Here it is: The last chapter of 'Silence, Beauty and Eternity'. It's been a long ride, but well worth it. But don't worry, there's another story set in the world of the Brood.

But for now, let's end this story with a bang.

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Silence, Beauty, and Eternity

by Green Phantom Queen

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Matt and Jeff's Story-Seeing is Believing

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March 8th, 1999

Matt softly kissed his brother's lips in the locker room. Even after all this time, it never seemed to bore him to be in his brother's embrace. They fit like a pair of puzzle pieces, snug in those beautiful arms of each other.

"I love you." He whispered into his brother's ear. "I love you very much."

"Tell me a story, Mattie." Jeff replied, burying his face into the crook of his brother's neck.

"How about the time we fell in love?" Jeff smiled at that as Matt began the tale.

"Once upon a time," Matt started off. "There were two brothers named Matthew Moore Hardy, and Jeffrey Nero Hardy. They had a loving mother and father and were very happy. But one day, when Matthew was 12 and Jeffrey was 9, their mother died. After she was buried in the grounds of the church, we went inside the sanctuary to pray. And then..." He paused, as he was trying to remember something. "And then..."

Jeff tilted his head to the side in confusion. "And then what?"

Matt hesitated, closing his eyes as he felt something on the tip of his tongue. "I...don't know. I can't recall after that...I just knew we had feelings for each other, and we fell in love...but after that, it's all a blur..."

"Me neither." Jeff added, as he tried to remember also. "I can't seem to remember...what happened?"

"Psychological shock, probably." Matt replied. "Something so bad that our minds just blocked it out..."

Jeff stared at his brother, placing a lock of hair behind his ear. "Maybe," Jeff murmured. "Maybe someone can help us out....I heard that someone in the Brood is a 'Creator'...maybe they can create something to help restore our memories...."

"I don't know..." said Matt. "They're part of the Ministry of Darkness...what if we get caught by Undertaker? Or by his other henchmen? Or we get crucified?"

"If we want to find out what happened, then we have no other choice." Jeff replied. "Now come on, I think I might now where they went."

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Christian stared at the small little white owl stuffed animal in his hands. He, Adam and Gangrel were at a night festival in the city...something to marvel at and just see all that was there. He squeezed the tummy of the owl and it gave a small 'hoot'.

"It's cute." He murmured, petting the synthetic feathers. "But I'd like to see a real owl..."

"You can ask Gangrel to make it come alive." Adam replied as he stared at the silver necklace he was now wearing. At the end there was a silver cross with one sapphire at the center, and four opals at the tips of the cross. "That way, you can tame it to eat mice and all those disgusting little vermin."

"Nah," Christian replied, hugging the owl once more as it gave another hoot. "I like it better this way...and when it can't hoot anymore, then I'll just use it to hug."

Edge laughed softly in his spirit form, his arms wrapped around his beloved Adam's neck. Little Christy is so adorable, isn't he Addy? Even a demon can fall in love with him.

Adam rolled his eyes. "Shut up," He muttered. Suddenly he if he was he felt someone was following him. felt like someone was stalking him.

Gangrel noticed this and turned around. "What's the matter, Adam?" he asked.

Adam looked behind, able to get a glimpse of someone with black hair. "Someone's following us." He replied. "And I might now who." He closed his eyes, trying to contact Edge with his mind.

Edge, can you go follow them? I think they're the same ones from 11 years ago...

The Hardys? Yes...they are seen in the locker rooms...probably still acting like bunnies when no one's looking.

Don't remind me, Edge. It's bad enough that I nearly screwed up my relationship with Christian...but now I fucked up with the relationship with those two.

It was never your fault, Addy. You just wanted them to be happy...and they are...

You're hurry up and follow them, we need to figure out what they want from us...

Adam gasped a bit as he felt a tugging if something was pulling away form him. He turned around to see Edge's ghostly form soon fly off to follow the Hardy boys. When all was silent, Christian's stomach started to rumble.

"I'm hungry." He said, breaking the quiet air.

"Already?" Gangrel asked, quirking an eyebrow. "I just got you cotton candy after you insisted on it." Then his stomach started to growl.

"Guess the candy apples didn't work, huh?" Adam replied. Finally, his stomach started to growl....let's face it, they were all hungry. A smirk graced Adam's lips.

"Well," He said. "Looks like we're going to have to feed."

