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Well, this is the first time I've ever done one shots. This collection is based on my favorite stable The Brood. Each of these blonde wrestlers are handsome in their own way, but the stable did not last as long as it should have (stupid creative team for ruining the stable). So I thought of using these stories to bring them into a light that no one has thought of.

The title for this story is based on the first word of each of the three chapters. You'll understand when I start it off.

Anyway, enough rambling, I need to start on Christian's story.

Silence, Beauty and Eternity

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written by Green Phantom Queen

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Christian's story-Silence is Golden

Part 1

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Ever since that single moment, everything has become quiet.

I was already deep within the rooms of the hideaway that me and Master sleep in. He calls it the "Shadow Haven", because it's where dark creatures like me can get away from all the noise in the world. The only light that Master allows are the black candles flickering beneath the edifice, but I don't mind...because just like the flame of that candle, its life is short, just like mine was.

I heard footsteps coming toward me as I stared through one of the stained glass windows; staring at the small and colored reflections of myself. Long blonde hair going down my shoulders, my brow furrowed above my blue eyes. My mouth is a small frown as I place a hand against the cold glass, slightly shivering at its touch. I look at myself attentively, but I don't see myself at all.

"Anything bothering you?" A calm yet husky voice says to my ear. I turn around slowly, seeing my master staring back at me. You could say that he was like my older brother, or just a relative of mine; he had the same blonde hair I did, although shorter, and was shorter than me by a couple of inches. A major difference was that his eyes were an ashen grey, and that he had fangs hidden in his teeth. Gangrel as he's called—or as I call him, Master—was who you consider a father to me, because I lost mine long ago.

I shake my head and look away, staring at the window as it starts to pour outside. The rain was lightly tapping against the glass. Even after all this time, my mouth makes no movement, no sound, it just forms shapes. A small grin appears on my face, hearing the rain, until a streak of lightning flashes right in front of me. My eyes widened as I step back, but not seeing where I'm going, I fall, and hit the floor. I start to tremble furiously as the thunder started to boom. I cover my ears and close my eyes shut, turning away as another bolt of lightning appears. Master knows that I suffer from astraphobia—as it's supposed to be called—and places a protective arm around me.

"Shh," he whispers into my ear, his hand running through my hair. "Everything will be fine, I promise you that." That's what he says; ever since my twin brother Adam left me, he had been the only person who actually loves me. I hear faint rustling as I open my eyes slowly. A veil of large black wings have now covered me darkening my sights and blocking the lightning away. The thunder rumbled softly, but the rain still continued to pour.

I look up, seeing Master now in a kneeling position, wrapping his arms around my delicate torso, as I was a rare flower. To him, I was; I was nothing more than a clay china doll with beauty and grace. I was nothing more than his beloved treasure, something that he keeps clean and purified because he thinks that if it gets dirty, then it cannot be clean. I rest my head against his shoulder, bringing my knees to his chest, my blonde hair falling in front of my face. I always hated these types of storms, because they never seem to stop.

Eventually, Master soon retracted his wings, showing the darkened room all around me, and the glass window revealing the showering rain. All sights of the thunderstorm have vanished, and everything became silent once more.

I just stayed still, bringing my hands close to my chest, where my heart was supposed to beat. Then I remembered, I'm dead. And yet, my mind remembers what happened, and my heart still breaks down. A single tear falls down my face, splashing upon the ground as I start to sob; and I start to recollect what happened.

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It all began around 200 years ago.

My brother and I lived in a small village with our mother; our father had gone out to war and had not arrived for so many years. Everyday was an adventure, whether it was going by the brook, playing with some of the other children in the town, or the occasional festival and circus that happened to appear every now and then. We were told by our parents that the whole world around us was our play ground.

Everywhere, that is, except the old stone castle on the hillside.

Two hundred years before I was even born, it was home to the infamous Count Dracula. He had been killed after the villagers formed a mob to take revenge on what he had done to them. Unfortunately, they did not give him a proper burial, so when he started to decompose, he lived on as a deadly plague that affected everyone in the village. All that was left once the people died out were the decayed buildings, and the castle. It wasn't until a hundred years after the massacre that the town started to be rebuilt into the town I called home, my only home.

The legend of Dracula still lives to this day, as a warning for naughty children should they have misbehaved. They said that if they go walk up the steps leading to his door, counting each step until you reach thirteen, and call out his name, he appears to take your soul. One of the older village boys, Danri the Brave as we called him, had completed the legend, stating that no one arrived to steal his soul and that Dracula was nothing but a figment of the village people's heads.

