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Chapter 10
Play the Bells

6 months later…

"I can't believe this is actually happening to me!" I cried out happily as I observed myself in the mirror, my white dress shining.

I turned and looked behind me, to see Cream and Tia smile at me happily. Kyler, my adopted child, (see my story 'Kyler' for details) clapped her hands for joy, and grinned. She was four months old at this time. Sonic and I already loved her to pieces, as if she really was our own child.

"You look great, Amy," Cream said happily.

"Chao!" Cheese cried out.

I twirled in my dress.

"You think Sonic'll like it?" I asked.

"Course he will, you're lovely," Tia replied.

"You think so?"

"I know so."

Kyler clapped her hands again, obviously loving all the excitement that had taken place in the day so far. And yet, it seemed that the day had only just begun. Smiling at the child, I walked up to her and picked her up, saying,

"You're gonna have a father soon, you know that, Kyler?"

Kyler cocked her head, confused.

We laughed.

"She probably thinks Sonic's her dad already," Tia said, "considering how you both have taken care of her since she arrived 3 months ago."

"Yeah," I said, smiling.

I turned back to Kyler.

"You're gonna love having Sonic live with us, Kyler, just love it! You're gonna have a dad!"

"Da!" Kyler tried.

"That's right, Dad," I said, hugging her.

I handed Kyler to Cream, just as there was a knock at the door. It was Tails.

"You girls about ready?" he called.

We giggled.

"Yeah, we're ready!" Tia called.

I turned to Kyler once more.

"You ready to have a father?" I asked her.

"Da!" she cried out gleefully.

I laughed and said,

"I'll take that as yes."

Taking a deep breath, I slowly put the veil over me, and opened the door. Howard was waiting there, to lead me down the isle. Or, outside, as you might say. After all, the wedding was taking place outside, because Sonic and I loved the outdoors, and preferred to be in the fresh air other then a stuffy building.

The music began, and I found myself being led down the isle almost exactly as I had imagined it. The only difference was that Howard was leading me, not my real father. But I couldn't have my real father, since he was gone, and Howard was good enough; we got along a lot better now then we used to.

To the left and right of me, were the chairs in which our guests sat. The only people who had been invited were close friends and family. After all, it's not like we wanted to make the cover of the newspaper announcing that we were married. No, they could wait a while before knowing that detail, though we all knew it wouldn't take long till word was out that we were married.

Right in front of me, was the podium, (is that the right word?) on which Sonic stood. His hands opened and closed into fists again and again, indicating that he was nervous. Looking towards me, he smiled lovingly, and I knew that even if he was nervous, he wouldn't say no in the end. I was nervous too, who isn't on their wedding day?

Slowly, I walked up the podium, and Howard left me and joined Mom and Jamie, who sat in the front row. Tails stood by Sonic, and was his best man. Cream stood by me, she being the bride's maid. (Having not been to a wedding for ages-if ever- I don't know if some of the things I say, like the vows and the bride's maid standing by the bride is true or not, but I'm pretty sure because of movies I've seen.) Sonic took my hand, and we faced the pastor. As the music played, Sonic whispered,

"You know how beautiful you look right now?"

I blushed, saying,

"I do now, for sure."

He squeezed my hand, and we waited until the music ended and the pastor began the vows.

"Do you, Sonic the Hedgehog, take Amy Rose as your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to cherish her and love her for as long as you both may live?"

"I do," Sonic replied, squeezing my hand yet again.

The pastor turned to me.

"And do you, Amy Rose, take Sonic the Hedgehog as your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to cherish him and love him for as long as you both may live?"

"I do," I answered.

The pastor smiled, and said the words I had only dreamed of hearing, especially with Sonic.

"I now pronounce you hedgehog and wife. You may kiss the bride."

The reception began a few minutes later, this time in the church. Everyone said the congratulations to us. The time to cut the cake came, and everyone watched as Sonic struggled to cut a straight piece of cake. I laughed when he failed, and it turned out to be more deformed then straight.

"You think you can do better?" he teased.

Smiling, I replied,

"I bet I could."