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Edge followed Matt and Jeff to their hotel room, blending into the shadows as he saw the two collapsing onto the bed.

"That was too fucking close." Jeff muttered. "I swear they were going to attack us."

"I told you it wasn't a good idea." Matt said to his brother, tossing a pillow to his face. "Now they might call Undertaker and they'll be sacrificing us like he's doing to Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania."

"But we need to find out about our memories." Jeff recalled. "Something happened...and I feel like there was someone who was in our memories...I can barely recall what that person looks like...or if they had a name...but it was as if they were watching us grow up."

"The last time I felt he was there..." Matt murmured. "Was when we made love in the backyard...but...I can't recall..."

Edge stared at the two, seeing them in a soft embrace, a couple of kisses...just normal stuff. But he soon had to turn away when he saw how much they truly 'loved' each other...particularly when it involved ball gags, whips, and S&M.

Still...the thought of them trying to remember their past...did they really want to know that they were hypnotized by a vampire to have these feelings? If they found out, they would go insane, crazy from the thought of having their ways of brotherly love to change. Were they ready to face the truth?

He sighed as he walked through the walls when the two Hardys fell asleep. He just knew that what he had to tell Adam would not be good news.

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"They what?!" Adam yelled when Edge told them the news at around 4 in the morning. "What do you mean they want to remember?"

It's the truth, Addy. They want to find their memories, but the question you want to help them?

Adam tried to say something, but closed his mouth. He tried to think o reasons why it was a good thing to help the Hardys remember...but the only reason he had was 'because they need to know the truth'. The side of him that was saying it was a bad idea gave multiple reasons why not to help them was so nerve wracking.

"Adam?" Adam turned around to see Christian peeking his head into the hotel room. "Is something wrong?"

Adam stared at his brother. "Something bad..." He replied. "I...might have hypnotized two brothers when I was on my own with Edge...and my suggestion was to make sure they never broke their bond. Apparently, what it means was that they were in love with each other...they made out rabbits."

"Eww...." Christian shuddered. "Who were these brothers? They could've been anybody you met for the past 140 years."

Adam stared at his brother, guilt eating his heart. "I hypnotized Matt and Jeff...the Hardys."

"You what?" Christian gasped out. "How could you?"

Adam had tears in his eyes. "You could not understand how much pain they were in." He whispered. "Their mother was dead...she died just like ours...except they were younger when she was gone. I saw them, they were able to stay happy even though we weren't...I didn't want them to lose the bond that you and I lost...I just couldn't bear it..." He covered his face with his eyes. "I screwed up though. I can't erase what I've done. I can only give them a better life...something that would better than the one I had."

"Stop it, Adam." Christian sighed as he hugged his brother. "It wasn't your fault, you wanted to give them a better life...just like their mom would want for them. And you did, and now as their mother figure, you must decide if it's a good idea to tell them the truth or not...even in the end if you get hurt."

Adam smiled softly, returning the hug. "Yeah...the hardest thing a mother has to do, is let their children know...and let them be free."

Little did they know, Gangrel had overheard all of this. It was true, sooner or later, he had to let them go. But, from what he had heard...those two brothers would be perfect to add as his sons.

Adam noticed someone through the crack of the open door. "Father?"

Gangrel walked in to the room hearing Adam. "All right," he said with a sigh. "I heard everything. And if you're so willing to help them out..." a sinister grin crept onto his lips, his pointed fangs made it even more sinister. "Then I dare say, this shall be fun."

Christian looked at Gangrel with terror. "You...didn't lose that edge of sadism, did you?"

"You didn't either." Gangrel replied back. "Remember that time I saw you smashing your arms with that mace? You looked so intrigued by how much blood that gushed out. Or what about that piano wire incident where you nearly chopped off your fingers? But I think my favorite memory would have to be the one where you actually slept in the Iron Maiden and whined that you didn't want to leave it."

Christian could not help but hide a sadistic smile from the memories while Gangrel laughed. Adam huddled in fear.

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Matt slowly woke up, trying to see his surroundings. He wasn't expecting himself to be in a black room with red candles lighting the way. What made it worse was that there were many medieval torture devices: Stockades, iron maidens, a rack leaned against one side of the room and a guillotine was staring right at him. He gulped.

"W-where am I?" He said, slowly getting out of bed. "I-is anyone there?"

"Hello, Matthew." A voice murmured. "How nice to meet you."

