Summary: Naruto, separated from his Sensei, is chased down by the Akatsuki. When he thinks it is over for him, he suddenly feels a pull, then darkness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a new world, with a few new changes to himself. Now in this world of fairies and demons and genius kids, can he find his way back home? Naruto/Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony Xover.

Author's Note: Yeah, this is the redone version of my previous fic, Fox Among the Fowl. Since people before complained about copywriting or something like that, I redid it and now am doing it differently then the Artemis Fowl book "The Lost Colony". Though it will be similar to the book, it will have a bit of different events. It is recommended that people read, or at the very least read the summary on the internet, of the first Five Artemis Fowl books. You don't have to but it might help so you know what is going on in some parts.

Talking- "Stupid Fox"

Thinking-'You still in there?'

Bijuu/Jutsus- "Yeah Brat"

Bijuu Thinking- 'Damn Seal'

Chapter 1

The sky was dark, the lights of stars shining brightly while the moon's light casting over the shadow of the night. The light didn't penetrate the thick tree tops of the forest, but the light wasn't needed as a figure jumped through the trees.

Red eyes searched through the forest, looking at every detail as the figure jumped from branch to branch. Slightly pointed ears twitched at every sound, listening to anything as he ran, clawed hands and feet touched each limb, then jumped off of them. Air went in and out of his mouth, gliding over his fanged teeth.

His body was covered in an dark orange jumpsuit, dark blue at the shoulders with a red swirl symbol at one shoulder, his pants also dark orange with his feet covered in blue sandals. His forehead was covered by a blue headband, a plate of steel in front with the symbol of a swirling leaf engraved into it. On his clothing though, there was sighs of blood.

His head turned for just a second, looking behind him for the two chasing him, and when he saw nothing, he looked forward again, picking up his pace. He knew the two following him would soon catch up, but he still tried to run. As he ran, Naruto thought of how he got into this situation.

Furasshubakku no Jutsu (Flashback Technique)!!!

Naruto sighed as he walked around the small village, looking around for something to do in the late afternoon. He had been, once again, abandoned by the old pervert, Jiraiya, who had gone to do some "Research". He knew otherwise though, the old pervert was probably peeking at women again.

'Damn Ero-Sennin....leaving me alone to train on my own.....been 6 months since we left Konoha and I have barely learned anything!! The only things I have learned so far is how to dispel some Genjutsu and use the fox's chakra, though that didn't go well a bit back.' Naruto's eyes darkened a bit at that memory.

It had been only a month ago when Jiraiya and Naruto started training with the Kyuubi no Kitsune's chakra, the 13 year old being pressed to the limit to see how much of the demon's chakra he could use. As he pushed himself, he had only reached to the Three-Tails state. He was still in control of himself at that state, but his mind was like that of an animal's while using that much of the Kyuubi's energy.

Jiraiya decided to mess with the seal a bit then, to see how much more power he can use. All he remembered before he blacked out was the Sannin summoning the Toadkey and saying something about "twisting the seal". When he woke up, his while body was in pain, and he was in front of Jiraiya.

When he looked at the pervert, hs eyes widen in shock. Jiraiya was sitting down, leaning against a destroyed building. His eyes quickly moved around the area, seeing every other building in ruins. He looked back at the Toad Sage, and saw that there was a large wound on his chest, his clothing torn and covered in blood and dirt. .

Once the boy got out of his shock, he asked the Sannin what had happened, with him only getting a reply of "Naruto....You.... don't remember a thing?". After getting a negative from Naruto, Jiraiya told him of how the Kyuubi's chakra overtook Naruto, covering his body and reached into the Four-Tails state. He then went onto a rampage, destroying everything in his path, and didn't even recognized Jiraiya as a friend.

After that, they didn't ever try to repeat that incident, the only proof there was of that was Jiraiya's claw like mark on his chest, and the destroyed town.

Naruto shook the memory out of his head as he walked into the hotel where he and Jiraiya were staying at. He could maybe work on using the Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) with only one hand, having to make a clone every time to use it took too long...That would be good training.