A legend...yeah, that's what the grown-ups said about the werewolves roaming around our village. And then there was that conspiracy about fairies; they just never knew when to damage a child's imagination, did they? That's the reason the imagination was there, for children to create a world for their own. But, there are people who can keep their innocence, and those whose innocence was taken away from them by force.

Adam and I were only ten years old when I first visited the castle. My brother and I along with the rest of our friends were playing hide and seek in the forest. Adam was it and started to count to 100. Unfortunately for me, everyone else had taken the best hiding spots and it made me a sitting duck for Adam to find me. I heard his voice counting up to 50, and I began running past the forest, and away from the voices of my friends. I don't remember how long I ran until I heard Adam yell, "Ready or not! Hear I come!", but it must've been a while since I could no longer see the forest, and my eyes were already in front of a set of stone stairs.

Without thinking, I start counting the steps to wherever they'll lead me. My voice rang in my ears as I counted each step until I reached number 12. I noticed the last step in front of me, and said "thirteen" without any thinking. I looked in front of me, there was a giant wooden door with an iron door knocker, and my hand was reaching toward it. I felt so transfixed as to knock on the door, and then it suddenly opened. I gasped a bit as I stepped inside, a slight chill coming down my spine. All around me were cobwebs, dust and remnants of someone living inside. To my left was a spiraling staircase that seemed to go on for no end, and in what looked like the main room was an old fireplace that had a medieval coat-of-arms on the mantel above.

"Hello?" said a voice. I turned behind me, the door immediately closing by a gust of wind. But that wasn't surprised me; it was the person who appeared when I turned around. He looked similar to me, the same blonde hair, blue eyes and even his smile looked like mine. But what really scared was that not was he floating in the air, but I was able to see right through him. I said nothing as I started to step back, but he began to come towards me at the same time. My heart thumping against my chest, I turned around and headed for the stairs, not looking back. As I reached the top, I immediately found a door and I immediately opened it. With the last ounce of strength I had in me, I thrust myself in, closing the door behind me and laid my back against it, sitting down. I waited and waited, hoping that whatever I saw back there was just an illusion.

"It's not an illusion," a soft and deep voice said to me. I looked up, and saw the same boy—spirit, ghost, apparition, whatever it was at that time—standing in front of me! I screamed as I tried to open the door, but it was bolted from the outside.

"No!" I cried out, placing my arms across my chest in the shape of an 'x'. "Get away from me, you demon!" It was then I had realized that I had gone up to Dracula's castle, and counted the steps to his castle, Danri's warning started pounding in my ears. My soul was going to be taken away, and no one will know that I'm here; all they would find is a pile of dust and no evidence of me being there at all.

I started to cry out for my brother, yelling and screaming, tears pouring out of my eyes as I hoped and prayed for someone to come. My heart started to thump against my chest once more, as I felt myself breathing heavily. I knew what was coming; somehow I just knew that my life was going to flash in front of my eyes before this abomination decides to take my soul for whatever he wants to do with it for the rest of eternity. I didn't get to tell Adam how much I wanted to be like him, and I never told mom how much I loved her. These memories started to flood in my head as I waited for the inevitable to hit.

But it never came. Instead of everything turning dark, I heard something. It was the sound of crying.

I lowered my arms and opened my eyes, to see the young boy start to cry in front of me. Guilt ran through my body; I didn't mean to scare the little guy, he must have been more afraid of me than I was afraid of him. That's when I noticed something about him, or rather specifically, the room. Around me were remnants of what looked like someone living up here, and the stones in the tower were splattered with someone's blood. Did this child die some time ago from the plague? What happened?

I shakily stood up, trying my hardest to find the door handle and get myself out of this place before something went wrong. But something inside me said that it wasn't right for me to just leave him alone. I did the only thing that I thought that was right; I went up to him and talked to him, even if it did sound stupid.

"Are you alone?" I asked him. The spirit began to nod in reply, tears still in his eyes. He looked a bit frightened as I walked up to him. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Stretching out my hand, I smiled softly as he hesitantly placed his on top of mine. A small chill went down my spine when his hand went through my own, but I grinned all the same. Seeing this the spirit began to laugh; laugh as if he had never laughed in his whole life. Suddenly I also began to laugh, and soon the two of us were laughing as if we were best friends. It wasn't until I stopped laughing that I heard voices from outside. Walking away from my new friend I saw the whole village, and my brother calling for me.