Matt slowly turned around to see Christian leaning against the side. He had a piece of piano wire around his left arm and his right hand was pulling on one side, causing cuts to show on his hand and blood to gush.

"My name, if you haven't guessed, is Christian." The younger twin murmured. "And you're Matthew...Adam's told me about you. How you long to understand your memories."

"H-how did you know?" Matt whispered as Christian walked toward him. As he did, Christian continued to tug on the piano wire, more blood flowing down onto the ground.

"Trust me, Matthew." Christian replied as he pinned Matt toward the wall; Mat was too frightened to do anything. "I have ears...and they hear many things." Christian placed his right hand on top of Matt's head. "Trust me, this won't hurt."

Matt closed his eyes as memories started to fill his all of those that filled the gaps, there was a person...a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes...Adam.

"No..." He whispered, his mind in pain as he gripped onto his head. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" He continued to scream, trying to understand how Adam could be in his memories...when they didn't meet until just recently. Screaming, yelling, grabbing a sword near the bed and trying to stab himself. Christian extended his hand as the sword flew from the hand. Matt still continued to scream, trying to bring in logic or reason as to why he was there. With a glowing aura, Christian then brought out an invisible force field, all the while Matt's screams echoed inside the sphere.

"I hope this works..." Christian whispered, removing the piano wire from his arm...beautiful lines of blood continuing to gush out blood. Then he saw the sword in his hand and that sinister grin was on his lips.

"I've always wanted a pretty tattoo." He murmured as he started drawing on his arm with the sword.

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Jeff was easier to handle for Adam...hearing the screams of his brother, Jeff was trying his hardest to get to him. Adam saw how much Jeff loved Matt...but sucked it in as he placed his hand on Jeff's forehead.

Jeff sat on the bed, trying to come to means as to what was going on. "This...can't be." He said. "NO! I WON'T BELIEVE IT! NO! NO! NO!" The screams echoed as a forcefield covered the younger Hardy. Adam could only watch in horror as he saw Jeff scream in pain, but outside of the force field, the horror as he writhe on the ground, his mouth screaming, his mind breaking down....

Edge walked from the shadows, wrapping his arms around Adam. Horrifying...heartbreaking..all of those emotions...and they will act like that until they lose voice...until they literally break from what they are seeing. The problem is that they won't believe it....

Adam shed a small tear. "I know."

The sound of footsteps caught his attention. Adam turned around to see Gangrel and Christian staring at him. Adam couldn't help the tears falling down his face, running toward Gangrel, sobbing like a small child.

"There, there." Gangrel whispered, soothing Adam. "I know you care for these two...we want to help them, but...they can't handle that much information...they're going to die of insanity...break down, no longer become who they always wanted to be."

"It's all my fault." Adam whispered. "I always...mess up..." Tears fell down. "I messed up with Christian...and I messed up with Matt and Jeff...I tried my hardest to repair the damage I created...but..I...I..."


Gangrel stepped away when he saw Christian continuing to slap Adam across the face, muttering obscenities under his breath, and also brought in a language that was very unsuitable as the younger brother shook his brother by his collar. The only thing Gangrel was able to make of this was...

"THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!" And each word was ended with an exclamation point. "Wake up, Adam. It was never your fault, it was an honest mistake. You have been forgiven by me and by Father, but have you been able to forgive yourself?"

Adam paused, staring at them. "You're...right." He murmured. "It was never my fault...I just wanted the best. And, I shouldn't be dwelling on the must help give them a better future."

He turned around to see Jeff screaming, clawing the forcefield, tears falling down his eyes.

"Jeff..." Adam whispered. "We three will heal you and your brother of your suffering...."

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Days passed...and by then both Matt and Jeff were curled up in the beds, unable to scream, nor speak. The memories echoed into their mind, as if they were on replay on a VCR. They couldn't believe could it be possible?

Matt was lifted toward the room Jeff was in. But even with both brothers together, they didn't notice the situation. Their breathing, their panicked faces...they were dying, and they couldn't focus on that due to their memories.

"A mind is a powerful thing." Gangrel muttered as he stared at the goblet of blood. "It can only take so much before the psyche just breaks down." Inside the glass was Dracula's blood...the only living reminder that Gangrel had of his father. Because Gangrel was originally a human turned vampire, then his blood wouldn't work for him to sire them. Turning Matt to face him, he lifted his head, pouring the blood down his throat. Once the blood was swallowed, Gangrel did the same with Jeff, some blood falling down his lips.

