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Chapther 1

She said yes!


"Sakura-chan w-would you go out with me?"

The wind blew through her short pink hair and whispered these words in her ear.

She turned and smiled.

"Of course Naruto-kun."

That's when my heart carshed into a million peacies,

They hugged each other.

My pale check was stain with tears.

They're lips met.

My peices of heart is blown away with the wind.

They turned and walked away, hands together.

I closed my eyes, trying to fight the tears.

I ran back home.

My heart beated in pain, pain, pain.

'Slam!' "Hinata is that you?" I made sure the tears were gone. "Yes Neji-nii!" I put on my best smile and walked into the living room. "Where were you?" I sat next to him on the sofa putting my legs up to my chin. "I was at a friend's house." "Which ones'?" "Ten-Ten." Neji nodded.

'Grrrrrraaaaa' I looked at Neji and saw his face turned red. "Dinner?" I suggested with a giggle. Neji nodded. I stood up and walked to the kicten. "What do you want?" I asked while looking in the cabnets. "Hmm." "Ra-...."

I plused. Ramen was Naruto's favorite food. I felt tears comng to my eyes. I had to get out there. I ran to the white and purple fish rest room, locking the dorr behide me. "Hinata!" Neji bang on the restroom door. "Hinata are you okay?" He said in a sweet voice.

"Y-yes nii. I'll be out in a sec, okay." "Are you sure?" "Yeah." I lean my back to the door. I cried until the pain will go away,but I knew it'll only fade. I couldn't let Neji see me like this. I wish he was out with his buddies or something then the house will only to be to myself, but then again I may do something I don't want to do.

My dad and little sister went to a meeting for about a year to Paris; they left three days ago. You see this is how it started, Naruto was one of Neji's friends. About four years ago I had a cursh on him, and a year ago I relatized I was in love with him.

But the heavens don't like me; he fell in love with a whore called Sakura. I mean. Kami! Sakura isn't a whore she is beauitful, graceful and nice. Right when I was going to tell him that I loved him: He told me if I can ask Sakura out for him.

I took a breath and looked in a mirror. I was a mess. I washed my face. Why couldn't I be pretty like her? I closed my eyes as tears were trying to escape. I took a deep breath in and opened them. Why couldn't I be tan like her instade of pale?

Kami I could blend into the wall! I turned I couldn't stand staring at the mirror anymore so I put my famous fake smile and walked out the door. "Hinata are you sure your okay?" I looked at Neji, his pale white eyes looked worry he put his hands on my shoulders.

I knew he was saying if I need a hug then it's okay to have one. "Yes Neji-nii. I'm fine!" I said with exra cheer, hoping he'll beleave me. I still gave him that hug for one reason I needed that hug. He tighten the hug.

Then he sighed. "Good. Lets go out." "We don't have to. I mean I could make dinne-" He put up his hand. "No no no. We are going out to eat and its final." I sighed. "I'll go change."

I walked up the stairs and into my white room. I looked in my coslet. Grab a blue shirt with the words love-less on it, I wished those words were real. But I know one thing; it'll be good to get out of this uniform. I took of my black tie, I was the only girl at my school who weared a black tie, and my white bottin shirt. I replace them with my shirt.

I found some dark blue jeans and put them under my school uniform lack skirt. I took off the skirt and put on my boots. One more look in the mirror, even though I didn't want to see myself, and down the stair I was.

Neji was already downstairs. He was wearing a black muscal shirt, which really did show how buff he was, blue jeans and some relagur shoes. "Ready?" "Let me get my wall-" "I'm paying." I nodded and we went out the door.

We walked down the street to a fast food palor. We sat next to the window. The crisp fries and hamburgers delighted smells hit my nose. I hope this will help me. I smiled, yeah! I'll get to have some french fries!

"Oi Neji!" A red-brown head sat next to Neji. " Hey Kiba." Neji said. Kiba looked at me, he was wearing a skull red shirt for all I know. Mabey some black jeans like he usual wears. Who knows.........Fries!

"Hey Hinata." "H-hello Kiba." He gave me his fang smile. "So are you going to get something?" "Kiba I'm not paying for you meal." "Oh come on! Neji!" I watch them argue about this one little topic. "Fine but you owe me!" Neji yelled. Kiba smiled.

"So Hinata how was school?" Kiba asked me. I really didn't want to answer. " I-I-It was okay." Kiba nodded. "Hey did you hear?" I looked at him. "Saskue came back." "What?" Neji asked with anger. I never knew why but Neji hated Saskue. I mean they were best friends when we were little then something happened.