"Oh, no." I said to myself. The spirit noticed my worry and gently floated to my side, placing his transparent hands on my shoulders. Ignoring another chill down my spine, I turned to him, saying that I had to leave. Noticing that he was going to cry again, I quickly added that I'd come see him again, which immediately brightened his mood. I gave him a quick goodbye, as I opened the door, not caring if it somehow got itself unlocked.

0 0 0 0 0 0

It wasn't long after that I got out of the castle, went down the thirteen steps and got back to the forest. I looked back at the castle, wondering if the little boy was still there, and if he was still watching me.

"There you are!" said a voice. I turned around to see Adam coming up to me, wrapping his arms around me as if I was going to leave very soon. The rest of the village boys ran up to the two of us, the expressions on their faces were full of relief to see me. I was immediately bombarded with questions from them.

"What happened to you?" "Where did you go?" "Are you alright"? Those were the general questions that I heard, with the rest of them being jumbled together due to everyone talking simultaneously. I got out of my brother's grip and began to explain my story. I told how I wound up at Dracula's castle, and counted the steps up to the door. I went onto explain about me going inside and seeing what looked like some sort of ghost living inside the castle. All of them were silent; no one made a sound as I continued my story, leaving out my encounter and "friendship" with the ghost boy that I had met. It wasn't until one of them said that it was getting late that we all started to walk home. I looked back at the castle one more time before I walked out of the forest, and into my home.

That night, I sat at my bed and wondered. What was that boy doing inside the castle? Was he a good spirit, or a bad one? And if he was a bad one, why did he let me leave?

I tossed and turned that night, trying to gather my thoughts. I doubt Adam or the rest of the boys would believe me, due to the words of Danri's warning still etched in their minds. That's when I thought of all of the signs that the adults said to make us think that the castle was haunted.

First was the legend that a person could hear a child crying when the wind howled. It meant that it was a soul that had been taken away by Dracula. But now, it just appears that it was just the young ghost boy crying, because he was all alone. And maybe the reason he was crying, was so that someone heard him and would go inside the castle to play with him. Unfortunately, all his crying did was just make everyone afraid of him, making him even more sad. I guess all of this must have created a really bad cycle of fear from the villagers, and isolation from the boy.

The second was of Danri's tale of the thirteen steps. I counted the thirteen steps—well I must've done it subconsciously since I didn't remember myself thinking it—but I didn't see Dracula come up to me. Maybe the reason they bring that up is because there was some sort of "presence" that would cause the door to open and lead you inside. I think that was just the ghost boy believing that there was someone who was going to play with him, since he just wanted to have a friend.

Last but not least, was the idea of the castle being completely empty because everything was destroyed in a huge fire. That was a maybe for me; there was so much stuff and it looked like it was used recently. I think they also made this up because no one—except for me that is—has ever been there for hundreds of years. They must have been afraid that Dracula still haunted that place, and that he would bring in another plague to shroud the town.

All of this equaled one thing: That everything that the whole village had said was pure, and total crap.

As I closed my eyes, I began to dream about the little boy who was still in the tower of the castle; waiting for me to come back and play. Waiting for his first friend in so long, to visit.

0 0 0 0 0 0

Five years had passed since that day. During that time, my promise with the little boy had disintegrated into nothing, and I was living a happy life alone with my brother—because our mother died just a year before another plague came in.

I still remember the events of what happened. Rats started to grow and multiply due to our abundant crops. And where there were rats, there were fleas; fleas that carried diseases that started to attack and harm everyone in the whole village, big and small. No one was safe when the disease began to spread; and yet Adam and I became the only survivors—I still can't believe that we were able to leave unscathed, because everyone we cared for—friends, family, the village folk...everyone wasted away in front of eyes, and there was nothing the two of us could to stop it. We ran away to make sure we couldn't succumb to such fate, and try to live a life free from worry or danger; we headed toward the forest, our secret haven.

Before we left to the forest, we went to mother's grave and gave her our final goodbyes; knowing that we would never see her again. Gathering a few provisions that were left in the town, we left our village forever. We didn't know where to go (since we never left our village or the land surrounding it), so we decided to stay at our old hideaway in the forest near Dracula's castle. It was fun while it lasted; in the morning we went fishing in the brook, in the afternoon we were searching for roots and nuts to eat, and by evening we were sleeping together under the stars. Unfortunately, our luck was running out, and we were going to die in the forest. Food was getting scarce as the year was ending and everything starting to become cold. Very cold.