Pressing Jeff's chest near his ear, he heard the heard slowly stopping...until it stopped beating at all. That was it...they could no longer be alive....was it worth it? Gangrel pondered on the question, looking at Isabel high in the rafters. She looked down, and as if by magic, she gave him an answer.

You silly goose, did you ever consider the people around these two? What's going to happen when they find out that they're vampires? The blame's going to be put on you and your sons. mortal treatment was going to cure them...and even as they remembered, they won't believe it...seeing is how can you try to not believe your memories?

"It was the best thing that I could do." Gangrel replied, his grey eyes turning up to see the dove. Isabel flew down, cooing as she landed on his shoulder. It was soon replied with a caw as Drake also fluttered down. "If I can't return their minds to their original state, then I'll just have to create new pieces to replace the missing pieces. It's for the best for them...that way, they can forget all about their loneliness."

But you heard what Adam said...their father...if he finds out that his sons are vampires, it would break his heart...

"Then I'll make them half-vampires." Gangrel replied. "I didn't put in that much blood, anyway. That way, they'll live much longer than a regular human...but still have the strength of a regular vampire." Waving his hand over the still awake Hardys, A calming aura surrounded them, and the two finally were able to sleep.

Fine. I guess...that's the only thing you can do...I just hope it works. But what now?

"Now..." Gangrel murmured to the bird's question. "All we have to do is wait..."

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Matt slowly woke his eyes, feeling the throbbing pain in his head. He looked around, trying to see where he was. He then saw Jeff asleep on the bed.

"Jeff!" He nudged his brother awake. "Wake up, Jeff."

"Wha--?" Jeff murmured waking up. "Where are we?"

"I'm...not sure really." Matt replied. "All I remember was getting to our hotel room...and then it felt like I had a nightmare. About us meeting up with Adam many years ago. That's impossible, isn't it?"

Jeff smiled. "Yeah." he replied. "But...I feel strange though. Hungry, actually..." It was then he heard the sound of rustling...appearing out the shadows was Gangrel.

"Well," the vampire said with a smirk. "Nice to see you awake. You almost had me, Christian and Edge very worried...we thought you wouldn't make it."

"Make what?" Matt gulped out. Gangrel just drank from the goblet of wine he was pouring for himself. The red liquid looked delicious, Matt could hardly help himself as he licked his lips. He gulped as it poured down the vampire's throat, biting his lower lip to resist the urge to drink. Unknowingly, he bit into his lower lip too hard, blood dribbling his chin.

Jeff stared at his brother, at how transfixed he was at the liquid in the old green bottle Gangrel was pouring from. Setting it down on the table, Gangrel just smirked, slowly raising the goblet to his lips, letting the liquid fall down his throat. A small trickle of the red liquid fell down his chin as he lowered his hand with the goblet, spitting it into the air. It fell down like a small mist.

"The procedure, of course." He said with a mysterious grin. "You went were crazy, you were broken...but we fixed you...and we made you anew."

"Stop talking in riddles!" Matt barked back, licking off the blood falling down. He smacked his lips...somehow liking the coppery taste...he knew it was wrong, but for some reason, he craved it...he needed it...Slowly, he got off the bed, eying the bottle of liquid...a mad hunger growing inside of him. It was madness...but it felt beautiful.

"Matt?" Jeff asked wearily as he saw his brother inching closer and closer to the vampire. "What's wrong with you?" Mat ignored the words, as his hands ran against the neck of the bottle...gripping onto it, he saw the liquid floating inside it, calling out to him. It was telling him, teasing him, just annoying him by the fact that he was battling to drink it or not.

"Take a sip," Gangrel replied as Matt eyed the bottle. "It's what I consider the ambrosia of the gods." Matt stared at the bottle, tipping it as the liquid soon fell toward the neck. Opening his mouth the liquid soon fell like a waterfall, some falling down his mouth and onto the floor. Swallowing the liquid, Matt then turned to his brother, showing him the green bottle in his hand.

"What have you done with him?" Jeff spat out marching toward the vampire. "Where is my brother?!"

Gangrel just stared at the younger Hardy. "I did absolutely nothing." He replied coolly. "Now have a need some blood after the extensive healing process Christian, Adam and I did to make sure you're alive right now. So you owe us..." He brought out his goblet, showing it to Jeff. "Drink." He commanded in a firm tone.

