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Chapter 4

Three days had passed by like a breeze to Ella, though; she still encountered a few conversations with the ever so charming Simon Wong. He had seemed to put a lot of flirtations in some of his sentences and only stopped when he noticed that Ella was growing uncomfortable. Kitty Kwok also seemed to grow jealous of his attention to her and continuously divided his attention away, to which, Ella was slightly grateful for.

Though she admitted to herself, that he was starting to grow on her. She shook her head, shaking away those thoughts that came back to her. He's just probably playing with your feelings Ella, don't fall for it, she thought solidly.

She pushed her blonde hair out of the way when she stood up from picking up crayon pieces that were dropped on the floor from the children. Ella suddenly felt slightly woozy and gripped the nearby desk, taking a seat on the desk to restore her balance.

"What's wrong?" April asked, she once again was over, visiting her 'Aunty'. Ella smiled warmly at her, she didn't mind April too much, and she was nice compared to Miss Kwok.

"Oh just had a bit of a dizzy spell, I might have to get it checked out, I have had it a lot lately." Ella said, half wondering if she was coming down with the flu.

"Hm. That's strange." April said absentmindedly. Her husband, Andy, just grinned, "You're probably just coming down with something."

"Yeah, Probably" Ella grumbled.

"How about you head off, your done now right? I'll tell Kitty for you." April said kindly, Ella nodded gratefully and said her goodbyes.

As if on cue, her phone rang as soon as she left. She looked at the caller ID and answered.

"Hey Emma. Going to tell me another of your stories?" She said jokingly. Emma's soft laugh was heard over the phone.

"Nah, it's ok. How about I come bring you over for dinner?"

Surprised, Ella said, "Oh, I just finished work…."

"Did you want me to give you a forty minute head start?" Emma asked, she was obviously grinning from the sound of her amusement.

Ella chuckled, "Yeah that'll be nice."

"Ok, we'll be there in probably an hour anyhow."

"Ok, well. See you then!" Ella said, and then hung up when she said goodbye.

Ella rushed inside her apartment, slamming the door shut and rushing into the shower. She refreshed herself and got into some nice outgoing clothes, a red V-neck blouse and an un-holey pair of jeans.

It was just 10 minutes until 4 when she heard knocking on her door. Knowing it was Emma, she grabbed her keys and handbag.

"Hey Emma!" she greeted cheerfully when she opened her door. Emma smiled back eagerly, "Hey Ella, ready to go?" she asked. Ella nodded and shut her apartment door, locking it. "Ok! Let's go."

Leo was in the car, nodding politely and driving them back to the Chen household. They took off their shoes at the entrance and went inside. Emma stopped her friend and warned Ella about Bai Hu.

"He did that to you?" Ella gaped at her after Emma had just finished telling her about meeting Bai Hu the first time.

"Yeah and he still seems eager to win me over. He's a ladies' man, apparently has a hundred wives." Emma told her, Ella was speechless and mouthed 'one hundred?'

Emma nodded, laughing, "And well…that's just human." She said slightly awkwardly, "and I don't want you to fall for any of his cheap tricks. You're like me; we're hard to win over." She grinned.

Getting used to the idea of the 'supernatural' world, Ella nodded silently, still amazed at how one man could have one hundred wives….but what did she mean about just human?

"Come on lets go inside." Emma encouraged, holding her friends arm and tugging her lightly inside, "He is a good person though, don't worry."

When they were inside, Emma took her around, giving her a small tour, stopping in the lounge room where Simone played with her toys. She looked up when they both came into the room, her eyes beamed at them both.

"Hello Emma! Hello Ella!" Simone smiled, getting up and rushing over to them. Both Ella and Emma gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Is Uncle Bai coming tonight Emma?" she asked hopefully, Emma nodded and she gave an excited squeal. "Uncle Bai is my favorite" she giggled, and rushed back to play with her toys again.

Monica was still there minding her so Emma took Ella out of the room where they both saw Mr Chen walking down the hallway. Once again he was dressed all in black, as Ella remembered seeing him last time.

"Hello Miss Walters." He greeted, Eye's shining brightly, "It's great that you are in good health."

"You too, Mr Chen" Ella nodded politely.

"Is Bai Hu going to drop by tonight as planned?" Emma asked. Mr Chen seemed to concentrate for a moment and then nodded, "He'll be here soon."

Ella looked at him bewildered, how did he know without calling?

Mr Chen and Emma didn't seem to notice her bewildered look. "I'm sorry you had to find out about my secret in worse circumstances Miss Walter's" Mr Chen said sympathetically, his eyes glittering with sincerity.

Ella smiled, "It's not your fault Mr Chen those…Demons we're the ones who caused this problem." She said lightly. He chuckled softly, "But still, my sincere apologies, I hope this hasn't affected you in any way."

Emma looked at Ella curiously then. Ella shrugged, "I'm really fine surprisingly. I'm not as…well scared as I would have thought to be." Ella said thoughtfully, she really couldn't say much of what she was feeling anyhow, they were mixed up.

"I guess I'm pretty open-minded, I did read and watch a lot of sci-fi shows years ago" Ella added, she grinned when Emma started laughing.