Sonic's eyes twinkled as he handed me the knife. Carefully, I cut a straight piece out. Everyone chuckled as I proudly presented it to a dumbfounded Sonic.

"How'd you do that?" he asked, stunned.

"I'm magical," I answered.

His stunned face began to grin.

"I knew that," he replied.

He lightly kissed me on the cheek, and I flushed. Sonic chuckled slightly, then began to eat the cake I had given him.

A while later, the dancing started. Everyone started out dancing, but after a while, the music slowed, and without Sonic and I knowing at first.

After a while, I went to my own world with Sonic. He held me gently, yet firmly in his arms, as we danced to the music.

"I love you, Amy," he whispered in my ear.

I cuddled closer to my husband, as he kissed me tenderly. I felt like we were dancing on big, large, fluffy clouds, like the kind you see in the movies, and our eyes were on each other only.

"Da!" Kyler cried as she crawled up to us.

Tia reached for Kyler, missed and was about to try again, when we stopped dancing and Sonic got down to Kyler's level, with his arms open wide.

"C'mere, girl," Sonic said, smiling.

Kyler smiled a toothless smile, and kept crawling towards us. Finally, she got to us, and Sonic picked her up, as she laughed. Sonic smiled and bounced her in his arms. I also smiled, and though Kyler had interrupted my time with Sonic, I didn't care that bad; she also deserved Sonic's attention.

"You know what's cool?" Sonic asked me.

"What?" I asked, turning to him.

"I got the two best girls' in the world in my family all in one day," he answered, smiling.

I flushed, and he kissed me on the forehead.

You be good for grandma, ok, Kyler?" I instructed Kyler as I hugged her.

"Goota," she tried, without much luck.

Sonic laughed, and said, "For being four months old, she can talk pretty well."

I handed her to my mom, who was going to take care of Kyler until Sonic and I came back.

"She'll be in good hands, Amy, she'll be fine," my mom said, smiling as she took Kyler from my arms.

"Yeah, I know," I replied.

Sonic and I smiled, and we walked out of the church, hand and hand. Once outside, when no one was there yet, Sonic passionately kissed me. The big, white, fluffy clouds returned for a minute, then slowly faded as we entered the real world again. Then, while everyone waved good bye to us, Sonic took off. He ran sure and quick, dodging all obstacles that got in his way, yet holding me tightly in his arms.

"We're finally married," I thought, smiling.

In an instant, everything that had shaped and formed our realationship came flooding into my mind.

I remembered when I had first met him. How we hadn't gotten along at all; how he had teased me.

I remembered when I had first gotten a crush on him, and began to chase him around every where I went, asking him to marry me. How he hated that, and then he told me one day we'd never marry and that I should stop acting like such a baby and trying to win his love, because he never would.

I remembered when I had almost kissed him, back on the Blue Typhoon. (I'll probably write that one for sure!) I had been so upset, he had come so close to admitting that something, anything, was there; with us. But then, Tails just had to call Sonic. I smiled as I remembered that.

I remembered, when Eggman had kidnapped me, and how Sonic had come to the rescue. It was then that we got our first kiss. I remembered when Sonic and I went to the Aquarium, and how we had kissed after that as well. I remembered, when Sonic had disappeared for six months, and then came home, admitting that there was something between us; that he did love me.

I remembered the first time he had kissed me in front of the whole group, when it was almost Christmas. How special that had been, and how everyone congratulated us; especially Sonic for 'finally' kissing the girl.

I remembered, how our love had grown for one another, how we often went on 'hang outs'. And I remembered when we had been separated, only a year ago, form each other. And then, we were able to be with each other again. We were so happy.

And then, three months ago, Kyler showed up on my doorstep, and we took care of her, and I adopted her. She was like our little girl even before we were married, and we helped each other out with her.

And now, after so many years of heart break, love, and more, we were married; together until the end, until death did us part.

"Forever, we will love each other," I said out loud, softly. "Forever we will be together." I smiled, and said, "Forever love."

Sonic's grip tightened.

"You said it," he replied. "Forever, no matter what. Forever, I will love you."

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