"We're going to die," said Adam, hugging me tight on that day. It was winter, with only five weeks passing by since we ran away. The snow blanketed everything around us, leaving only a white, cold and icy floor for us to walk on. Our clothes had been tattered, and any footwear that we had with us were now tattered and worn out. We had blisters and bruises from trying to hide in the trees, and falling upon the harden dirt. We had currently wrapped each other in a tight embrace, trying to use our body heat to keep each other warm. But that wasn't the only thing that worried me; what worried me was Adam, my older twin brother was crying. I never saw him cry—even when we found out our dad died during the war and our mother's death—but now he was just bawling like a small child lost in the wilderness. I was starting to get worried, not only for Adam's sake, but for my sake. Our bond was so close, so strong, and if we lost that bond than that was it.

As the two of us were waiting for Death to come, I heard something in the wind. Opening my eyes, I looked across from the forest, seeing a young boy laughing. I blinked my eyes, to make sure what I was seeing was real. He was standing there motioning me to come toward him. I just sat there not sure what to do; either I follow the boy to my doom, or freeze to my death with Adam. But for some strange reason, it felt like I had to be there, with that young boy. So I stood up, and began to run. Even with the snow crunching on my feet and numbing my body, I still continued to run. Noticing this Adam started to follow me, telling me to wait up.

"Wait up!" he cried, catching up to me when were out of the forest. He stopped as he looked up, seeing a set of stone steps neatly covered in the white snow. Shivering from the cold, I looked at Adam stretching out my hand to him. He nodded and took it as we ran up the stairs and to the door. In my eyes the little boy had vanished into thin air as we finally approached the closed door. I blinked again to make sure everything was alright with my vision, hoping that whatever I saw wasn't just an illusion.

"I remember this place," I suddenly said aloud. "It's Dracula's palace; I went inside the castle when we were playing hide-and-seek all those years ago...."

"It's better than freezing in the cold then," Adam said, trying to grab the handle of the door. Unfortunately, since we were both in the frost, his hands began to feel numb as he grabbed onto the iron knocker. "T-there must b-be a fireplace in there f-for us to warm up, right?"

I was too cold to say anything, so I quickly nodded my head. Suddenly the door opened by himself; Adam in his shock fell down on the floor, and his bottom got covered in wet snow. I helped him stand up as we entered the castle. The minute the two of us had entered, the door closed behind us and sealed away all of the cold wind away from us. We found a large and decorated fireplace already burning against a set of smoldering logs and smiled in relief. I did a quick search while Adam stared in awe at the place; everything was the same as it was five years ago, except that it was clean, as if someone was currently living here.

I was about to say something to Adam, but seeing how much we had to go through these past couple of weeks, I could just leave it for tomorrow. After all, even I didn't want to become a human snow sculpture inside the damn forest. And since someone had lit a fire, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if two young boys sleep near it for a few hours.

Walking toward it, we felt the intense warmth from the flames starting to fill us up. Near the fireplace was a nice rug that was for decoration. Smiling to each other we laid each other down to sleep, snuggled in a soft embrace as all of our worries and fears were carried away.

"Good night," we told each other as we closed our eyes.

0 0 0 0 0 0

I lost track of time after that, being wrapped in my brother's arms just to make sure that he was there. Suddenly I heard a large yell that echoed a cross the room, making me come alert. I immediately sat up, gasping for breath seeing my brother being attacked by some strange person. He looked similar to our father: wild blonde hair down to his shoulders, grey eyes and pretty tall. But what really scared me was the sharp fangs that were near my brother's neck. I immediately stood up and charged myself right up to him, tackling him into the ground.

"Leave my brother alone!" I cried, standing up. "Why are you attacking us?!" Adam and I stared at the man with worried glances as we stepped back. He stood up, and started to laugh; laugh loudly, madly, harshly. Words could not describe the feeling that we had in us: fear. Both of us were trembling at this madman, his grey eyes dancing madly and those fangs glistening with hunger. I tried to be brave, but my feet felt like jelly and couldn't move. Adam sensed this and immediately rushed to the fireplace, which had already gone out. Picking up one of the burnt logs in his hands, he charged up to the monster and swung it...hard.

