A/N: I made up names for this story because I was getting tired of researching names for my stories—but I'm doing this one time, and one time only!! And remember that I don't own anyone from the WWE (I only own Katrina and any other OC I put in here). Enjoy!!


List of Characters/Descriptions:

Reptilians: A race of lizardlike vampires. They aren't the kindest of creatures either. When they kill their prey, they rip out huge chunks of skin and prefer to feed from the large wounds they leave on their victims until they stop breathing. They also possess psychic abilities that ordinary humans would never understand and when it comes to finding their prey, they will use everything in their power to break them down and/or kill them.

Kelkiar Haitinen (Matt Hardy): The oldest Haitinen brother, Kelkiar is said to be the strongest of the Reptilians. He is also the leader of this race of vampires—but even his strength alone cannot help him in his battle against Imniar Eskatiel, who attempts to kill him in a fit of rage in order to become the next ruler of the Reptilians.

Neijior Haitinen (Jeff Hardy): The youngest Haitinen brother, Neijior may not be as strong as his brother Kelkiar, but he is the most dangerous. He strives to be everything Kelkiar is, but when Imniar almost kills Kelkiar, he goes as far as banishing Imniar—and then deals with him when they cross paths in later centuries.

Kysandior Tanjara (Batista): Kysandior may be older than both Haitinen brothers, but he is a fierce warrior who prides himself in destroying anyone in his path. He becomes Kelkiar and Neijior's guardian after their father dies in battle—ironically, it is Imniar's father who kills their father. Kysandior manages to save himself when he beats the hell out of Imniar during a fight brought on over the stupid competition that is discussed in the story.

Imniar Eskatiel (Randy Orton): Kelkiar's archenemy and rival. After his father kills Kelkiar and Neijior's father in battle, he seeks to rule the Reptilians. Of course, after losing a competition against Kelkiar, which results in his being ridiculed by the entire kingdom, he plots to kill both Haitinens, but settles for attempting to kill Kelkiar and their guardian, Kysandior, instead. This never happens—Kysandior casts a sleeping spell on Imniar, which was to keep him asleep forever, but his brother, Niarchos, who manages to go through the centuries ripping a path of destruction, finds a counterspell which wakes him just in time to see Neijior wake up from his own sleep and seek out the "Chosen One".

Niarchos Eskatiel (John Cena): Imniar's oldest brother. He is just as dangerous as Imniar, but uses his extreme knowledge to exact punishments onto all who oppose him. A master of all kinds of weaponry, he fights with Kysandior throughout the centuries—but only because he is always trying to help his brother kill off the Reptilian royal family—he never succeeds, because he is always being prevented from doing so.

Katrina Nielsen: The so-called Reptilian "Chosen One."A bright young woman of 28 with a good head on her shoulders, Katrina is beautiful, but can also hit a mean left hook if she needs to. After finding out that she is in danger, she tries to keep a low profile. That is shattered, however, when Imniar and Niarchos set out to find her and Neijior arrives just in time to start protecting her. Can she save herself before she is destroyed?