Jeff knocked the goblet out of the vampire's hand, the wine spilling onto the floor and the glass hitting it with a clunk. "You're crazy!" He screamed out. "I won't take've probably drugged it and are going to manipulate us!"

Matt shooks his head, seeing the bottle in his hands. "What the heck is this stuff?"

Gangrel, ignoring Jeff, looked at the older Hardy. "A bit of blood." He replied. "After all, you guys are half-vampires." Matt dropped the bottle with a thud. It clunked onto the floor, but otherwise didn't seem to shatter.

"What..." He gasped out. "This can't be happening...why?"

"Because you broke down." Matt and Jeff turned around to see Adam sitting on the bed. "Eleven years ago, on the day of your mother's funeral, I met up with you. It was probably coincidence, it was probably fate...but I somehow found you two see, Christian and I used to get along just like you...but..." He sighed. "An incident around 100 years ago nearly ruined our relationship. I ran away from home, lived on my own for a while...and then I found you."

"So what were you doing there?" Jeff snarled. "Were you trying to feed on us?"

"I was going to go for some bloke later." Adam retorted. "But I stared at you praying for your mother's safety...and somehow fell form my hiding spot. I hypnotized you...only to make sure you couldn't freak out. That's when I caused everything else...I was the one who told you to 'deepen' your bond...I didn't know it would lead to incest. But I only wanted the best for you both...I'm sorry." Edge wrapped his arms around his beloved, despite that he was not seen by anybody else.

Matt was at a lost of words. But then, anger was on his face. "You...MONSTER!" He and Jeff soon tackled Adam to the ground, but Adam didn't retaliate. He just let the Hardy brothers attack him, scream at him, crushing his ribs, and bruising his jaw. It didn't matter anymore, they hated him either way.

What's the point, Edge? Adam said in his mind. I shouldn't even be here...I screwed up...and no matter what happens, it doesn't change the fact that they hate me...As he said that his black wings formed, forming a black cocoon, shielding him from Matt and Jeff's attacks. It didn't stop the abuse, as Matt continued to scream.

Adam curled himself into a small ball, tears staining his cheeks. Edge...take me away...take me away just like before...just like when I left Gangrel...just take me there...

I won't. I won't let you withdraw, and make you become nothing more than a puppet. I just can''ll lose yourself if I do your state, your mind will shatter...

I want it make me forget, to make me break away from them...because I won't have to recall those memories...

NO! You finally made peace with your brother and father, do not ruin this chance! Please Adam...Adam...Adam?

Adam looked at him, his blue eyes glassed over, looking shattered and broken. "Yes....Guardian?" He murmured. Edge stared in shock....Adam looked, broken...

Adam, are you okay? The guardian asked, fear starting to grow in him. Dread and fear started to rise as Adam slowly got up, and his wings slowly vanished.

Adam forced himself to smile...although it was crazy, mad, demented..." all a dream, isn't it?'re really good..."

Matt, not truly understanding nor caring, immediately punched Adam in the face. Gangrel immediately pulled him away while Christian grabbed Jeff.

"Enough!" Gangrel snapped. "Do you understand what you have done?!"

"Of course I have!" Matt yelled. "He was the reason we're vampires! And you're standing up for him!"

"And you just broke him!" Christian screamed, echoing inside the room. "Adam kept blaming himself for causing this whole mess...and he let you attack him...and you broke him..."

Jeff wanted to retaliate, but then saw Adam's weak smile on his face, and the words that were coming out of his lips...speaking to someone that wasn't even there?

"Isn't that right Guardian? You said that once I awaken that you need my body..." Adam slowly stood up, hugging his chest. "And this is a wonderful truly feels real..."

That because it IS real! Wake up, Adam! Wake up! WAKE UP!

No one could hear those words...Edge tried to yell, to scream, to make Adam listen...everything was in vain....Tears fell from his eyes as he shook Adam back and forth, breaking him out of his broken state.

"We have to do something, Father!" Christian replied. "Adam's going to break!"

"I can't do anything of the sort," Gangrel replied. "Adam won't listen to anyone except..." He stared at Matt and Jeff. "You two, you have to fix the damage you caused."

"But how?!" Matt replied, looking back at the scene. "We don't even understand what's going on!"

