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Chapter 1

Swimming Lessons

"Uggh! Amy, you're gonna pay for this!" Sonic cried out as he tried desperately to escape the cold water.

I laughed madly as he slipped and fell back into the crystal clear water.

"It's not funny," Sonic sputtered; though I saw his eyes twinkle. "Never again will I attempt to swim in this lake; or any other lake for that matter. I don't know how you convinced me."

I laughed again.

"You know how funny you look when you slip?!" I asked.

"Yeah, probably hilarious," Sonic mumbled.

He slipped again and fell into the water for the hundredth time.

"Would you like some help?!" I asked as I pulled myself up from the water.

My clothes sagged from the weight of the water, but I didn't care.

Sonic mumbled something under his breath, and then lifted up his hand, and I pulled him up. Sonic shook the water off of his fur and quills, getting a lot on me.

"Sonic!" I cried out, laughing. "Watch it!"

Sonic smiled cockily.

"You deserved every drop."

We laughed for a few minutes, non-stop. By the time we did stop, tears were in my eyes. Again, Sonic smiled, but not cockily. This time, more lovingly. I smiled bashfully, and Sonic picked me up, bridal style.

"Shall I take you back home to your palace, oh lovely princess?" Sonic asked.

I laughed.

"Oh, I suppose there's no other way," I replied sarcastically.

We laughed again, and then Sonic took off running at full speed. I loved it when he ran so fast like this. It made me feel more alive and free.

All at once, Sonic stopped and smelled the air.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I smell…Another hedgehog," Sonic replied, puzzled.

We began looking around. Then, I saw a small little hedgehog girl, about 10 feet away from us, staring around, looking lost. I pointed her out to Sonic. Gently, he set me down, and walked up to the little girl.

"Hello, are you lost?" Sonic asked her.

The little girl looked up at Sonic with wide eyes.

"Y-yes, s-sir, I am," the little girl replied, shaking.

Sonic smiled gently.

"Do you know your address?" he asked. (ok, I know it's not safe to talk to strangers, but I don't want to have to make the little girl say stuff like, "I'm not aloud to talk to strangers," if you can understand…lol)

Y-Yes, sir, it's Grover Lane, 5674," the little girl replied.

"Well you're in luck, I know where that is," Sonic said, smiling. "Want me to take you there?"

"S-sure, I guess," the girl replied.

"Don't worry, you're talking to an expert here.," I said renensurely. (yes, I know that's spelled wrong. Spell check doesn't have any options. Lol) "Fastest thing alive too."

"You're… You're Sonic?!" the girl gasped.

"At your service," Sonic replied.

"Wow, cool!" the girl cried.

Sonic laughed.

"You're like, the greatest hero in the world! Maybe even in the universe!"

Sonic laughed again.

"I'll take you on the Sonic Express, how does that sound?"

"Great, yeah let's go!"

"Great, grab hold of me, and you'll be there in seconds," Sonic said. "You too Amy, can't leave you here."

He winked at me and I blushed.

In seconds, we were all set to go, and Sonic took off, not at top speed, since the girl had never gone at 700 mph like me, but still fast. The girl squealed with delight. In minutes, we stood by the girls' home.

"Thank you so much!" the girl said. "That was so cool."

"Anytime, let me know," Sonic replied, smiling.

"Bye, and thanks again!" the girl called as she ran into her home.

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