"I thought he moved to the Star Village for good." Neji said. "Yeah me to." Kiba said while shaking his head. "May I take you older?" A brown head said. "Yeah I'll like a hambuger and fries." Neji said. "Same but make my hambuger a triple." Kiba said.

"I'll take a mini buger with fries." Fries! "No porblem." She wink at Neji. That didn't only get on my nerves but his too. Next thing may be an other number then the girl being angry because he didn't call her. Kami this gets annoying.

"Kami so he's back." Neji hissed. He looked at me. I blink. "Hinata what's wrong?" Oh no. "Nothing is wrong Neji-nii." I said. "Oi! Neji, Kiba!" Damn it I know that voice too well. He come while I lowered in my seat. He the blond hair god.

" Whats up Naruto?" Kiba asked. "Guess who just said yes." Naruto said while siting next to me. Damn it I felt the tears came to my eyes. "Uhh Naruto may I go by?" I asked while keeping of whatever strength I had. "Oh! I didn't see you Hinata-chan! I wanna thankyou so much." He moved over as I got out of the booth.

He go closer to me. "If it wasn't for you Sakura-chan would have never said yes!" He was going to hug me. I took a step back and started to run to the restroom after saying sorry. I closed the door of the restroom and started to cry again. Why the fuck do I have to be weak!

----Help me Please?----- ( -:-')(^.^)

Neji's left eyebrow went up. Sakura and Naruto....Hinata that must be what is brothering you. So much shit, first Saskue is coming back then Nartuo and Sakura? "Wow you finally got her?" Kiba asked. "Hell yeah!, belive it!" Naruto yelled with his fist in the air.

"Neji your quite." Naruto said. "I'm just thinking." Naruto and Kiba nodded. The waitress came back with the food and shakes. She notice Naruto. "Aww wheres the girl?" She asked. "She'll be back." "See looked at Naruto. "Would you like anything?"

Naruto thought for a momment. "I have a chesse bacon buger." He said. She nodded and went to go get it. Hinata sat next to Naruto. "Where did you go?" Neji asked. "I went to the back to call someone." "Hn."

Hinata started to eat. The waitress came back and put Naruto food in front of him. The four of then ate. Kiba, Neji, and Naruto threw food eachother. Hinata felt like she need to disapper.

-------------------The text is coming!----- (o.o)

I'm here

Are you here?

The one and only love?

I'm looking

I'm moving just for you

Did you wait?

Like the porsime

you and I made?

I'll be screahing

For my heart that you kept

For you heart that I'll take

I'm here

Oh Kami may you have mercy. The sky is dark and I just finshed unpacking. My brother, Itachi has to run our father's compeny, and I had to go with him. "Saskue! Dinner is ready." I sighed and got of the bed and walked down stairs.

Itachi, being an idiot, was wearing an apron that said 'Cooking or Sexy?'. I mean how the hell does he get these things?! "What the hell is up with your apron?" I asked him. Itachi turned and looked at him. "Hehe foolish little *hecup* brother! Your just mad that I'm hotter *hecup* then you!"

"How much did you have to drink?" "I can't belive you! *hecup* " I rolled my eyes and went to see what.........OH MY FUCKING KAMI !!!!!!!!!!! Kill it!!!!!!! "What the hell is that? Is that a shoe? Oh my kami! Did it just move!" "No silly!!! *Hecup* Why would a shoe be in chicken?"

"Wheres the chicken? And why is does it smell like gym....WHY THE HELL IS MY GYM SHORTS IN THERE!?" Tump. Great my oldder brother just fanited. I sighed and picked him up I walked up stairs and layed him in his bed.

I guess I'll be eating takeout. I grabbed the phone. "Hello how may I help you?" a strange voice said. "Yeah can I have the sushi meal." "What would you like to drink?" I smiled. "Strawberry Soda." It was aways her favorite, it was aways my favorite.

I wonder if she still lives here? Is she still the same shy beautiful girl that she was when I left? Does she even remember me? I hope she does. I wonder if her heart if taken....HA! I beat the ass that stole her heart.

ring Ring I opened the door and paid the ....uhhh what do you call him.......deliver boy. "Hey dude you your Saskue!" Slam Please no fanboys. Saskue sat on a chair. Think of her. Only of her. The one he turly loved.

The ture reason he come to this deadly town. "Ewww she cooks way better." I said while having my tounge sticked out, I missed her sandwitches. Saskue looked out the window. Tommorrow is when I go to school.

(^.) (o.o) .....epp

Tommorrow he'll see her.

Tommorrow her life wound shock her.


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