He walked up the hotel stairs, walking into the hallway and turned to his door, taking out his key and unlocking the door, opening it and walked into the room, stopping as he heard a familiar voice.

"Well well, we finally got you Kyuubi-gaki (Brat). Now just come quietly with us, and I don't have to chop off a limb or two." said the voice as Naruto's eyes looked to the source, his mind filling with a bit of fear as he looked at the large figure standing in the middle of the room, the man clothed in a black cloak with red clouds on the clothing. On the man's back was a large bandaged wrapped sword, his hand grabbing the hilt of it. The most noticeable things about this man was his light blue skin, small eyes with gill like facial structures under his eyes, and blue hair with a blue headband on his forehead, a plate of steel with four rippled lines engraved into it, but with one sharp line in the middle of it, the sign of a Nukenin (Missing/Rogue Ninja).

To the left of this man was a smaller male, dressed in the same black cloak with red cloud designs. His skin was pale, and most of his face was covered by the high collar of the cloak, only his seemingly permanent red eyes, the Sharingan of the Uchiha Clan, and his black raven hair was visible. On his forehead was a headband with a plate of steel as well, the same symbol as Naruto's engraved into it, a swirling leaf, but with a sharp line in the middle of the plate, once again the sign of a nukenin.

"Hoshigaki...Kisame....and Uchiha...Itachi..." whispered Naruto as he took a small step back, his mind racing on how to get out of the situation he just found himself in. He knew he couldn't fight them, a Genin, albeit a strong demon holding Genin, fighting two S-Rank ninja would be suicide, though they couldn't kill him.

"Aww, he remembers us. How touching." Said the sarcastic voice of Kisame, bringing his wrapped up sword from behind him to his front, looking at the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. He grinned viciously as he saw the small, hidden fear in the boy's blue eyes. "He remembers us real well. Now gaki, once again come with us quietly and I won't have to rip off a limb or two." His partner said nothing while looking at the blond boy.

Naruto gulped while he thought of a way out of here. He didn't stand a chance and he wasn't sure if Jiraiya could get here in time, if he even knew that the Akatsuki were here. His mind clicked as an idea came to him, 'I don't have to beat them....just cause enough noise and mess that Ero-Sennin would come running to find out what's going on.'

His eyes harden before jumping backwards, putting his hands into a cross fingered seal. Itachi, who had been silent until now, suddenly spoke out, "Kisame, get him now!"

The shark-like man didn't need to be told twice, as he figured out what the brat was doing as well. He quickly ran at Naruto, swinging his sword back and about to swing it at Naruto when the boy yelled out loudly enough for anyone a few blocks away to hear, "TAJU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)!!"

Suddenly, the hotel room exploded, sending smoke and debris into the air and down to the ground. The few people outside ran away from the explosion in terror, none seeing the large masses of blond haired boys jumping down to the ground and jumping to the nearby rooftops. Each of them watched as two figures jumped down the the ground as well, all the clones making a circle around the two nukenins as they landed, then looked around.

Kisame whistled as he looked around the area, his eyes darting from blond to blond, "Damn...this kid has chakra to make this many clones...and I felt none of it was the demon's....". Itachi said nothing but silently agreed in his mind, not even he could make as many clones as the fox host.

All the Naruto's grinned down at the nukenins, "Yep, and I have chakra to spare!" Each of them shouted this as the ones closest to the ninja jumped at them, taking out kunai from their pouches and moving to slice at them, the clones at the back moving together as some helped each other to make Rasengans, others taking out ninja tools.

Kisame only grinned while he swung his sword around him, Itachi disappearing from his side so he didn't have to worry about hitting him while he hit the clones that came at them, each of them disappearing with a poof. Suddenly, several other clones up in the rooftops disappeared also with a poof.

The real Naruto, who was in the back of the masses of clones, winced at memories rushed into his mind, 'Damn...they're fast..wait, how do I know this? It was the clones they hit...' Ignoring this thought, he gave the mental command to his clones, right before several of the clones jumped at the nukenin's, each of them having a fully made swirling ball of chakra in their hands. They thrust the balls of energy at the ninjas while crying out "RASENGAN!!"