"Do you want to, though?" The four turned around to see David sitting on a small cloud. He smiled sweetly at Gangrel and Christian, planting a kiss on Gangrel's cheek. But when he stared at Matt and Jeff, those innocent eyes glared at the brothers.

"Well?" He replied. "Do you want to know?"

"Um, yeah?" Jeff replied. David, holding onto an apple, gripped on it as it transformed into a white glove. And with all the strength he could muster, he slapped it across Jeff's face.

"What the hell was that for?!" Matt cried, only to get the same slap on the face also. David gritted his teeth, looking like he was a small demon lord.

"You ignorant bastards!" David cried out. "Adam has told you honestly what he has done, and you broke damn broke him! And it took me forever to repair him, do you know what he had to give up to make sure his family back to life! And besides, what would you give to me? This is a serious issue, and I'm going to need payment."

Matt and Jeff stared at the little boy, trying to understand what was going on. "W-we have nothing of value." Matt replied.

"Yes you do." David replied. "Your life." Matt and Jeff looked at him as if he was insane. "Gangrel made you half-vampires...but you must give up ten years of the end of your lives....5 from each of's a dangerous price to pay to gamble with life, but it is needed now."

Matt and Jeff were quiet, they then stared at Adam rambling on about being taken one deserved to be broken, even Adam...

"All right, it's a deal." David smiled as he brought out two small stars from a pouch. They were black, and sparkling, tempting both Hardys to eat it.

"Five points, five years." David said as Matt and Jeff picked one up. "Chew them, swallow them, digest them...and that will be used to save him."

"Are you crazy?" Christian gasped out. "What would that--" He didn't finish as Gangrel turned to face him.

"It's an equal price." Gangrel reprimanded. "I give them blood to help heal their minds, they give up their lives to save Adam's. It all works out."

The two Hardys placed the candy into their mouths, trying to chew it down. It tasted sweet, cold, many types of flavors and feelings as the gulped it down. A pain hit their chest as something was pulling away from them, crushing their was painful.

David stared at them with indifference, as he started chanting. It was an ancient language...even with Gangrel's connection, he still could not understand the tongue. But it felt was the only thing he could he could feel.

A wind started to blow around Adam, it covered his whole body as he continued to mouthed out words to Edge...and his eyes soon started to gain color once more. His eyes closed as Edge caught in him mid-air.

"So...tired." Adam murmured. "So, sleepy..." Edge just hugged his beloved, tears falling out of his eyes. Christian walked up to Adam placing a hand to his cheek, slowly helping the doppleganger place him on the bed..

"Is he going to be okay?" Christian asked David. "Will he be fine?"

"He should be." David replied. "Now I have to get gong...I can't stay in this realm too long..." He then looked at Gangrel once more. "Good bye then...for now..." He soon gave the older vampire a small hug as he slowly started to float into the sky amongst the puffy cloud. Soon enough, he disappeared....

Gangrel just stared above the ceiling of the hideaway....a soft smile was on his face before a frown replaced it as he turned to the Hardys. "Well," he replied. "Matthew and Jeffrey, you both will keep an eye on Adam until he wakes up. It is the least you can do."

"And if you don't," Christian said darkly as he brought out a roll of piano wire. "I can assure you that I'll have some fun with you both."

Both Matt and Jeff gulped a bit, but seeing Adam asleep after what had transpired...they decided it was a good idea to watch over a sleeping vampire then face the wrath of a sadistic one.

"All right," said Matt. "We'll take care of him." When he turned around to reply to Christian and Gangrel, they were gone.

"Weird..." Jeff replied.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Adam was sound asleep.Matt and Jeff just watched him sleep like that for the past two hours. He wasn't responding, but they just hoped he was listening.

"We're...sorry." Matt was able to say. "We shouldn't have acted like that. We were just being selfish."

"It's not like we meant to hurt you at all." Jeff added. "It's just that we just didn't understand."

"Of course humans like you wouldn't understand." A voice that sounded like Adam's replied. "You couldn't understand the pain he had to go through."

Matt and Jeff turned around to see Edge staring at them. His eyes were puffy and red from tears, as he bit his lower lip. Blood was falling down his chin and it made him look sad.

"W-who are you?" Matt replied, looking back at the two look-a likes. "You can't be Adam."