With a loud thud, the man's head snapped back as Adam gasped for breath. I did too, my heart was pounding near my chest and I was really getting worried.

"Let's get out of here!" I said, grabbing onto my brother's arms. "Follow me, we'll take the stairs!"

It didn't take that long for Adam to understand what I was saying as we climbed up the winding staircase. The two of us were tempted to turn around, to make sure that the person wasn't following us; but we didn't and continued our running, wondering if we were able going to escape. I was praying to any deity above to have pity on us and to not make us food to the mad man; Adam might have been thinking the same thing too.

Finally, we reached the same door I entered through in my past, and it was open. Jumping in, we once again closed the door shut, leaning back. Seeing the worried looks on our faces we smiled in relief as everything became quiet...too quiet.

"Is he gone?" Adam croaked out, trying his hardest not to say anything to make that madman hear us. "Are we safe yet, Christian?"

"I don't know," I replied, still asking myself that same question. We then became silent, the only thing that was heard was the cold wind blowing into the window in the tower, and our ragged breathing. We were beginning to wonder if that man was still there, looking around for us, trying to search every nook and cranny of this whole castle before he found us. Right now we had a couple of choices.

One, we exit the door and try to sneak out of the castle while he's not looking...and end up being killed in the process.

Two, we could try and jump out of the window....and plummet to our deaths.

Three, we wait until he finds us and end up having being killed.

All in all, we were doomed. There was nothing to do but just wait for the inevitable; and to think we were going to survive being the only survivors of the village. Memories of being around our friends, meeting up with the young girls, being tucked to bed by mom; they were gone...everyone was gone. I started to cry, the tears began to fall down once more, and this time I wasn't alone. Adam was also crying with me as we were wrapped in a small embrace, trying to keep warm. The musty smell of the room and the cold air was making a bad combination, and we were stuck in the middle.

I suddenly felt something coming for us. Some sort of presence surrounded the whole room, sending a chill into my own soul. I gripped my brother's arms tight, but my eyes were looking down at my feet; and the black mass of darkness that was rising up from below. The figure was slowly rising up from the ground, his blonde hair and grey eyes immediately got my attention to the man from downstairs. In his hands were a bloodied sword, and his face showed hunger, madness, evil....This was not good.

"What do you want with us?!" I told him, standing up. "What would be the point of killing us now?! If you let us stay here, then...then..."

"Then you could give us a slower and more painful death...ensuring you to see us being dying away slowly in front of your eyes?" Adam added also standing up. We looked at each other briefly as the man started to laugh at us. His grey eyes staring at us, along with that wicked smile that was on his face showed us the inevitable.

"Poor, poor souls." he said in a crazed tone. "If I let you stay here then you'll escape and tell people to kill me; just like they did 300 years ago! They killed him! They killed him!" At that point, it looked like he was about to cry, tears falling down his face mixed with the anger and hatred in his voice. I didn't know whether to feel a bit sorry for the man, or more afraid of what he could do to us in his emotional turmoiled state.

"I can't take the risk of you trying to kill me." He said, the sword raised to strike. "So I'll make sure no one hears from you again!" Time started to go slowly as Adam and I looked at each other, holding our hands, knowing that there was nothing we can do to stop the man. Just as the blade was near my chest, a bright light appeared, blinding the three of us. I heard a loud thud as it transpired, so I had assumed that the man dropped the sword to shield himself from the light. It was just the same though, he'd eventually pick it up once the light faded and then we would be killed all the same.

The light started to dim, and began to form a shape. We were then seeing a young boy looking similar to the man except that he was transparent. My eyes widened in surprise as a memory started to appear in my mind. It was the little ghost boy...who I broke my promise with.

"It's you." I said to the young boy. The young boy turned around and nodded his head, a big smile on his face, despite the fact that I had not seen him again in over five years. He took his hands into mine, and the same cold chill from years before went into my skin. I—despite of the crazed man in front of us, and my older brother looking at me strangely—gave him a smile, and he started to laugh again, but I didn't. I looked at my brother nervously while he gave me a small glare.

"Um, yeah." I said to Adam. "Look I know I've kept something out of this whole story I told you. But for a good reason...I mean, would you seriously believe that there was a ghost in the castle?"

