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Well I told myself I wouldn't do this, start a new story while I was writing one but I started this on paper in class and I really want to know what you guys think. So lemme know.

As always, peace and love to you all!

It's raining again. Not the pleasant rain that people dance in but the kind of rain where you can't see two feet in front of yourself. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's always raining here and it's always dark. Here it is not always dark as night but mostly a dulling grey that sucks the happiness right out of you. I've forgotten what it feels like to bask in sunlight.

I turn my attention back to her window. She's cooking something now and chatting happily on the phone. From my perch on the rooftop across the street I can see just about everything in her small apartment.

The wind howls viciously around me as the rain continues to pelt my body.

I lower my binoculars and wipe the running water away from my eyes. Glancing downward I spot them. The Royal Guard with their bright red jackets and oversized automatic weapons strapped to their hips. Ah shit they are coming for her sooner then I thought.

Pulling out my grappling gun off my belt, I aim it carefully for her fire escape. The line tightens and I know I've hit my target, I always hit my target.

As I step to the edge of the rooftop I watch the Guard knock down the building's door. I sigh and jump over the edge, through the rain and swing twenty stories above the ground to her fire escape.

As I land silently my wet trench coat sticks to my body and I feel the full weight of it for the first time that day or is it night? It's hard to tell in this city.

I glance into her window and smile when I see she hasn't noticed my presence. She's still stirring whatever is in the pot on the stove and talking excitedly on the phone.

The window sticks slightly as I shove it open and the warmth from her apartment feels heavenly. She turns her attention to the cold air whipping into her apartment and I see a scream get stuck in her throat. Her eyes are wide and the phone has dropped to the ground at the sight of me.

"I need you to come with me please. It's no longer safe for you here."

I offer my hand for her to take and she stays frozen in place. What is her problem? I'm being polite and I know I don't look that bad. Ok maybe she's recovering from the whole me breaking into her home thing.

"Seriously the Royal Guard is here to take you and I'm offering you a way out but we gotta go now."

My words are rushed and harsher now as she tries my very limited amount of patience.

She finally shows she's still alive blinking rapidly and shaking her head.

"I haven't done anything wrong. Why would they come for me? Maybe they are here for someone else?"

Her bright, blue eyes show fear and confusion but I don't have time for her questions and she doesn't have time for them either.

I sigh as I pull a gun off my hip and point it at her shoulder.

"I really am sorry about this."

She widens her eyes in panic right as I pull the trigger, the dart flying across the room and burying itself in her.

I see a grimace of pain flash across her face before her eyes roll to the back of her head and she collapses.

Rushing to her side I check her pulse before throwing her easily over my shoulder. Before I flee I kill the lights and dead bolt the door, hoping it buys me some extra precious time.

A bright, jagged bolt of lightning cuts across the sky as I scramble out the window into the rain. Mere seconds later I hear them burst into her apartment as I make it to the top of the building.

Ha 30 seconds too late bitches! I grin in victory and lift my face skyward, the rain hitting my face like a thousand tiny bee stings.

I quickly begin the cross town journey to my loft with her slung limply over my shoulder.


Finally landing on my overhang outside my loft I push my way inside the dark space, relishing in finally being back home.

I set her down gently on the couch before heading to my bedroom. I wiggle out of my now soaking trench coat and hang it back in its resting place. As I robotically place all of my weapons and tools back to their hiding places my mind wanders to the young woman on my couch.

I have no idea what the Guard wants with her, I was told to keep an eye on her by someone ranked higher than me.

Groaning from the other room brings my attention back to current matters at hand. I walk cautiously into the main room and see her eyes start to flutter open.

"W-what, w-where?"

Her crystal eyes start to focus, darting around my barren loft and finally focus on my position in the kitchen.

"I am very sorry but the Guard was coming so I had to bring you here. Don't worry you're safe now."

She really doesn't seem clamed by my words, more like outraged.

"You shot me!"

Her eyes narrow with an accusing glare as she struggles to sit up. I can't help the amused smile forming on my face and the chuckle that I release. This only causes her to frown harder.

"Well shot is a rather harsh word. Let's say I just calmed you down."

I watch her struggle to keep a straight face and her previously cold eyes start to show the beginning signs of warmth.

"Ok captor, care to tell me where I am or why I'm here or how about your name?"

I find myself smiling despite the serious nature of our meeting and mull over my options.

"Ah see I cannot answer the first two questions quite yet but I can tell you my name." I stride over to where she sits comfortable and offer my hand, "My name is Ashley Davies."

Her small hand slips in mine and her shimmering eyes smile more than her mouth does.

"Well I'm sure you already know, since you're like my stalker or something, but I'm Spencer Carlin."

I give her a genuine smile as I stare into her deep, blue eyes. I have a strange feeling that this girl and I are about to be flung into a whirlwind. I just hope we both come out of it intact.

Well that's all I was able to get done in class. So you guys let me know what you think. This one will probably be slower to update then My Paradise but who knows I'll try to stay on top of both.