"That could be the reason." Mr Chen said lightly, his eyes were full of amusement. He then left the two girls to themselves, walking into the lounge room where Simone played.

Not much time had passed by when there was a commotion outside in the hallway; Ella looked to Emma for an explanation. "Bai Hu is here, he always makes a commotion." She told her with a roll of her eyes.

She got up and headed towards the door, "Let's go and I will introduce him." Emma said. Ella followed her out of Emma's room and down the hallway; they both could hear Simone's cheerful laughter in the lounge room.

"Can I have a ride?!" she asked excitedly as he held her, Emma had stopped at the doorway watching Simone cheerily. Ella looked in and stared at a man with pure white hair and sideburns, something that must take a lot of caring if it were dyed hair. He wore white clothes with a comfy zip up jacket that had gold lining the edges.

"I do that for you every time" he said, but Simone pouted. He grinned and placed her on the ground, "Maybe later."

Simone squealed happily and ran to her father, who sat casually on the couch. Bai Hu only then turned his attention towards Emma, standing in the doorway with her friend.

"Ah. Emma" Bai hu smiled warmly, approaching her and giving her a embrace. Mr Chen cleared his throat when Bai Hu held the embrace for a moment too long. He chuckled, looking at Mr Chen out the corner of his eye and whispered to Emma, "It was worth it."

"And who must you be?" Bai Hu said when he noticed a silent woman standing patiently behind Emma.

Emma looked at her, "this is my friend Ella Walter's…she was the one that…um...got a bit involved when I fought some demons." Bai grinned, looking at Emma and shaking his head with a mock scolding look on his face.

"Emma. Emma. Emma." As he said each word, his grin grew wider and wider. Mr Chen got up from his seat, staring pointedly at Bai.

"What's done is done." He told Bai casually, a small warning tone in his voice. "And we've asked if you would like to help assist in our explanation to Ella who still is quite unsure about our nature."

Bai Hu stared at Ella then, a charming grin rose on his face. He moved gracefully over to the still woman, "And just how may I prove to you about our nature" He almost purred, his tawny eyes were locked with her deep blue ones.

"You know, my nature as a Tiger, has incredible Stamina–" He was cut off by a growl from Emma, Mr Chen had also seemed annoyed.

"I knew this wasn't a good idea. You can't help but put your gritty paws on every single woman."

"Now, Now I do not." He said calmly, not breaking his contact from Ella's confused and blushing face. "I don't always go for every single woman."

" whatever your planning, do it later" Mr Chen said, glaring at Bai Hu who looked at him sheepishly.

"We just need you to help Ella understand that what we've said isn't something make-believe story" Emma said, seriousness evident in her voice as she glared at Bai Hu.

"Ok! Ok!"Bai chuckled and turned to Ella, muttering "They are just no fun are they?"

Ella seemed oblivious to what Bai Hu had tried, as she was too busy listening to their confusing sentences. "I don't understand what you all on about." She admitted, taking a step back, one thing she feared was being left in the dark, especially in situations like this.

"Bai Hu just take transformation." Mr Chen ordered suddenly, obviously sensing the overwhelming emotions coming from her.

Bai became serious suddenly, after the order by Mr Chen, he looked at Ella. "Don't worry about what your going to see next Ella, My Tiger form won't hurt you." He said.

Ella looked at him bewildered, taking another step cautiously back, Tiger form? What was he on about?

In front of her eyes, there was suddenly a huge white ferocious looking tiger. She screamed suddenly, falling backwards on to her back.

"It's Ok Ella" Emma reassured her, but it didn't seem to do as much good because Ella looked at her as if she had grown two heads.

"What! Are you Crazy?!" she gasped, the tiger moving forward a few steps, staring down at her.

"It's ok, It's me, Bai Hu" A voice said, Ella looked around in alarm. She took a few deep breaths and close her eyes for a moment, successfully calming herself before opening them again.

She stared at the huge tiger, watching as Emma approached it comfortably. Mr Chen also seemed calm, unaffected by the situation of a large carnivore standing in the middle of the room.

"Bai Hu…?" she questioned the animal confusedly. The white tiger seemed to grin widely. He nodded.

Emma said lowly, "Come on Ella, it's okay to approach him."

"Don't worry, I won't bite….much" The animal grinned again and he chuckled when Emma whacked him on the shoulder.

Holding her breath, Ella moved slowly towards Emma and Bai Hu. She reached out her hand and felt the thick fur around his neck. It was almost like silk. He started purring slightly when she brushed his fur behind his ear. Ella halted.

A small grumble rose in his throat. "That felt nice, why did you stop?" he grumbled.

"Are you ok, Miss Walters?" Mr Chen asked through the silence of the room.

"Uh…yeah…I think so" she muttered breathlessly. Bai Hu seemed to chuckle or at least something similar, Ella thought, it was a cross between a chuckle and a growl.

"She seems to be taking it rather well." He said, deeply impressed. Mr Chen Nodded in agreement, smiling with relief.

"You are impressive Miss Walters." He told her, satisfaction lining his words. Emma too seemed to be relieved with the situation; Ella herself didn't seem to be terrified at all.

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