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Ella Walter's casually walked amongst the crowded streets, determined not to be late for work. She had started working as an assistant to Kitty kwok 3 months ago and as famous as she was, when Kitty Kwok offered Ella to work for her, she couldn't resist.

Who wouldn't? Kitty Kwok was known to pay fairly well for a childcare industry.

Fortunately Ella managed to doge her way around and arrived to her workplace a minute before she was late.

"Good, you look presentable" Ms Kwok said eying Ella with approval, as much as she liked being paid good, sometimes working for this woman irritated her to no ends.

'She's always got to spot something wrong' Ella thought as if daring her employer to spit out those disapprovals that began shining in her eyes.

As if reading her thoughts, she took the dare, "What happened to your hair Ella? It looks like a bird has made a nest in it" Ms Kwok scorned her and sighed,

"Please at least clean that up before the children arrive"

"Ok…" Ella replied and forced a smile.

As soon as Kitty Kwok left the room, Ella Groaned irately and mimic'ed what she had been told. Someone by the computers laughed and she realized, rather embarrassedly, it was April.

"Oh!" Ella gasped immediately and felt a blush arise, "sorry I didn't see you there"

"It's ok, but please don't be mean" April smiled nicely, "she's just trying to help you become more presentable for this workplace"

Agreeing with her reasoning Ella didn't fight back, but she still didn't believe what she said, after all, she's just protecting her aunt like Ella would do.

After she fixed her 'birds nest' hair, the day past reasonably fast without any more occurrences with Kitty Kwok giving her rueful advice. It was about 5 pm when she was able to leave, but not before April's husband arrived,

"Oh Hello Ella" He greeted with a lopsided smile. "leaving already?" he asked her, his eyes slightly drifted lower for a second and Ella inwardly cringed. She never liked him at all.

"Yes" she told him with a neutral voice, "I have to do some shopping on the way so I better head off now" with that she maneuvered around him through the doorway while forcing a smile at Andy and April who came to greet her husband.

'Argh!. I don't know what she sees in him' Ella thought with a shudder, 'something sets bells off when I look at him'.

Being truthful to her words, Ella headed to the shops before it became too dark.

Just as she was around the corner she collided into someone else who seemed to also be rushing, both she and the person she collided into were knocked to the ground.

"Ouch" Ella groaned as she landed onto her buttocks, she looked up to apologize to whom she ran into and gasped instead.

"Emma?" the woman looked at her at the mention of the name and her eyes brightened.

"Ella?" She asked unsurely as to believing what she was seeing.

"um…How have you been?" She asked Emma awkwardly and stood up to help Emma up as well.

Emma accepted Ella's outstretched hand gratefully and pulled her into a hug, "I have been great. But you, I haven't seen you in ages"

The two Australian women grinned at each other, both equally happy to see each other.

"I really wasn't expecting to see you around with how busy it always is" Ella commented, "and much less at how we randomly collided into each other. I'm really sorry about that"

Emma laughed, pushing her messy hair behind her ear "Don't worry, I was in a rush too. Sorry I didn't see you either"

When she said that, Ella noticed that she nervously looked behind her at something, or rather, some boys who were coming nearby to them.

"Are you ….ok?" Ella asked cautiously while gazing occasionally at the nearing teenagers. The three boys seemed to be the troublemaking type too, singlets, tattoos, and definitely the way they walked stirred up trouble. One teenager in particular noticed Ella's gaze towards him and he winked at her slyly and smirked.

"Huh?!" Emma asked looking sideways again, "oh no! I'm fine. Really"

Emma's body started becoming tenser and she quickly looked at the time.

"Oh, I'm going to be late" she told Ella, "Listen, I'm sorry I can't talk more. I got to go" and with that Emma moved to walk away but stopped when one of the boys spoke up.

"Sorry Chica's did we split the reunion or something?" The tall Teenager in the middle spoke, he had so much confidence that Ella thought she'd drown.

"We thought we might stop and have a chat with you nice lovely ladies" he stated, looking at both Emma and Ella slyly.

"Uh. Sorry to burst your bubble" Ella told him flatly, "but we both have things to do" Emma grabbed Ella's arm to steer her in the same direction but the shortest of the teenagers jogged and halted in front of them.

"Uh-ah" he tittered growing a huge grin, Ella rolled her eyes; some men just never understood when they were being rejected.

Emma stiffened like a board and glared them in the eye.

"What do you want?" she asked them, looking both ways to keep an eye on all of them.

Something in their eyes changed as they all looked at Emma with a malicious grin.

"We hear you know the arts, and it seems reasonable" the one from the middle earlier spoke, eying Emma's body and Ella looked at her confusedly.

Emma's face held both worry and anticipation when she looked at her, "Trust me will you and don't go running" Emma warned Ella.

"Why?" she blurted confused, but before she got a reply, Emma pushed her into the brick wall behind her "Stay back!"

Everything from there happened so quickly, or to her disbelief, they were all moving so quickly.

Emma was attacked by the tallest teenager and she was able to quickly block the attack, and then punched him harshly in the head only for him to spill into black-like goo.

'Wait…'she blinked stupidly, '…he became…goo?!'

She began to feel lightheaded and leant against the wall as she saw the two other teenagers received the same fate, "What's. What's going on?" Ella whispered as Emma approached her, she hadn't realized that she had begun shaking uncontrollably.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that!" Emma told her, desperate that her friend was ok.

"What…in the world…was…that?" Ella tried to talk but was finding that it was very hard, and before she knew it, everything became dark.

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