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Never Say I love you

Chapter 3

Time to catch up

I never wanted you to leave

I never wanted to leave

You were my best friend

You were the only one I could talk to

Its time

its time

Its time

To catch up

Smack! Saskue look at the girl in front of her. He lightly touched his red cheek. "What the hell?" He said.

"Now that we have that covered. Lets continue the tour will we?" Hinata said with a smile. 'Now that I showed how much I was angry at him for leaving me in hell...'

'Hahaha Wow, Hinata is still the only girl, that can control this boy.' Anko thought smiling to herself.

"Saskue-kun?" Hinata said while they left the office, hearing Anko laughing from Hinata slapping Saskue.

"Mhhm," he respond.

"Now that your back," she reached in and hugged his chest tightly. "I missed you, Saskue-kun. But if you ever leave me again I swear I will kick your pretty lil' ass"

"You look at my ass without permission? Wow that means I can look at yours!" Saskue said with a smirk.

He started to walk a bit slower and lowered his eyes toward her ass, which was covered by a backpack.

"Haha. You can't cause I has my backpack" Hinata said while sticking out her tongue.

"Careful Hyuga, I'll still bite that tongue of yours." Hinata eyes widen with the memories of him biting on her tongue hard enough to making it bleed.

"Um Saskue wouldn't that look weird after all we are in HIGH SCHOOL." She said making sure he heard the high school part.

"And? We're friends and that's what-ohhff- What the hell Hinata why did you stop?" He looked her direction.

"Pinky Bitchy got with Dope?" He saw the tear ran down her cheek.

'Fuck' He grabbed her waist and pulled her close to his chest and started to walk into an empty hall. He felt the tears on his shirt and tie.

"I'm sorry Saskue." She murred into his shirt. He hugged her closer.

"For Tenshi-chan?" Saskue whispered in her ear.

She lightly giggled. "I'm not an angel, *Kujaku-chan." she whispered into his chest.

"Ugh, Kujaku I haven't heard that in forever, maybe in too long." He said as he whispered the last part.

"Well you left, with no good-bye." Hinata said crying a little more, pulling away.

"What do you mean? I wrote you a letter and put what my number was on it." Saskue confusedly said holding onto Hinata not letting her go.

Hinata looked at Saskue. "No, you didn't."

"Yeah I did, Hinata, I swear I'll would never leave without a good-bye."

"Well, Saskue, you already broke that promise."

"Hinata I delivered it personality to your house." Saskue said.

"Saskue, don't lie."

"Hinata, look into my eyes and tell me one time I lied to you."

Hinata stared at his oral black eyes, and she couldn't think of one time.

She even remember once when he didn't hesitated to tell her that he beat up Naruto.

"None." she whispered.

"So why would I start now, Tenshi?" He asked in a whispered looking at her pearl eyes.

"I wouldn't know," she said. "A lot of people can change in four years, why can't you?"

He smiled at the question, 'Because I love you,'

"'Cause if you haven't notice all those years we were best friends, I'm not like everyone else. I'm still not afraid to tell you the straight up truth,"

Hinata nodded. Her face still red, the tears not stopping for a second.

Saskue tilted her head to face him. Her pearl eyes staring deeply into his oral black ones.

"Hinata,go out with me," he whispered.

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"Hey!!! Naruto!" Naruto looked back to see Kiba running towards him. "Hey have you seen Saskue?"

"Saskue-kun is back?" A squeaky voice said behind Naruto.

"Today was his first day, well Anko said that." Kiba said ignoring the pink head.

"Really? Wow he's back? I thought he was moving for good." Naruto said with a grin. "No, he's back Hinata is hes mentor."

'Why is that bitch always the lucky one? Ugh, well if Saskue is back then maybe I could make him jealous with Naruto.' Sakura thought.

"Naruto-kun...I'll be right back." Naruto nodded and continue to talk to Kiba.

"So he's back huh? Is that why Neji was all weird last night?" Kiba nodded.

"Wow, everything is gonna be back to awkwardness since him and Hinata were best friends."

"Yeah but like Hinata didn't find out until we told her," Kiba commented.

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"Hinata," Kiba said while the raven haired walked threw the halls looking around.

"I'm sorry Kiba but I have to find Saskue, I have to tell him something." She said.

"Hinata! Listen to Kiba!" Hinata stopped and looked at Naruto then at Kiba.

"Sorry, what is it that you two have to say?" She said sweetly, her face a bit red.

"Hinata, Saskue left. He went to the Star Village. He left last night."

Hinata stood there, her eyes wide. "I'm sorry Hinata" Naruto said softy.

"I...I have to go." She ran out the door.

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Sakura walked into the rest room. She check her make up and rechecked it. She pulled down her shirt a little and pushed up her breast.

She brushed her hair and smiled. 'Heh, Hinata you better step down Ha! Saskue is mine,'

She stepped out of the room.

"'Cause if you haven't notice all those years we were best friends, I'm not like everyone else. I'm still not afraid to tell you the straight up truth,"

She knew that voice to well. She peaked at the empty hall where the raven head and midnight head were hugging.

'What the hell?'

"Hinata, go out with me,"

'What the hell!? I swear *Kono Ama! I will get Saskue.'

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