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Chapter Three

Slight Doubt

Lumine-kun squirmed uncomfortably as one of the Big Scary (but Nice, Papa promised) Doctors prodded him. The BSbNDoctor sighed and moved away as he declared, "There's nothing physically wrong with this one either. Despite your story, Commander X, I'm more inclined to say they're totally different repliroids if it weren't the fact that their DNA matches up perfectly with their older counterparts."

Papa nodded. "And the Irregular Virus?"

"I can't say it's completely gone, in the case of Sigma and Vava, but it has… mutated to the point where I couldn't have mustered up the intent to swat a fly. It can't spread either, as far as I can tell.

"Also, Lumine and Vice Commander Axl's copy chips seem to have been isolated; none of their systems can interface it at this time."

"I see…. And their other systems?"

"There is nothing wrong with anything else either, but I still suggest you don't indulge Commander Zero with his usual diet."

Papa grimaced. "Of course."

(As a side note: Zero's diet usually consists of acidic substances, washed down with motor oil.)

BSbNDoctor nodded curtly to Papa. "That should be all, Commander, but may I give a word of advice?"

Papa bit his lip but nodded in consent. "Yes?"

"Don't get too attached to the Irregulars, Commander. They will become your enemies again once this incident is resolved. I would rather they be eliminated now," BSbNDoctor raised a hand before Papa could say anything. "BUT, as they are related to Commander Zero and Vice Commander Axl's predicament, it would be unwise to do so. They can use this against you, Commander. Don't forget that."

"… Of course, Lifesavor." Papa took Lumine-kun's hand and smiled sadly at him. "Shall we go then?"

Lumine-kun smiled cheerily back. "Okay!"

And as Papa rounded up the other children, Lumine-kun looked back at the BSbNDoctor to see him glowering at them – at Papa. Lumine-kun glared back and tightened his hold on Papa's hand. Papa was precious. He was worthy of being Lumine-kun's Papa. Those that couldn't understand that should be punished.

Lumine-kun looked back at Papa's smiling face.


~~~~~~~~(Oh, Lumine-kun~ we all know you're psyco)~~~~~~~~

"We will need to go shopping for the children." X declared. Axl-chan giggled from his place on X's lap.

Signas looked wary. "Shopping?"

"Yes." X affirmed.

Alia's eyes lit up. "Oh, what kind of items will we need to buy?"

"Clothing, since we can't expect them to stay in their armor all the time, food, definitely, furniture, like cribs and extra bedding, oh, and maybe a carriage too, just in case we need to take them outside." X listed off, more murmuring to himself than the others in the room, "I suspect that they'll need toys as well, being children (and well, Zero's always needed something to occupy himself with – it's the reason why I buy him all those bobble-heads). But we'll need their opinion on that… we'll just have to order online – I don't particularly feel too secure about taking them outside just yet. For now, I suppose we will just get them some general types of playthings: a rattle, stuffed animals, a rubber ball, maybe plastic blocks (I'm worried about the edges though…), and um…" X paused, unable to think of more items (he hadn't exactly had a childhood himself), "Do you think that they would be able to handle video games?" He asked, remembering Zero's and Axl's addiction to such things. He then remembered that most involved violence and immediately reconsidered the idea. "Or perhaps not."

"We can ask the sales person for suggestions." Alia recommended.

X nodded in agreement. "Yes, I do suppose so. Alright, I've got it all down on memo. Alia, Signas, can I trust you two to look after the children while I'm – um, guys?" He faltered at the dark looks the two gave him. "O-or not. Um, I guess then that I'll stay and watch the children… er, that is, if you two can go get the items for me."

Signas looked contemplative.

Alia immediately agreed. "Of course, X. Can you give me the memo?"

"Sure." X said as he pressed his index finger to Alia's forehead. "I looked up the locations of the stores beforehand so all you'll have to do is follow the map I drew up."

"Yeah, I got the data." Alia affirmed. "C'mon Signas, let's go."

The general jumped visibly. "Me too?"

"Well, yes. You don't expect me to get everything, now do you?" Alia huffed. "Your bulk has to be good for something else than computation and looks. Unless you'd rather stay and watch the children while X and I go…."

Signas slumped in defeat. "I will be more than happy to join you, Alia."

The pink navigator smiled. "I'm glad to hear it."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~(:D) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vava-kun, X found, enjoyed attaching himself to X's leg. The repliroid child would often wrap his arms around X's shins and press his helmeted head against X's thigh. Truthfully, the blue android had no idea what to make of it except that it was highly uncomfortable and that Vava's helmet was really hard. His thigh felt permanently flattened on one side.

Lifesavor's words haunted him for a moment before X dismissed the thought vehemently. Vava-kun wouldn't intentionally try to cause X harm. His 'adult' self may have been more than slightly insane and violent but Vava-kun was sweet and quiet, a tad bit shy as well. Or a lot. The child hadn't as so much uttered a single word outside of, "Papa".

"Papa." Vava-kun said, pointing at Zero-chan who had climbed the cabinets to reach X's set of kitchen knives.

X panicked. "Zero-chan! Get off of there, right now!" He ordered as he dragged his left foot along (the one Vava-kun was currently attached to).

"But, Papa…" Zero-chan attempted.

X cut him off. "No, Zero-chan, it's dangerous. Come on now, leave the knives alone."

Zero-chan pouted but complied, happily crawling into X's embrace. X deposited both children in the living room before turning back into the kitchen to place any sharp objects out of reach and to securely lock access to the cabinets.

(Behind his back, Zero-chan stuck his tongue out at Vava-kun who retaliated by pulling up his middle finger. X never noticed.)

X wearily approached Zero-chan and knelt in front of him, making sure to create direct eye contact. "Zero-chan."

Zero-chan winced, wondering why he felt like by the end of X's speech he'd want to attempt to throw himself off the top of the building. "Yes, Papa?"

"Zero-chan, I'm very disappointed in you. You should know better than to touch sharp objects and to climb up to tall places. You had Niisan very worried." X admonished.

Zero-chan immediately teared up. "I'm sorry Papa!" he wailed as he flung himself at X's neck. "Zero-chan'll never do it again!"

"Promise?" X asked sternly.

"Promise." Zero-chan agreed.

X smiled. "Alright then. I'll be holding you to your word, Zero-chan."

Zero-chan nodded solemnly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~(:D) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"We're back!" Alia announced as she opened the door to X's quarters. "X, we – !" She stopped short at the sight that greeted her. Alia quickly covered Signas' mouth as well when the repliroid came in, hauling the disassembled pieces of furniture.

Signas was surprised for a moment before alighting on the scene Alia had first walked in on.

X sat on the love seat with Zero and Axl cuddling his right side with Sigma on the other, while both Vava and Lumine hugged X's legs. All six were asleep.

Alia added the scene to her hard drive before motioning for Signas to set everything in X's bedroom and the foodstuffs in the kitchen. When everything was put away, the two left silently. Well, almost.

"Sweet dreams, guys." Alia giggled.

Signas saluted the group before closing the door behind him.

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