Sadly, the Rasengans were useless against Kisame, as he merely swung his sword 'Samehada'. The sword slightly moved as it ripped through the clones and their jutsu, absorbing the chakra while the bandages ripped away. Each clone disappeared ina puff of smoke.

The clones against Itachi weren't much better, as the Uchiha disappeared, leaving the Narutos flying at nothing before most of them went poof in mid-air, something having hit them. Only one clone had survived and it was slowly falling to the ground, a Rasengan still in it's hand. The clone looked down then thrusted the ball of chakra down to the ground.

Another explosion rocked the area, sending dust everywhere. As the dust cleared, the area was revealed once again. In the middle of the street was a large, swirling crater, on one side was the two nukenins, on the other was a few dozen Narutos. The real Naruto, who was in the middle of the clones, thought, 'Where the hell is Ero-Sennin?! This should have been enough to get his attention by now! I don't know how much longer I can keep these two from capturing me....'

"Well Kyuubi-gaki, that was quite the ruckus but now it's time you come with us.", voiced Kisame, now walking around the crater, while Itachi walked around the other side of it, his Sharingan eyes looking at the clones.

Naruto gulped before taking out a Kunai, the rest of his clones doing the same. He wasn't going out without a fight.

Kisame grinned at this, "Well kid, I like your spirit to fight to the end but sadly this is where things end for ya." The moment after he said this, he charged at the masses of blonds, his scaly sword behind him. The clones didn't have a chance to defend themselves before the Akatsuki member ripped through them with his sword, a large cloud of smoke appearing before him.

From the smoke, the real Naruto shot out from the hit. He grunted in pain as he rolled around the ground before finally stopped a bit away in the street, his left arm bleeding and making a small pool of blond under him. Naruto raised his right arm to push himself up, with a small amount of steam rising from his arm wound, the injury slowly closing up as the Kyuubi's chakra started flowing through the blond.

Kisame scowled at the rising brat, "This kid just doesn't know when to go down....".

"Yep, and that helped keep you two busy until I got here, Katon: Endan (Fire Release: Flame Bullet)!!!", stated a voice out of nowhere, before a large stream of fire shot out at Kisame. The nukenin cursed before jumping back, barely escaping the blast as it burned the ground where Kisame was just standing.

Itachi merely looked up past the fire and at the rooftops above Naruto. His red eyes watched as a figure jumped down, landing next to the Kyuubi host as the Uchiha spoke, "Seems we were too slow....welcome, Jiraiya-Sama."

Next to Naruto was a large man, his clothing was a green loose robe, along with green pants and a red vest. On each side of the vest was a yellow dot. The man had two lines going down his face from his eyes, his eyes were small and brown with his skin slightly tan. His forearms were covered by fishnets, and the back of his hands covered by small plates of steel. On his forehead was a headband, with a plate of steel with two horns coming from the steel, the Kanji for 'oil' on the plate. He hand a long mane of white hair, reaching to his lower back.

He turned his head, looking down at Naruto and said, "Well, you have seemed to got yourself into a real mess. I can't leave ya alone for a day without you getting into some type of trouble."

Naruto glared up at Jiraiya, his eyes flashing between blue and red while he growled out, "Well, this wasn't my fault! And what took you so long to get here?!" His voiced was mixed between his normal boyish voice and a deep, almost demonic voice.

The Toad Sage narrowed his eyes at this, feeling whispers of demonic power coming from his student. 'He is getting more aggressive....the fox must be trying to force it's chakra into Naruto...or worse, Naruto's anger is drawing out the power...' Jiraiya paused in his thoughts as he turned to the two nukenins. 'Either way, we have to get out of here. This is too much of a populated and cramped area to fight these two. Too many people could lose their lives here.'

