(A/N: I don't usually write about Nessie, but I liked the idea of her rebelling against her mother. Enjoy!)


Why is she doing this again?

Because her mother deserves to have something in her life not turn out perfect.

"Mother?" Nessie says in her high-pitched voice, looking Bella straight in the eyes.

"What is it, Renesmee?" Bella asks, ignoring the scowl on Nessie's face as her full name is used.

"Why can't you be more like Leah?" Nessie's voice is innocent sounding, but all she really wants is to cause destruction.

Bella's face is a mask of shock, and she tries to hide it as she replies, "Leah Clearwater?"

Nessie nods and rolls her eyes, wondering how many Leah's her mother knows.

"Why do you want me to be like Leah?" Bella asks, sounding like she is talking to a small child.

"Becauseā€¦" Nessie knows exactly why. Because even though Leah hates her, she doesn't forget that she exists, like Bella does when she's around Edward. Leah talks to Nessie like she's an adult, not like the rest of the world that acts like she's a little kid. Because Leah doesn't depend on a boy to live her life, because Leah's a strong role model for Nessie.

"You know what," Nessie mumbles, "Forget that I asked."

With that, she shuffles away from Bella, reasons for wishing that her mother was more like Leah still swirling in her head.

Bella deserves to have something in her life not turn out perfect.

If only Renesmee had the courage to be the imperfect thing.

(A/N: Was Bella in character? I'm still not great at writing her. I don't have to ask if Renesmee's in character, because I know that it's totally possible that she could have turned out like this. And I agree with Nessie in this, that there needed to be something in Bella's life that didn't turn out perfect, and that Leah's a better role model than Bella. Let me know if you see any typos, and reviews are love!)