"He's not a ghost." The two of us gasped in shock, looking at the older man, rather, looking at the wings that were growing from his back. The young boy stared at the man for a while; as if he was staring into this person's soul. For a while Adam and I just stood there, not saying anything, not doing anything, just looking.

"All right, I understand." Hearing that the little boy started to laugh again, jumping up and down with happiness. The ghost then proceeded to wrap his arms around my waist; but because he was transparent, they went right through me, covering me with a cold chill.

"But you do mean, this is good bye." The ghost gasped a bit, looking at the older man with tears in his eyes, shaking his head. "I know, you want to stay with him, but you do know the deal."

"What deal?!" My brother said angrily at the man. "What's going on?! Who is this boy, and why does it know my brother? And who are you?!" The last part was finished with a finger pointing at the man. "Who the hell are you, and why were you trying to kill us?!"

The man smirked at us, his fangs biting on his lower lip so blood started to fall down his chin. If I wasn't so scared, I would've went to the window and hurled out anything that was left in my stomach. It was at that moment that I had one hypothesis for that man; that was a vampire.

"First off," He said, wiping off the blood with a sleeve. "You'll need to know a bit about what happened here before I tell you that." He looked at the little boy who had just covered his face with his hands, as to not show all of the tears that were pouring down. "If it makes you feel better, you can tell them you're part of their story, but after everything is said and done, you have to leave."

The little boy smiled a bit and started to clap his hands. He then stopped when he realized what the older man was saying and tugged on his sleeve, begging him to not let him go to...wherever he was supposed to go. For some strange reason, his hand seemed solid when touching the fabric. But Adam and I didn't pay any attention to it, still staring at the boy in some confusion on what was going on.

"I know you—I mean, we—haven't been so closely attached so someone ever since he died," A sigh came out from the older man's lips. "And I know you want to stay with him, but we both made a promise, and you know the thing about promises; we have to keep them." The little boy shook his head, covering his ears with his hands as he stepped back mouthing out words that none of us could hear.

"No," he said softly, slowly starting to reach a crescendo. "No, no, no, no, NO!" At that last cry a bright light shone from him, and while not as deadly as the first one, I saw something growing from his back. It looked like a combination of a pair of black wings and a hourglass. The grains of sand in the hourglass was pouring down to the other glass, and from the looks of the amount of sand still on the top part, he wasn't going to last long. But what in the world was going on? Why did this man said "we" and what was this promise that he kept?

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" The boy cried out. He was on his knees now, tugging on the stranger's wings. Interesting enough the man just stood there, as if he had been used to seeing the young boy go through this before; until he did the unthinkable and slapped him across the face, so the boy collided into the stone walls. He whimpered a bit, holding his head in pain, staring at all of us with large grey eyes brimming with tears.

"Hey!" My brother said, going down to comfort the boy. "What was that for?!" Even though the young boy was scared, he shakily got on his knees and wrapped his arms around Adam's neck; or at least tried to, since his arms went right through my brother's neck. All throughout that room, combined with the snowy wind that entered the room, was the little boy's howling cries, just making everything more sad, depressing, and gloomy.

"Sorry," the man said sarcastically, before returning to his normal tone. "But if you must know, he has to leave...leave this world and go to the heavens, while I stay here to continue my passage until someone ends my life by putting a stake through my heart."

"Passage?" I said to him, looking in shock. "Does this mean you're really a vampire? But what about him?" I looked at the young boy, the black winged hourglass mark appearing once more.

"And just who are you?!" The two of us said at the same time, getting annoyed as the man has not told us anything about himself.

Said man sat down, his black wings twitching a bit. "To answer your questions: Yes, I am a vampire, the little boy is actually half of my soul separated from my body, and if you must know, my name is Gangrel...well, at least that's what my father—Dracula—named me when he took me in."

"WHAT?!" Adam and I cried out simultaneously. "You're Dracula's son?! But he—he--"

"I know he couldn't bear a child, damn it!" Gangrel snapped at us. "He could only sire an apprentice; and that was me."

He closed his eyes, standing in some sort of meditative position, chanting something. The three of us stared in awe as a swirling orb of magic—at least that's what I thought it was—appeared, revealing a small tattered book. The man—now known as Gangrel—opened his eyes revealing pure silver pools of light as the book started to open, flipping its pages into a particular scene. A scene of a little boy staring down at a man and woman; the young boy looking similar to the ghost boy that was in the room.

"It all happened almost 350 years ago, long before you were born..."

0 0 0 0 0 0

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