"Well true, isn't really your fault they are after you...and why I took so long to get here, well I will tell you later after we are safe. It is a story for another time.", said Jiraiya before turning his attention to the Akatsuki members, "Now why don't you two leave before something bad happens to you."

"Sorry old man, but we have to get the Kyuubi-gaki.", spoke Kisame, who had put his sword on his back, leaving both of his hands free. Itachi was silent as he looked at the Sannin.

Naruto growled, his eyes now blood red with slit pupils, his hands now turned into claws and his hair more like fur. His body tenses, as if to lunge at the two nukenins but snarls as Jiraiya blocks his way with an arm, "What are you doing Ero-Sennin!?"

Jiraiya shakes his head at Naruto and whispered in a voice so low, only the blond's now enhanced hearing can pick up the words, "Calm down, we can not simply fight them. If we were to fight them here in town, people could die. We either need to retreat and escape or take the battlefield to somewhere else."

Naruto growled but nodded, his mind still in control so he sees the reason behind this. He didn't have to like it though. His scowl deepened as he hear the shark-like man laugh.

"Well seems the toad and the fox don't want to fight, well if you don't want to, we will make you fight us!" The nukenin said as he rapidly formed handseals while opening his mouth widely. "Suiton: Bakusui Shoha ( Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave)!!" Suddenly, from the shark man's mouth shot out a large amount of water. It soon became a large wave of water that rushed at Naruto and Jiraiya. Itachi jumped to the rooftops as he watched the student and teacher, waiting for his moment to strike.

Jiraiya mentally cursed in his mind before quickly moving his arm back to grab Naruto before freezing at the large amount of demonic chakra coming from the blond. He looks behind him and sees Naruto on all fours, looking at the approaching water with rage and malice, his red eyes looking too much like the Kyuubi's. The boy takes a deep breath and the Sannin takes this moment to jump up to the rooftops, looking at Itachi while keeping Kisame in his eye sight as well.

The moment after Jiraiya jumped, Naruto roared loudly, chakra laced within this howl as it split the water in half, the water moving at his sides. The chakra roar continued on through the water before suddenly it was stopped, a loud explosion left in it's place. As the water calmed down, it showed Kisame with his sword in front of him, the tip pointed down indicating that he had just swung the sword, stopping the charka roar from reaching him.

Itachi looked up from his spot to Jiraiya, speaking in a low tone, "Looks like this fight is inevitable..." Just as he spoke this, his hands quickly went into seals, the speed faster than anyone can see, leaving only a blur as the Toad Sennin hardens his eyes, quickly forming his own handsigns as Itachi yelled out, "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)!!!"

The Uchiha took a deep breath before blowing a large fireball from in front of him, the fireball easily twice the size of any grown man. The fireball shot out at incredible speeds at the Sannin just as he finished his own seals, not yelling out anything but instead shooting out a large mass of mud from his mouth. The mud landed in front of him then rapidly shot up, solidifying and densing into a large wall of mud.

The fireball collides with the mud wall, an eruption of fire and hot mud shot out around the area as the roof of the building between the ninja collapses into itself. Naruto's ear twitches and looks up, seeing a large piece of earth coming down at him before he jumps back from it, watching as the rock crashes into the wet ground, splashing water everywhere.

Suddenly the large rock exploded, sending earth and dust at Naruto. He covered his face with his arms, snarling before opening his eyes to see in front of him.

His red eyes didn't have enough time to see in front of him before he felt a shearing pain on his chest and then was sent flying into the air. He looked down to see what happened, his eyes taking notice of the bloody marks on his chest before he saw a blue figure jumping at him. He drew his claw back then swiped at the shark man as he neared him. He felt his claw digging into and ripping through tough skin before he felt another pain at his side and was sent flying in another direction.

His eyes looked at the direction he was headed and saw a large building. His last thought before he crashed into the building and his world blackened was, 'This is going to fucking hurt...'


