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The Father of All Repliroids

Chapter 1

Happy Birthday (Sorta)

Irregular Hunter Rockman X, Commander of Elite Unit #17 was not having a… Happy Birthday, so to speak (exactly why, no one but Signas, Alia, and himself could answer, but that was classified information). However, the rest of the Hunters deduced it had something to do with the manner of which X was roped into having his birthday party (Vice Commander Axl and Commander Zero had something to do with the plans, which already was saying enough) and the hoard of children trailing after the Commander.

A few Hunters looked curiously at the two babies held in each of X's arms and the other three older toddlers pulling on his armor, but whenever their gazes were held for too long, the Commander would glare viciously at the offending repliroid, discouraging further implorations into the matter (although one could have said two of the children looked suspiciously like Commander Zero and Vice Commander Axl, and the three others, like the Irregulars Sigma, Vava, and Lumine, but this couldn't be, with X so concerned over the toddlers). None dared get in the way of the Blue Bomber as he made his way to the command center, not even bothering to greet his fellow hunters.

As soon as the doors closed behind him, X demanded that the command center empty except for Alia and Signas. The rest of the Hunters left, merely giving questioning glances at the repliroid children crowding around the Commander, before exiting the room.

When the last person left, and the doors closed securely behind the android, X sighed and nearly collapsed with exhaustion. Alia and Signas were immediately by his side, however, and kept the blue android upright. X smiled gratefully at the two and readjusted his arms so that the two children wouldn't fall out. The three toddlers gathered more closely to X, looking at the Hunters apprehensively, but did not do anything more.

Finally Alia asked, "X… who are these children? And why are they with you?"

X cracked a tired grin as he answered, "Funny that you ask that, especially since you know all five of them, and two of them most personally."

"What do you mean by that, X?" Signas questioned, examining the children more carefully, in an attempt to identify them. "They may have close resemblance to… Sigma…." And he stopped, surprised despite himself. "X, what –?"

"And this is where everything gets complicated." X explained wearily. "Zero-chan?" he called to one of the toddlers (the oldest looking one, with red armor and long blond hair). Alia and Signas froze.

"Yes, Papa?" the child responded.

X's smile became slightly strained. "Do remember these two people? They're Alia and Signas."

The child cocked his head to the side. "Who, Papa?"

"No, nevermind, Zero-chan. Here, Niisan'll introduce these nice people to you. You two come here too, Lumine-kun, Vava-kun." X said invitingly. The other two toddler repliroids shyly stepped from behind X's legs obediently, and Signas and Alia flinched at their names and uncanny resemblance to the infamous Irregulars. "These two are Alia and Signas. They're Niisan's friends; say hello."

The child-doppelgangers of Zero, Vava, and Lumine all waved as children would to the older looking repliroids. X's smile grew fond. He looked knowingly at the stunned Hunters as he motioned to each of the toddlers, introducing each carefully. "This is Zero-chan; and here is Vava-kun; and this is Lumine-kun." X shifted his arms as he brought the two sleeping children in his arms. He breathed deeply. "And these two are Axl-chan (X slightly lifted the arm with a spiky haired child) and… Sigma-chan." X paused, awaiting their reactions.

"S-s-sigma?" Alia breathed. Her eyes turned cold. "X, what kind of sadistic joke –"

X cut the female repliroid off before she could begin her tirade. "This… isn't a joke. I'd explain it to you two now, but these children are in great need of a place to sleep, as they're undoubtedly exhausted. Can you two help escort them to my room? I'm slightly tired as well." As to emphasize his statement, X's legs wobbled unsteadily beneath him. The three toddlers leaned against him as to hold their adopted father up. X smiled gratefully at them. "I'll fill you two in later, but I quite assure you, these five are of no danger to anyone. You have my word."

"But X, you're not quite in the right situation to make this judgment; neither Alia nor I know who these children are, and just your word is not enough, X. And as much as I respect you as my wiser elder, I cannot just allow – !" Signas started, but X gave a piercing glare cutting off the larger repliroid's argument.

"If you will not have my word, whose word will you follow?" X asked softly. "Right now, despite who they are, or might resemble, they are childrenSignas. Like I said, I will fill you two in later. Preferably when they are all in bed; safely."

Alia and Signas exchanged significant glances before nodding. "Fine, X. We'll follow you for now. You'd better have a darn good reason for all this though." Alia spoke.

X looked relieved. "That's all I could ask for."

Signas nodded grimly. "Let's go. The faster we get this done, the more I hope we'll understand."

Now the party of eight made their way to the dormitories, X leaning heavily against Alia while the pink navigator occasionally shot concerned looks towards the android. The walking children slightly dragged their feet as they clung more tightly towards their father figure, tired and barely staying upright themselves. Signas acted as the guard this time, discouraging other Hunters from staring.

When they finally made it to X's room, Alia typed in the password and deactivated the security system, allowing the eight into the room, where X gently laid the babes in his arms into a loveseat before stripping the older toddlers down and arranging them on his bed neatly, careful to keep the children from the edges of the mattress. They fell asleep almost immediately. X smiled, almost paternally, as he smoothed out 'Zero-chan's bangs absentmindedly. He turned to the other two repliroids, completely drained and weary, most definitely not in the condition for an interrogation.

Signas sighed. "X get some rest. Alia and I will watch over these children. You need to recharge – no excuses either." The general added when he saw the shorter android about to retaliate.

Alia gently led X to his rarely used recharge pod, and X grimaced. "Alia, Signas, really, I'm fine. I'm certain you two want your questions answered and –"

"Enough, X." Alia said, exasperated. "Just get in there and rest; recharge, we're not going anywhere, and neither are these children." She gave X a final push, and the Blue Bomber tumbled into the pod with a cry of indignity. Alia grinned ruefully. "We'll see you in the morning, X. Good night."

X straightened, and with the last shred of pride he had left, he replied gruffly, "Good night, Alia." And the pod closed. Forced into stasis, X lost consciousness, the world abruptly disappearing around him.

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... So, what did happen to X and the others?