"I am Adam, and I'm not Adam." Edge replied. "I am his guardian, known by the name of Edge. I usually am not able to speak with people like this...but perhaps I was given a temporary body while Adam is knocked unconscious. Still, my Addy is trying to mend the fragments in his mind after the attack....but for you to give up your own life for him...."

"He was the reason we are together now." Matt said softly. "And all we did was lash out at him. How could we ever forgive ourselves?"

"I'm not sure." Edge replied. "But talk to him, ask him forgiveness. Apologize, and just help him understand that it was never his fault."

Jeff nodded his head. "We will..." He murmured. "Anything we can do to help out." Edge could smile as Matt and Jeff stared at the sleeping Adam. They turned again as if they were hearing something, but by then Edge had vanished.

"Where did he go?" Jeff asked. He didn't answer the question, seeing Adam's rising chest. A soft smile was on his face as Jeff ran his fingers through a strand of blond hair.

Adam moaned a bit at the touch, turning to the side. His long hair fell upon his face as he slept. He looked like a kitten snoozing in the sun with that soft smile on his face.

"I just hope he does wake up soon." Matt murmured.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Days passed. Christian and Gangrel avoided the Hardys for some time, trying to hope that the isolation from the older vampires would be better. But they were growing restless, if Adam did not wake up soon, then it would not turn out good for any of them.

And Christian was bored out of his mind.

"Can I go back to the Iron Maiden?" He whined.

"No." Gangrel replied curtly. "I'm not going to make the police guard have amnesia again."

"Please?" Christian asked. "I'll be good." He was about to give Gangrel a batch of puppy eyes, only to him to get whacked on the head with a hard covered book.

"I said no." Gangrel repeated. "I am not going to make you submit to your masochist behavior!"

"Fine." Christian replied with a smile pout. Silence echoed for a couple of seconds before Christian talked again.

"Can I at least smash my arms with the mace?" He asked.

"I said no!"

"How about the sword?"


"The axe?"


"How about the..."

"For the last time, NO!" Gangrel yelled. "The last thing we need is you trying to scare Matt and Jeff." He stared at a crystal ball that was floating in front of him, observing Matt and Jeff. "Adam has suffered so much, and now it is a chance for him to be forgiven...I just hope to Samhein this works."

Soft shuffling interrupted them as Edge slowly walked toward them. Blood fell down his lips as he stared at his family. Christian could only gasp as he ran up to his brother.

"What...did I miss?" Adam murmured as Christian hugged him.

"Addy, you're back!" Christian cried out. "I thought I lost you."

"I would never leave you." Adam replied, letting a hand run through Christian's long locks. "You are my beloved..." He placed a hand on the younger twin's shoulder, letting the other trail down his chest, and into the fold of his leather pants. Adam grinned as he started to fondle his brother, all the while Christian was bombarded with pleasure, eyes rolling to the back of his head.

"Nn...So good." Christian moaned. He gasped at the tight squeeze on his ass, falling into his brother's touch.

"Do you like it?" Christian could only nod his head while Gangrel was trying to make sense what was going on. Could it be that Edge was taking over Adam again? Or was it something else? He knew David would not do anything to harm Adam...then what was it?

"Hum, you're so good..." Adam murmured, kissing his brother on the lips ."You taste just like apples...the most delicious of them all, only for me to have..."

"So are you." Christian replied, an insane grin on his face. "And I would want to take that apple of yours and swallow it, until I taste its delicious juice."

Gangrel immediately came in, pulling Christian away. "What the hell is going on here?!" He snapped at Adam. "Who are you?!"

Adam just smirked and then laughed. "A spirit. I represent my father's lustful side...Damon. Just call me that...."

"Your father?" Gangrel said in confusion. "And just who is your father?"

"You know them." Damon smirked as a pair of grey feathery wings grew from his back. He brushed a clump of blonde hair away from his face, revealing blood red eyes and an earring in the shape of a bat on his left ear. "They are two people who are close to each close that they decided to use what was given to them to create me. I am a Guardian, Christian's guardian. "

"Stop talking in riddles," Gangrel muttered, while shaking Christian out of his trance with another hand. "Who are you?!"

The person smirked. "Damon....created by using the life of two others, and the blood of my fathers. I represent their love...the pure lust that they carry, their passion, their affection..." He licked his lips in hunger, "But there is only one person I see in my sights..."