Pain. Horrible pain, that was the feeling that covered all of his body at the moment when Naruto awoke from his 'sleep'. He grunted as he tried moving around his fingers, and seeing he could he tried to push himself up with his elbows as he felt he was on his back. His mind was slightly foggybut he remembered what happened. The Akatsuki member, Kisame, had gotten a fast one on him and had managed to knock him out by slamming him into a building.

He could already feel the chakra of the Kyuubi rushing through him, healing his wounds and lessening the pain. 'Well the fox is good for something at least....' He slowly opened his eyes as he wondered what had happened. He got his answer as his eyes fully snapped open, looking in horror at the area in front of him.

The town around him, if it could even be called that now, as destroyed. Buildings were nothing but rubble now, crushed by some unstoppable force. Flames danced around the area, lighting up the now night sky while Naruto stood up, looking at the craters and scorch marks that were engraved into the earth. He recognized some of them, marks of Rasengans hitting the ground. At the thought of that Jutsu, his mind istantly went to his sensei, Jiraiya, wondering where he was.

"Naruto...." As if Kami had heard him, the toad Sannin's voice came from behind the blond. He turned around and if possible, his eyes were filled with even more horror at the sight of his teacher. "Sensei...."

Jiraiya was there, standing on both feet but his appearance was anything but alright. His clothing was burnt to a horrible degree, showing now blackened skin on his chest and stomach. His right arm was covered with blood, just like the rest of his body. His white hair was now mixed with dark red streaks of blood, with a long trail of the dark red liquid on the left side of his face. But that wasn't the truly horrifying part.

The man's left arm was no more, in it's place was just a useless black limb that was cut off from the elbow, the stump's end having dark scratches, as if shaved off. It was dripping dark black blood, with each drop Jiraiya's eyes darkened. " have to get out of to have to get to safety."

Naruto snarled in anger, feeling more of the demon's chakra spreading through him. He did nothing to stop it, as his rage was climbing, not at his sensei's words, but at his form. "The Akatsuki....they did this didn't they? I will kill them! I swear I will KILL THEM!!" Naruto's eyes were back to a deep red color, the pupils once again slits while his hands and feet gaining claws.

The Toad Sage's eyes harden, while talking with a strong, steeled voice. It didn't match his being, "No, not now. Naruto, I will hold them off but you MUST get out of here. You aren't strong enough to face these guys yet. If they capture you and take the demon fox, I am not sure if anyone could stop their plans, whatever they are."

Naruto growled at this but even in his rage he saw the reason behind this. He wasn't ready to face these ninja, but in the future he will be and he will make them pay then. He would make them pay with their lives.

Suddenly two scents came to his nose before he looked at his wounded teacher. "They are coming...."

The Sannin nodded while turning around, holding out his right bloody hand as chakra gathered into it. "I will hold them off and slow them down for you. Now get to Konoha." In his hand was a Rasengan, swirling violently with the man's remaining power.

Naruto only nodded while turning around and was ready to jump before he heard Jiraiya call him, "Wait, Naruto! I want you to know something....despite anything I have said, you have been one of my best, if not the best, students...and I am proud to call you my Godson. And no matter what, never give into the fox. The Yondaime put his trust into you to use and control the fox so it can never hurt anyone again. He knew he could put his trust in are of his blood after all."

Rage was replaced with shock in Naruto's mind. His eyes widen as he heard this revelation, of who he was to his Sensei and to his Hero. Before he could think anymore of it, he heard his teacher's voice, "Now get out of here! As your Sensei and Godfather, I order you to get to Konoha and don't ever stop!"

Still in shock, the blond could only nod before running through the rubble of the town, quickly getting to the forest and jumping through the trees, with small tears flying behind him.

Furasshubakku no Jutsu!!! Kai (Release)!!

And now he was running as fast as he could. He doesn't know what happened to his Sensei, no to his Godfather, but he hoped that with some chance, Jiraiya would also get away.

That thought had him think about what he just learned. Jiraiya was his Godfather, and the Yondaime was his father if he guessed right. The man was old enough to be his father. He actually had family....but not anymore....taken by the fox and the Akatsuki, his remaining family is or would be dead. His eyes harden as he thought, 'I am going to get my answers from the demon....I want to know why it attacked Konoha...why it did that and ruined my life in the process! My family is gone...I'm all that's left....'

