookout, who was bowing down to him on one knee. "What did you find out?"

Rowen looked up at him and said, "the humans are planning an attack tonight. We must hide the young, their mothers, and the women who are pregnant. We must prepare for a war the humans are bring to our lair."

"What items are the humans bringing here?"

"All of them. The garlic, torches, holy water, and the stakes."

Ryo looked away from him, looking toward the doorway with a serious face now. "Rowen, get Kento and start preparing everyone for a battle. Have all female mates and all the children in the safety den, posting two guards in that area. I'll get Sage and notify him on the situation. If the humans want war, then they're going to get it!"

"Yes sir," Rowen agreed with an evil smile! With that he got up, took a dark blue Kanji ball out of his black ripped jeans, held it close to his body for his normal clothes to be exchanged for sub-armor, and was out the room in a matter of minutes to get things ready for the war.

Before Ryo was to leave, he turned back to his dinner and walked back over to it.

The dinner moved, eyes opening-swollen red from painful tears-focusing on the object standing above him, but was unsuccessful.

"Ah, I see you're awake. You had me worried there for awhile. I thought you were going to be dead much sooner than usual, but I guess not. You humans always have that will to live thing goin' on nowadays, and it's starting to get really irritating." Ryo got down on his knees beside his meal and with a curious face asked, "why is that? All you humans ever seemed to know is death, not counting your old age thing, but the always wanting to kill each other-your own kind-even killing yourselves. So why struggle for life if that's all you are, murderers?"

The man tried to respond to that, but all that came out was a gurgle sound.

"Right! Of course you wouldn't be able to talk, your blood was being drained," he smiled!

"There's one more thing that I need to say before you leave this world. And it is, do you know who the real enemy is?" He looked angrily at him. "It's you, you stupid humans! You all think that we're the real bad guys when, in fact, it's you! My people would never kill because they want to, never commit suicide, nor will we ever harm each other even when angered!"

He got up, did the same as Rowen by taking out his own Kanji ball-which was a red one-got into sub-armor, went back onto his knees, then said, "well, I have to go and fight in a war on which you humans started, not us. And they're making me waste a perfectly good meal! Your blood was sure tasty! Cye's sure going to be disappointed that I wasted a flawlessly good meal. You would know him, you met at a stores' parking lot before ending up unconscious. But since I may be gone for awhile, I'm forced to have to be nice enough and end your suffering early."

Ryo picked the man up by his hair. The guy protested with once again another gurgle. "Don't worry, it'll only hurt for just a second." Still holding onto the man's hair with one hand he took his other hand and brought it to the guy's throat and twisted, snapping it in two.

He let the body fall to the floor without a care.

Ryo left to first find Sage then to help defend his people and their home.

Everyone from the conference walked quickly, but cautiously, through the lit up streets to the Vampires Mainland. Gov. Spiner leading the way.

Some had their torches already lit, others had stakes out ready to strike when needed, and the rest had garlic around their necks and holy water in their hands.

This part of the town was totally and utterly off limits to any and all humans, including during the day to be on the safe side.

There had been many counts of people wanting to slay the demons during the day, since that's the time the Vampires are asleep. But what has been found out is, that no matter what type of day or night it is, the Vampires would know that you're in their territory, even when they're fast asleep. Apparently their sense of smell is always on 24/7.

For the ones who decided to attack the beasts during the day, either never came back out again or only came out during the night.

"We're almost there," Gov. Spiner announced! "Remember, do not let your guard down no matter what! We must do what we came here to do and not give up until our job here is done!

"Once we arrive to their homeland, we must remain silent for a surprise attack."

"Great, we have to fight the humans once again," Cye said sarcastically!

"That was 800 years ago, Cye," Ryo responded looking to his right and past Kento his main guard of the Vampire clan. "It was our father's and the other elders who fought the first human war against us. The five of us weren't even a year old yet." The five he was referring to were Kento, Rowen, Sage, Cye, and himself.

"Yeah, I know that. And I know that this is only the second time in history with us having a war against the humans. But I don't know about you, but I didn't signup to have to be forced to fight with them. Armor or not."

"Are you saying that you don't want to help us fight," Kento asked surprised? "Even after so many centuries of having to be trained to fight after that first war and when we reached the tenth year of our existence to be prepared if that kind of war were to happen again? Well, that day has come, and you're not going to put those centuries of training to the test?"

"I didn't say that. Of course I'll help defend my own people. I'm just saying that I wish we didn't have to fight, I don't really like fighting."

"None of us, not counting Kento and one of his daughters, like to fight," Rowen said.

"What can I say," Kento said putting an arm around his daughter who was behind him. "She takes after her old man." He smiled.

His daughter, Cora, smiled back.

"But we have to in order to survive, whether we like it or not." Rowen finished.

Cye just shrugged, "yeah, I guess. I just hope that there's no more after this."

"Agreed," Sage said finally speaking up after listening into the conversation.

"Alright, now everyone. The second we sniff these humans blood, that's the que that we all must go and be completely silent until they're right in front of us for our surprise attack," Ryo ordered.

"Ha ha," Kento laughed! "This is going to be fun turning their own surprise attack against them! It'll show them that you can never get anything past a Vampire!"

"Oh yeah! Put it there!" Rowen walked up to him from the other side of Ryo, next to Sage, and they did a knuckle high-five.

Suddenly every Vampire went silent, Rowen going back into position next to Sage without making a sound. All eyes looking forward toward the humans scent that was coming closer to their lair.

They all stood in readiness, weapons at the ready along with their fangs, hidden in complete darkness in their long corridor about 20 feet away from the entrance.