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Peace and love to all!

The shining sun pounds down on my now bronze skin as I watch her splash in the ocean with our Labrador, Toby. I know the worst of everything is over but I can't help being a little uneasy.

The idea of actually being able to relax is still new to me but Spence is trying to get me to loosen up. According to her I'm wound up too tight. Psh whatever, I'm being cautious.

She smiles brilliantly at me as she walks up the beach, her tiny white bikini leaving nothing to the imagination, I love the beach.

"Hey you."

And I'm a puddle of mush from just hearing her voice. Her eyes shine in the bright sunlight and our furry friend barks next to her.

"Hey Spence, having fun?"

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore soothes my fried nerves and I try to keep from looking around like a crazy person. Even after two months of sunshine and freedom I can't help but be on guard.

"Well yeah but you know what would be more fun?"

Her baby blues have a mischievous glint to them and she bites her lip playfully. She pulls me to my feet and wraps her arms around my waist.

"What's that Spence?"

I run my nose along her neck, breathing in the salt on her skin, to the shell of her ear. Goosebumps burst across her skin and her body shivers slightly.

"Join me?"

She's grinning against my lips as I try to kiss her and she lets out a giggle before taking off for the ocean, kicking up sand as she runs.

The sun starts to set over the ocean as I chase Toby and Spencer into the water, gasping when the cold water hits me in the stomach.

Before I have time to really process how cold the water is I feel Spencer slip her arms around me from behind, my body instantly relaxes.

"How is this fun?"

She laughs and presses a kiss to my bare shoulder then turns me around to face her. My heart jumps at the look on her face and the love reflecting at me.

"Because we get to do this."

Her hands find my hair and her lips find mine as the sun sinks behind us. Her lips move perfectly against mine and the heat from our bodies makes me forget the icy ocean.

"Spence, I love you."

She just grins and pulls me back towards our condo Toby chasing after us. My life has become what I always longed for but not a day goes by that I don't think about my sister. Kyla would love Greece and when I used to dream of this day she was always there by my side.

Spencer pulls me inside and gives me a deep kiss.

"I love you too. They'd all be proud of you Ash."

Somehow she always knows how to say the right thing. I smile warmly and watch her saunter off to the bedroom with come hither eyes.

It's time to start living life. I'm done running.

*Bows* Finished. Thank you everyone. I love you all.