His thoughts entered rage into him and he started running faster in the full moon light. For some reason, his body felt lighter than normal but he just put that to the Kyuubi's chakra running through him. Though if he was actually thinking, he would remember that even when he was young, he felt some kind of pull on a full moon, the pull getting stronger as he aged.

He shook his head as he ran, jumping tree to tree while faster speed than before. His ears twitched when he heard a noise coming from behind him. To him it sounded like the rush of water, but why would that be? There were no large rivers in this area, so....

Naruto's eyes widen as his brain came up with the answer, his legs landing on a branch while he sent chakra to his legs, the demonic energy making his jump more powerful as he flew into the air. The branch nearly snapped from the pressure but then snapped as a large, swirling body of water crashed into the forest, leaving a trail of destruction under Naruto.

The water spun the trees and the earth before finally calming down, receding while leaving a muddy ground of devastation before it. Naruto fell back down, landing on one of the few tree stumps left by the jutsu as he looked in the direction from where it came from.

"Damn, the gaki had fast instincts, I'll give him that.", said a deep voice. From behind the destroyed forest, the two Akatsuki members walked out, using chakra to stay above the mud. Each of them were badly hurt, but still able to fight somehow. Itachi had part of his clothing ripped off and blood covering his body. Kisame looked almost like Itachi, but he had a swirling mark on the left side of his chest.

Kisame continued, "They are much faster than the toad's for sure. Then again, the toad was old so it was expected. But the old man won't be getting any older now will he? He is burning now in black flames."

Naruto's mind was filled with shock for only a second before it was replaced with rage, unlimited rage filled his being as more of the Kyuubi's chakra shot through him. So much it started to become dense around him, taking the shape of the fox around him. Red plasma like energy wrapped around the blond, taking the shape of two long ears on the top of his head, and two tails at his rear, both of them waving wildly behind him. But not only chakra was emitting from Naruto.

Killing Intent was also oozing out of Naruto, all of it directed at the two Akatsuki members. They each were shocked at the amount coming from the boy, and slightly scared of it. They had never felt this much of it, and with such hate directed at them as well. Itachi felt something different about this though.

He was young back when the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha, but he remembered the killing intent it gave off. He could feel it here too but there was something more. He realized that Naruto was also giving off intent, almost as much as the demon fox was right now!

'Naruto-kun is very angry....he is also drawing out a lot of the demon's chakra...we have to end this quickly, if he draws too much he may be able to actually match us or worse, kill himself with all the demonic chakra.' Though the Uchiha, his Sharingan eyes looking at Naruto.

Naruto snarled at rage at the two nukenins, his body feeling on fire but almost in a good way. This was different for some reason to whenever he used the demon's chakra before. Before, it felt as if his chakra and the demon's were against each other, the demonic energy burning him but now it felt as if they were working together, almost fusing into one. He liked the feeling, as it gave him power. Power to beat anything, power to kill these two who had taken his last family member.


Red, that was the color of the room of the Kyuubi. Pipes went in and out of a large cage, one that looked like it could fit a mountain inside it's chambers. A large gate with two doors was locked, in place of where a lock should be was a piece of paper, with a kanji for the word 'seal' on it. Red energy was flooding out of the gate, going through the pipes as well while two large eyes looked on from behind the gates, each filled with glee and malice.

"Yes kit....use my power....use the power in which you humans call chakra and kill...spill blood with my power and show the world to once again fear my power....."

The demon fox watched as it's chakra went out, filling it's host with power and hate. It chuckled, it may not be able to get out yet but being in this kit never got boring. Suddenly it felt something was off and looked to it's chakra, seeing part of the sea of red energy gone. 'What the?' Suddenly, another chunk of the power disappeared with a vanish.

The demon's eyes widen at this, wondering what was going on. "This shouldn't be isn't going to the brat....where is my power going?" It pondered this for a moment before another part of the sea energy disappeared. An answer, though may not be correct but possible, came to it's mind.