"Wha--?" Christian replied, shaking his head. "What happened to me?" He shifted his gaze to Damon as Damon soon placed a hand on his cheek and kissed his lips. He soon felt the small tongue wrapped against his own and gave into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Damon's neck as Damon soon pushed himself into the younger twin's body, transforming into a ghost of himself going inside Christian's chest, until his appearance took over the younger twin.

"What are you doing?!" Gangrel yelled, turning Christian around. "Who are you?!"

Damon, using Christian's body, smirked. "A guardian, created by the love and lust of two couples...I was created to be a guardian for my fathers' special person."

Then it hit made sense. "Adam and Edge created a spiritual being?" He gasped out. "But that's..."

"Impossible, I know." Damon replied in Christian's voice. "It needs the life of someone else and an image to form...the life that those brothers gave up, and the image of my fathers...they created me, with the purpose to protect the one they love..."

"You know, it would've been better if you didn't try and grope Christian." Gangrel said through bared teeth. "That way I didn't have a good excuse to smash you."

Damon grinned. "Then that would cause anger between you and my fathers all over again." He replied. "And you don't want that, do you?"

Gangrel was about to retort, but sighed in defeat. "Fine, you got me." He replied. "And speaking of your fathers, how are they?"

"They are almost done recovering." Damon replied. "And do not worry, I won't hurt least, not in the way you did."

Gangrel snarled and plucked a lock of hair from his head. It transformed into a sword as he swung it near Damon's neck. At that time, Damon retreated, leaving a confused and frightened Christian in his place.

"Um," Christian replied, pushing the sword away from him. "What happened?"

Gangrel sighed, and massaged his temples with one hand. "Damon is the child of Edge and Adam," He explained. "And apparently he is now bonded to you."

"Eww..." Christian said once more.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Adam slowly opened his eyes, the colors in the room blinded him for a bit as he sat up. As he adjusted to the light, he looked down, seeing Matt and Jeff asleep at the edge of the bed. He could only smile, letting a hand run against their hair.

"Are you awake Edge?" Adam whispered.

I am now, Addy. Are you okay?

Adam nodded. "Yeah...I am now." He slowly got off of the bed, stretching his arms. In that dream world...he saw a beautiful scenery of stars and him floating in the beautiful garden of light. Through there, he created a child, Damon....someone he thought represented both his and Edge's personalities...someone who had their flaws and their strengths...

"Adam?" Adam turned to see Christian and Gangrel come up to him. Adam smiled when he saw his younger brother wrap his arms around him. "You're all right, aren't you?"

Adam nodded his head, letting his hand run through Christian's hair. " was Damon?"

"A manipulative lustful version of yourself." Gangrel replied. "Must've gotten it from one of you, correct?"

"Ehe..." Adam replied. "Sorry about that..."

"But he's caring, I think." Christian replied. "He wants to make sure I'm okay, after all."

"Only so he can get into your pants, though." Gangrel muttered. "But if you trust him, then I can vouch that it would be a good idea to have your 'son' inside your brother."

"It sounds very wrong when you say it though," Adam replied. He then turned his gaze to both Matt and Jeff once more, both of them still asleep. "What do we do with these two now?"

Christian smiled. "I have an idea."

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Matt and Jeff woke up, seeing the darkness in front of them. They were in a hotel room, and not in some dark and scary underground cavern with three blonde haired vampires. The darkness outside of their hotel room meant that it was night time, with the two of them alone in a comfy bed.

"What happened back there?" Jeff murmured, stretching his arms. "Was it all a dream?"

Matt was about to reply, but then noticed a small book a couple of inches away from them. He soon grabbed it, opening the book cover and found a message on the first page.

To Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

Please forgive us for intruding your thoughts, scaring you half to death, turning you both into vampires, and also caused up to give up your lives.

We hope that this book gives us a history about all of us, and as to why we are here to day. Why?

Because you are members of our family, and family members and unrequited love are impossible to replace.

I hope you understand that the stories you are about to face are ones that are very secret to everyone except for the three of us, and I hope that you promise upon your own lives, that no one finds out.

Thank you, and I hope to see you again very soon.


Matt smiled a bit as he and Jeff started to skim through the pages. It wasn't until they finished Christian's story that their stomach's started to growl.

Jeff stared at his brother, his green eyes replacing with red and a pair of sharp fangs soon appeared. Matt smirked as the same transformation also appeared.

"Dinner time." They both said simultaneously.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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