I came up with this while watching the 45th Anniversary Edition of Mary Poppins, while being sick. This is totally possible. Yes, I know I find Doctor Who in just about anything. Just ask my friends. Read, review, ENJOY!!!!

Ten Reasons Why Mary Poppins is a Time Lord

1. She is the littlest bit vain. "Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect in Every Way. The Doctor is always like "I'm Clever", "I'm Brilliant"

2. She appears out of nowhere. Mary floats out of the sky on her umbrella, while the Doctor "whooshes" around in the TARDIS.

3. "And I wear shoes of the sensible kind!" Mary Poppins and the Doctor have a practical sense in footwear. He wears sneakers, while she wears plain boots.

4. They fall in love with humans. Mary and Bert are a perfect couple, while the Doctor has Rose (sort of).

5. They are British. (Self-explanatory)

6. They leave as quickly as they come. The Doctor stays until only the problem is solved. Mary Poppins "stays 'til the wind changes."

7. They make friends wherever they go. Mary has the chimney sweeps, while the Doctor has so many friends. Do Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, and Mickey Smith ring a bell?

8. Both try to help out everyone in need. The Doctor saves planets, and will listen to people others ignore. Mary helps families of all classes get together.

9. They use "Time Lord technology". TARDIS, anybody? Plus, Mary's carpetbag is bigger on the inside.

10. THEY USE SONIC SCREWDRIVERS!!!!! Mary's is just an umbrella.

Yes, I did use the London show lyrics for Practically perfect (see reason 3.) So, you like???? If so, or not, PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! I'm desperate. And while you're at it (shameless self-promotion) check out my other stories. Thanks!!!!! :)