'The it unraveling?'


Naruto suddenly felt lighter and then he took this moment to attack. He quickly crouched down onto all fours then disappeared, the spot where he was exploded sending dust and debris everywhere. Kisame didn't even have a moment to raise his sword, before he felt a punch, or rather swipe to his cheek then was sent flying through the forest, making a trail of fallen trees while his body crashed into them.

Itachi has seen Naruto move with his Sharingan and jumped back right before the blond hit the shark-like man. His partner would be alright, he was made of tougher stuff than most humans after all. He would have to finish this quickly though. If Kisame couldn't move before the Kyuubi host had hit him, then any more chakra and Naruto would be hard to defeat without using lethal force.

Naruto turned his head, looking at the older Uchiha with hate filled eyes. He snarled before fully turning around, thrusting his opened hand at the nukenin. Chakra around his arm shot out at the Akatsuki member, the chakra claw rushing forward as it also increased in size.

Itachi cursed at this while jumping up above the chakra, watching it crash into the trees, he quickly started handseals but wasn't quick enough as he felt something grab his ankle. He looked down, seeing the chakra claw holding his ankle in a tight grip, 'But how? My eyes didn't show me this...' He then realized that his Sharingan would be useless against the demon cloak, but this truth came too late.

He felt the claw pull him down to the earth, but he continued the seals he started earlier. He kept his mind focused on this, even as he knew he was rushing down to the earth.

Naruto howled in glee as he saw the Uchiha slam into the ground with immense force, the chakra arm that held him dissipating while he turned his head, seeing the other Akatsuki member getting near the battle field.

"You fucking shit.....ok I am going to chop off all your limbs so we don't have any more damn problems from you!!" Kisame grunted, his body already hurt with his battle with Jiraiya, the brat only made it worse for him. He looked up at the blond and raises his sword, running at the demon host with rage.

Naruto only growled in response, his body feeling even lighter now for some reason. He lunged at the shark man, his claws thrusting with the intent to kill. Kisame ducked under the claws, turning around so he was at Naruto's side before slashing his sword at the blond's side.

The chakra acted like a cushion for the blow but still sent Naruto flying at high speeds. He crashed into a tree, breaking it in two before falling down, the tree falling down next to him. Snarling, he looked up as he saw the shark man walking to him. He slowly stood up before finding out he couldn't! It felt like all his strength was sapping away from him. He looked up at Kisame, seeing a shocked expression on his face before his world turned black.


"Itachi....please tell me you just saw what I just saw."

The question came from Kisame as the shark man looked at where Naruto is. Or better word, was.

"Yes I did actually...." responded Itachi, who also saw what had happened with the young demon host.

As the boy tried to stand up, something strange had happened. The boy's body floated just a little, defying gravity but it looked like the boy didn't notice. Then the blond started to become transparent, the ground under and behind Naruto being seen through him! Then he just looked up, and disappeared.

"Great...the Leader is going to have our heads for this shit! God damn the Kyuubi-gaki!!" Growled Kisame. Itachi merely ignored the shark man as he went on a rant, looking with his Sharingan eyes at where Uzumaki Naruto used to be at.

'Uzumaki....where did you go?'


Kyuubi was not having a good time at the moment. It was now sure what was happening. As it was, the fox knew where it's host was going and it did NOT like what was happening in this tunnel. It was having a hard time keeping itself and the boy from becoming nothingness within this time tunnel. And having a harder time keeping them from becoming nothing while trying to keep them from fusing with each other. Kyuubi really hated these types of spells.

'God damn had better be grateful that if you die, I die as well.' Thought the Bijuu before it felt part of it's power fuse with the boy. 'Oops, the brat isn't going to like this at all....then again he doesn't like me at all anyway so I don't give a shit.'

They suddenly exited the time tunnel and Kyuubi felt it could relax. Well it could, right after the energy displacement explosion.


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Juubi no Ryuu~